US Cellular offers $100 off smartphones, grab a Torch 9850 for $99

By Jared DiPane on 20 Jan 2012 03:15 pm EST

US cellular 

Hoping to ditch your current cell phone provider and pick up a new device, but just not completely sold on which route to take? US Cellular has just sweetened the deal by offering $100 off their entire smartphone line-up. This price drop allows you to pick up a brand new BlackBerry Torch 9850 for only $99 or a BlackBerry Curve 9350 for the low price of just $49. In addition they are making the deal even better by offering additional incentives such as double rewards points to get you faster upgrades, overage protection and battery swaps. If you're looking for something new or know someone who want's to save a bunch on a new BlackBerry, this may be just the thing. Will you be taking part in this deal? Let us know in the comments or hit the link for more info.

More information at U.S. Cellular

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US Cellular offers $100 off smartphones, grab a Torch 9850 for $99


I love the service, no dropped calls on US Cellular. I do hope they have the 9930 coming out sometime soon. My 9650 needs an upgrade. 9850 is a sweet device for virtual keyboard lovers though and a GREAT deal too!

The service is very good, I have never had a problem. Get service in many more places than I did with at&t. I recently got the 9850 and I love it. I will never have anything but blackberry.

USCC needs to get the 9930 if they expect to ever sell BlackBerry. Why do they fail so hard at getting good devices in a timely fashion? Of course, aside from the 9850 which they got before most national carriers...great job, you applied your efforts to getting a phone you will sell 10k units of at best.

Trying to get new blackberry phones but taking over a week to get, the site does little promotion of the blackberry, nor does the local store. I was even called by US Cellular after ordering to see if I wanted to switch to another phone they were now offering. Price and service in our area is good, so hopefully things go better once I have the phone. Possibly they do not like paying RIM a fee and are encouraged to sell other phones?

Been there ... Doing it! I live in a rural area of NH where the coverage is great with USCC, average with VZ and as for At&t ... well, better drive your car on a flat in hopes of getting to the top of the next hill if you plan on calling AAA! USCC is pushing the androids hard. I started out with the new Motorola 4G and came right back to the 9860 within a couple months. I agree with most others, USCC really needs to get the 9930.