US Cellular Offering Battery Swaps For Free

US Cellular Offering Battery Swaps For Free!
By Bla1ze on 19 May 2009 07:32 am EDT

A rather interesting service is being offered up to US Cellular customers - something that stands out to me as well I'm sure to others as being a sign of great customer service. US Cellular has announced that if you purchased your device in the last 18 months and you happen to be suffering from a dead battery while on the go, you can swing by any US Cellular shop and swap your dead one for a freshly charged one right then and there. This awesome service starts today at US Cellular locations and here is what they had to say about it:

“Our Battery Swap program is perfect for people who depend on their wireless devices as their lifelines, such as business people, parents, not to mention heavy users who drain their battery daily,” said Jay Ellison, executive vice president and COO of U.S. Cellular. “We’re offering this service to help our customers stay connected.”

Good on ya US Cellular, this is a service I could have really used on numerous occasions. The only question now is will the big boys follow the lead and offer something similar? Even the most loyal of BlackBerry addicts will run out of "juice" at some point in time and not have a spare handy, trust me I know. Until this is something offered carrier wide you can always load up on batteries at

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US Cellular Offering Battery Swaps For Free


USCC did this about a year and a half ago as well. I've never had to take advantage of the program, but it is nice to have the option to swap out to a new battery just by stopping in at the store.

This reminds me of my Dealer days in the late 90's when we gave customers extended life batteries. Why, so they would talk more (way before unlimited data) and we earned a commission on the customers bill!!

Lets see if more carriers extend charging services or battery swaps for customers.

Where exactly does US Cellular have coverage again? :)

...that the "big guys" will simply try to sell more car chargers, rather than have a steady cache of charging batteries plugged in at the store. Not only does that raise energy costs for the company(multiply lets say 10 chargers by the hundreds of stores that VZW and AT&T probably have), but it's not a very "green" initiative either. Customers can be sold a car charger and be charged up whenever they need to be.

The goal for the carrier is to let the customer be as independant from them as possible, but letting them know when there is a problem, that they are there for them.

We don't have to keep a large supply of batteries constantly charging in the back room. We have a partnership for this program and we get shipments of good (charged) batteries that we give out and then we send the customers batteries back to be checked and then either reused or recycled. The great thing about it is that moisture damaged batteries and aftermarket batteries will all be covered as well.

C'mon providers! USCC has thrown down the next gauntlet in nice things to do for the customer. What say you, TMO and Sprint? I love competition just for this reason.

And just to clarify, to qualify for the battery swap you do not have had to purchase your phone within the last 18 months. What the 18 months is actually referring to is that U.S. Cellular will carry batteries for devices that U.S. Cellular has carried within the last 18 months. For example if a customer has a Motorola V3M Razr that they purchased 24 months ago they still qualify because we have carried the phone within the last 18 months. Basically the only qualifier is the phone needs to be active on the account. If U.S. Cellular has the battery available in the program a customer can take advantage. Hope this helps.

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Why would you want to trade in a battery which you have history with and know how it was takin care of for some battery from god knows where? For all you know, the battery can be a old one with a lot of heavy use under it's belt. Get a car charger, get a extra wall charger, hell get a extra battery if you have to, but I think it would be more of a pain in the ass to find a u.s. cellular than it would be to carry a extra battery in your car.

Being a USCC customer for 13 years, I've never had a battery issue. So I don't think that this is a very big deal.

But be nice guys..USCC is big in the central-midwestern states. So of these areas have very sucky service from AT&T and Verizon. So don't be poking fun at who they are. I have service in areas that IPhones and other blackberry service providers don't.