US Air Force begins transition, swapping 5000 BlackBerry devices for iPhones

US Air Force begins transition, swapping 5000 BlackBerry devices for iPhones
By Derek Kessler on 20 Feb 2014 01:48 pm EST

The United States Air Force is replacing 5000 legacy BlackBerry smartphones with Apple's iPhone, and eventually all of their BlackBerry users will have to make the changeover. The announcement, reported by Defense News, comes as the future of BlackBerry within the Department of Defense is debated, with the chips seeming to fall on the side of transitioning away from a network supporting a mish-mash of BlackBerry 6 and 7 devices to a mix of modern devices — though apparently without BlackBerry 10 in that mix. The situation has changed dramatically since this time last year, when the Department of Defense was adamant they weren't dropping BlackBerry.

Brigadier General Kevin Wooten, the communications director for Air Force Space Command (which manages the Air Force's IT infrastructure), said that "in order to keep costs down and save on network resources, BlackBerrys will be turned in and shut off once the user is transitioned to an iOS device." Additionally, anybody who hopes to activate a new BlackBerry on the Air Force network will require approval from the Air Force Space Command. The general that's attached to his BlackBerry is going to have to write an awfully compelling memo justifying why he should get a new one.

Both iOS and Samsung's Knox-enabled Android smartphones have been approved for use on Department of Defense networks, though the process of adding those new devices has been slow. Given the nature of government purchasing contracts, that's little surprise. BlackBerry 10 has also received DoD approval. Transitioning the tens of thousands of BlackBerry smartphones onto iOS and maybe Android will take time and money, the latter of which the US government has been more prudent about than in recent years.

But it seems that either way, BlackBerry hasn't presented a compelling case to the U.S.A.F. The Air Force has long led the advancement of technology in the Department of Defense (they are the ones with stealth planes and satellites, after all), so where the airmen go, so too will the Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of the United States Armed Forces.

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US Air Force begins transition, swapping 5000 BlackBerry devices for iPhones



Can't wait till their iPhones all get hacked....
Might be good news? Sometimes agencies need a reality check. I know iPhone has been "approved" but I really don't think that means they aren't hackable...

Good, maybe we will get hacked and the USA will soon find out we made the wrong move in the defense system. The USA is messed up in so many areas. Yes I'm from the USA and yes I like this country but we have screwed up lots of things.

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You actually believe BB is impenetrable?
Furthermore you believe that they would put any sensitive or classified data on the device itself? There is a reason why YOU are not employed by the Government to consult on such technical things. Someone who is a lot smarter than you, with a lot more access to factual data (not just your own opinion) and who is a lot more successful than you has made this decision. Deal with it.

Um, yes so far BlackBerry is impenetrable.

Um, yes I believe the US Air Force would put sensitive and classified data on the device.

Yes I believe some people are smarter than myself. But the people making this decision.... maybe not them....

Actually it's not. There has been this persistent myth that blackberry and BES is impenetrable. The Snowden files show that BES has been penetrated a while back. Maybe if one does some research.......

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Ha! @brian4591 won't believe that article because it's not from his beloved CBC. Who I might add covers the Olympics so that makes them the most prestigious news agency around.

It's all hearsay and BS! Where's the proof that any one was hacked? I've read about this and it was never proven.

Posted via CB10 spotlights quality information resources for researchers, journalists, students and others with serious information needs. No one information resource can meet all your needs. While the sources listed on this site are primarily electronic, it remains true that printed resources in libraries, archives, and bookstores contain a wealth of information that is not available online. Some of the most important links below are the ones that lead to library and archive catalogues, which in turn lead to printed materials.

So...what if I am a government agency that is tasked with spying on everybody. Now lets say I can spy on just about every mobile device except this one. I can't have people buying THAT phone so I initiate a plan to undermine the device and encourage my targets to switch to devices which are much easier to to crack. The article you posted mentioned they could crack BIS communication and IMPLIED they could BES but did not say how they could. I don't know one way or the other but you seem to take it as gospel and I wanted you to at least think about other possibilities. If BB is a thorn in the side of the NSA then they have motivation to see it fail.

I haven't heard of any BlackBerry phone being hacked and the NSA has publicly admitted that BlackBerry phones are the only ones they can't hack.
Adding people's level of intelligence to the mix only diminishes yours.

Right, the NSA has released everything that they can see and do, right? You are a complete fool if you believe that. You can continue to live in your BB dream world. I have to point out others intelligence when you and others act like you have a clue about what goes on behind closed doors in Washington.
@brian4591 - Less than a year ago you didn't know the NSA was spying on you at all. Most likely you didn't know what the NSA was. To claim now that they have never hacked a BB device is quite absurd.


Enjoy working for your new Chinese masters. They'll actually make you recite their propaganda... just like you're reciting someone else's propaganda right now.

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Ummm, CBC news is a very credible news source. They are the ones covering the Olympics for us. Don't think they compare to The Onion.

HAHA, since they cover the Olympics that means they know what the American Government is capable of? Hey weren't we spying on your Government too? I think we were and I am pretty sure you had no idea until the Snowden leaks started coming out.

Makes you wonder what else they are capable of...

Hey guess what there are Russian stations that cover the olympics too. Does that make then resourceful? Are they still resourceful when they censor news stories?

You're kidding right? Coverage of the Olympics equates to resourcefulness? Too funny.

Posted from my Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T via the Android CrackBerry App.

And your a even bigger fool if you think apple and android are more or as secure as blackberry. Do some more reading as you have no idea!!!!!

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

Trying reading everything I said before making a retarded comment. I never said they were more secure. Keep digging though, you will eventually come up with something witty

and American journalism is trustworthy?? i dont think any journalism is trustworthy and everything should be taken with a grain of salt... if there was an article about Canadians losing all power and resources and would have to live in igloos by an american newspaper .. people would believe it.. NBC is a disgrace.. so is ABC.. FOX is just made fun of on a regular.. CNN is just american propaganda over and over and over again... any others?

as for security nothing is secure to block out EVERYTHING.. i agree with that at least.. but BB is the best way to go in terms of trying to be secure.. it takes a lot more effort .. and the more people switch away to iOS and Android the more vulnerable things get... ever seen bourne legacy? those guys can hack any camera to search for someone.. including smartphone cameras.. but supposedly not from a BB camera..

I would never claim any news source is trustworthy. They are a business too and they are going to do what gets them more readers or watchers.
You reference the Bourne Legacy movie, which is funny because all of that stuff is common knowledge. Nothing revolutionary in that movie. What the NSA has been doing is way above and beyond that. When the entire world is shocked at the lengths that the NSA was doing their spying (well the known spying that was leaked), it is fair to say that there is a lot more that has not been leaked that they are doing. We will never know the extent of that, unless it is leaked.

Why do you think you know so much about the NSA? First of all, all you know about the NSA is what the media tells you and you say the media is BS. You know nothing about the NSA, you don't work there and you didn't hack into their secret database of information. Stop acting like you have some inside scoop on what happens at the NSA. It's getting repetitive! You know nothing!

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I never claimed I know so much about the NSA. If you go read my comments they are all around not knowing their full capabilities. You just made my point for me by the way. You and I know absolutely nothing beyond what was leaked. You stand there with you chest puffed out and want to say that they are unable to hack a BB but you have no idea what they are capable of. Neither do I but I am not so foolish to believe that I am exempt from whatever access they do have.

Talking about repetitive, go count all of your "+1" or "+10" useless comments.

Media is made up of whatever message that their agenda directs it. It shouldn't be taken as 100% gospel as not one journalist goes under oath when publishing a story. You probably should take everything you read from Google or see in a movie as fact either. I saw a movie where talking cars turned into robots and tried to destroy Earth. Those guys are dangerous and the government protected them. If you want true mobile security invest in Boeing's Blackphone.

Where did I claim that I believed 100% of what anyone in the media said? In fact I believe I said that I don't believe them at all.
The best part about your post, which came 6 days after the original discussion, was when you wrote about not believing 100% of what you see on the Internet and then end with your comment about Boeing's Blackphone. Ha, that is great. You know absolutely nothing about the "Blackphone" besides what you just read on a blog.
You are a genius.

I like the New BlackBerry 10 OS. However, I do believe choosing any handheld device is simply a matter of choice. Study the relationship between electronic devices and the US. That may offer all of us a little more insight and understanding.

Z10 (STL 100-3) Superphone with vitamin

I agree, it is each individual or business's choice as to which platform they want to use. Unfortunately there are a lot of people on these forums that get butt hurt when someone chooses something other than what they use.

To be honest, it doesn't matter to me really that they switched to iphone. It sucks for Blackberry but it doesn't directly affect me yet, I still love the OS and hopefully more people start to use it.

But the reason why everyone is getting "butt hurt" is because you are trolling probably the most loyal Blackberry fan base (arguably the most loyal fan base forums out of any platform) with BGR/Engadget rated comments. (not as secure as the next guy)
It is a "fact" that it is the most secure software available. Even being a new OS, which I personally think it should have launched with 10.2.1 but is making progress.

No one is near Blackberry security as of yet: Samsung, Mozilla, Air Watch, Blackphone; are all trying to be that guy but haven't accomplished it yet.

Although I do like Mozilla's security. I would like to see a partnership between Blackberry and Mozilla. Hoping their OS flops with android :P

Start at the beginning and then stop around the point where you think you are actually making a good point.

i'll just lay it out plain and simple how about that. No BES10 phone has ever been hacked by ANYONE. KNOX has been proven to be very unstable and iOS everyone already knows that no one high up in security is allowed to carry an iPhone.

Your president Mr Obama is an amazing example of that.

Ok I'm just going to through it out there, I have no point to rebuttal on, no amazing news link to prove you wrong and could care less about what the US government is doing.

But you sir.......well you're just being a disk!

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you can troll all you want but facts remain facts for a reason ;) Until proven of course.
"an observation that has been confirmed repeatedly and is accepted as true "

Good read, but I am curious on the resources they are pulling from.
As a person on Crackberry forums which the "fake" leak photoshopped pictures like the picture could of been in the article.
We all know if something anti-blackberry like that: being able to crack BES10 would be everywhere in the U.S. media the next day and that article has been out for at least 5 months.

So what that article truly means to me is, no one is taking that article seriously not even our friends on BGR.

It is a good article but I would take that with a grain of salt.

do you believe everything you read in the NY times?

I'm not denying it was a good article, but they need some solid sources. Especially because no one has even stated that article since. It's like it was never written. When BBOS was cracked back in 2009 it was huge and everywhere. Those are the reasons I personally find it questionable.

I'll throw out an example on a different topic but in the science category: There is a new supplement with an amazingly written article: stating what's in it, explains how good each of the ingredients are, patented pure supplements(creapure for creatine). But scientific evidence not only prove some of those things wrong, the supplement also didn't have the right dosage of each ingredient needed to achieve those benefits in the claim
Sure it was all great but is it really? is my response.. spotlights quality information resources for researchers, journalists, students and others with serious information needs. No one information resource can meet all your needs. While the sources listed on this site are primarily electronic, it remains true that printed resources in libraries, archives, and bookstores contain a wealth of information that is not available online. Some of the most important links below are the ones that lead to library and archive catalogues, which in turn lead to printed materials.

I guess, I think NSA or Showden should just report it themselves and get it over and done with..

The NSA is not in the business of letting anyone know what they can do. They are spy's. Spy's don't tell people what they do or you die. The saying "I could tell you but i'd have to kill you."

Using that theory I guess your point would end where your head seems to be, up your you know what if your on a fan forum of a platform and are insulting it.

It has nothing to do with what is chosen over the other, but everything to do when it's going off of false media. Changing platforms because of the belief of a company maybe going somewhere is asinine. Using that theory android is outselling apple, better change from iphones then, they will be under soon too right?

The proof is right there, best security out there, air force should require security, why not the best available? If that'd the case they can help save the American economy by buying half ass aircrafts, since top performance is not important.

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

It's no secret that the apple ceo had multiple meetings with the president about bringing jobs back to the US. Business is business and I'm sure in return for the jobs, a contract with apple was forged under the table.

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Its not about where BB is going, everyone's problem with then is what they have done to themselves. What is asinine is banking on what a company tells you their future is when they have done the opposite in the past. Hence why I said they have to prove themselves all over again. The few people that over look that do it for personal reasons, they dont do it because sound business sense. You can make whatever claims you want, fact is people are still leaving BB, its not due to media attention, its due to uncertainty with their company.

I can't tell you what other companies think. But from what I've read (from me being on the forums which obviously not the normal person would do), since 2014 there is a lot more certainty in the company now.
Blackberry is speaking up for themselves (John Chenn).
John Sims had an article on how insecure KNOX is.
They are coming out with more devices.
They are promising more enterprise services.
They are going into companies and changing their perspective from the old Blackberry to the New one and their new goals.
They are bringing their promises on-time (BBM update)

Although, would love a roadmap that they will actually follow this time (they did for the most part before except features like headless)
Hopefully everything goes well next week at MWC to bring more certainty into the company.

I do get what you mean from a business point of view, Blackberry was a sinking ship whcih means move on to the alternative route. Hopefully Blackberry wins back the companies that they lost.

All bullsh!t a side, the last thing they back tracked on was their device road map. They got over eager last year and claimed some insane amount of devices to be launched this year and thankfully they knocked it down to 3 or 4. If they can just stay the course and keep realistic goals and hit them, that will go a long way with their public status. People can't always question which BB as a company they are going to get from year to year otherwise they will never make a long term commitment to them.

Probably. But maybe they will run them through bes 10 and BlackBerry gets money to stay running anyway

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Don't try making sense here. They kids have had their TV privileges suspended and they need to whine for a bit.

This is missing the point.

Not all hacking involves sensitive information.

For example, if a phone has an exploit that allows a 'hacker' to know who's using the phone then they could collate that data over time and map a individual, a unit, a regiments location based on phone traffic.

This is the simplest of examples, but an awfully detailed picture of whats going on can be built up from a lot of seemingly inconsequential data - just ask the NSA.

If they get enrolled with SecureWorkspace (BES10) it's still secure.. but this is still bad news :(

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Easy to see. BB's now represents only 2% of the US phone market.
Why should the AF even think to keep a device that has limited appeal so long as the phones they select meet their security reqs?

Ah, the US chAir Force, the only military branch where active duty members can be overweight. Now they can watch Netflix on their phone! Congrats! I hope they don't mind all of the typos and autocorrect fails in their texts and other correspondents and I hope they don't mind getting hacked. But that doesn't matter, they can watch Netflix!

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

That pretty much sums it up. It's a trendy move to say the least, but not a smart one. There's a guy in my office that can hack iPhones and androids with security on them easily. He hasn't been able to figure out the BB10 yet. He's an Apple guy and admits this.

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Uh obviously you have not been watching the return of troops. All branches, sans USMC, are full of overweight bullet magnets. See the way it works is when we are at war the regulations get weak. When they are home safe they toss them aside using the weight reg as the main enforcement tool.

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Why don't you show a little respect for the air force. Are you an American? If so, they've managed to protect your sorry ___ so that you can run your mouth on a fan site. If you are from a nation who is an allied nation, they've protected you too. People like you disgust me.

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They arr fu*king hypocrites. They were first to stop Blackberry from getting acquired by any outside company but first to dump it.

It makes sense to me. Why buy Canadian? They would rather support an American company much like Canada supports BlackBerry

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That may be part of it, but in the United States, Apple's success is often discussed as the upside to their controversial relationship with Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn, which partners with and enriches the communist government of China, a government that spends an unknown, very large percentage of the country's GDP on military efforts anticipating a future conflict with the United States. Before Chen, BlackBerry was always pretty good about manufacturing in Canada, Mexico, and South America. But, rarely if ever, in mainland China.

But, really, the problem is that BlackBerry needs to sell the American people on BlackBerry devices, again. I don't mean mass media advertising, I mean the hard work of direct sales and building a tribe on the ground. Chen's efforts to refocus on enterprise makes sense in the short run, but it probably sinks the company or sacrifices it's promise in the long run. Kind of sad that Watsa -- who has never had a tech success that I'm aware of -- grew so powerful in the board. Now, BlackBerry is just about getting his investment back, when Mike L.'s Qualcomm deal would have made BlackBerry a competitor. It's probably not to late for the board to fire Chen, but the deal Mike brokered is gone, so why even bother. If BlackBerry's going to be small it might as well be a CEO with a pint-sized vision leading it.

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This is fu**ed up news. Makes no sense to me at all. They are either making a HUGE mistake OR it´s been really proven to them that there is no advantage on having BlackBerries on a secure network at all. Either way this can really hurt BlackBerry as it opens a front for iphone to compete in the enterprise sector. Someone please give me reliable information on why would they make such a huge change just because.

I need and article by Chris here to shed some light on what just might happen after this...

sad sad news....

Look at it this way, one of the main reasons why people started hating BBs was because their company phones were too locked down for anything other than e-mails. Their personal iPhone and Android could do so much more then. Now with a locked down iPhone, people will start hating that too. Corporate issued phones with limited features are not very great for brand affinity.

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Sir, if you really knew your stuff, you would have known that the NSA got through because of an open RSA token. Look up Steve Gibson from Security now. He explained it, and SG is a real expert.

*yawn* oh sorry, you were trying to be a keyboard warrior? Sorry wasn't paying attention to the shills like you

Now "they" can have all the fingerprints of their personell, and the Chinese too! Who would use or allow a portable networkable fingerprint reader in his or her right mind for military use?

Just find an iPhone, grab a fingerprint of the dirty touchscreen, and bang!, you're in....

(has been done before)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

The absolute most moronic statement yet. You think these folks weren't already fingerprinted when they joined the military???

I was fingerprinted when I got my first job on Wall Street and every job since.

Comment when you know what you're talking about

What an engaging comment, what would we do without you quick? It's good to know that when you're not out fighting crime, you're keeping busy giving us your wonderful insight

Posted via CB10

And "about" and "regarding" is just the same thing you redundant POS

Z10 STL100-2 / Official Release

aww how cute, trying to be a keyboard warrior!! And calling me a POS? Look at you... Who the eff are you? You've been here a whole whopping 9 months, talk to me when you have been here for 5-6yrs you piss ant

As far as I know, they aren't allowed to use ANY off the shelf mobile devices for secure communications. So even if there were a "breach" it wouldn't be sensitive info. Most of the Gov people that uses these devices, are just emailing basic info like any other office. They aren't sending drawings of the latest fighter or radar system....

True but Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany switched over to a Z10 with Secusmart's secuSUITE software for additional security. If it's good enough for the German Government I can't imagine it not being good enough for the U.S. Air Force or DoD or any level of government that needs secured mobile communications.

Ha! The NSA regularly spies on the German Government. They are aware of what they are using and have found it to be easily accessible.

I wonder if Ms. Merkel would agree with you with her Secusmart-enabled Z10 now. The German government no doubt replaced her phone and others in her organization to harden communications. I don't see why BB simply buy out Secusmart completely.

The NSA spies on anybody. "Even" americans.

The phone of Ms. Merkel the NSA spied on (from the american embassy in berlin) was not encrypted. It was a simple gsm phone. Not even a Blackberry.

We knew about echelon ( ) we know about tao operations and we know about the capabilities of the nsa in general. Do you really think we live on the moon and are stupid dumplings? Greetings from Germany!

Yes I take your point and no I do not believe Germans live on the Moon and are stupid dumplings. Rather the opposite with the German response to changing Ms. Merkel's phone to a Z10 in conjunction with hardening her phone with the secuSMART Suite from a German company which was most interesting to me give what's going on with the NSA/GCHQ. Finally, Guten Tag from Canada!!!!

No one claimed the NSA didn't spy on Americans too. It's well understood that they do. You claiming that you "know about the capabilities of the nsa" is hilarious. You know only what has been leaked out. You know absolutely nothing beyond that. Heck before the leaks you didn't even know that you were being spied on while sitting in your German home blogging about whatever.
You can try to convince yourself that you understand what the NSA is capable of and then when the next leak comes you can be shocked again that they are doing exactly what you claimed they couldn't.

...but have they articulated WHY they are choosing iOS over BB10? Is it the commercial apps available in the App Store that is driving this? I mean to say... are you letting individual end users who like to play Candy Crush (which you actually can play on BB10.2.1) dictate to the most powerful military force on the planet which devices to authorize?

I can't imagine that any proprietary app for iOS would be significantly harder to develop or implement on BB10, so... do USAF Generals blow off steam with Garage Band? When they give their devices to their grandkids to play with, does the device need to be able to play Temple Run 2? Do. Not. Get. It.

They simply succombed to the wishes of their generals and other high level officers. Of course everyone wants an iPhone, I've seen the exact same thing at my company, but I implemented BB10 nonetheless. And now quite some employees are disappointed, but really, they can go f*ck themselves. If they want an iPhone, they can still buy one with their own money. Too bad the DoD didn't look further than the petty whims of some high ranking officials.

And the financial argument is completely void as well. iPhone TCO is a multiple of BlackBerry.

Just curious, how long have the phones been deployed? Were they offered the choice of either a Z or a Q?

I'm asking because I get the feeling that the majority of people asking for iPhones at work might be more interested in image/screwing around than being productive. I can't imagine a serious professional being disappointed with being given a BB10 device for long. The keyboard and message handling alone should win over all but the most i-fflicted individuals. I could see people who are used to touch-screen devices complaining if their only option is a Q, but that's about it.

Posted via CB10

The phones have been deployed for about two months now. We've deployed only Z10's, because they were substantially cheaper than the Q's.

Quite a lot of colleagues were aware that we were going to replace our fleet of (mostly) 9360's with something new, and I think they honestly expected it would be an iPhone. So I can understand their (initial) disappointment when they heard it was going to be "yet another BlackBerry". However, the ones that are still disappointed today are indeed more interested in image and screwing around, I suppose. Because honestly, the Z10 is a great device!

But to me, as the IT guy responsible for MDM, the security of the network and corporate data is a lot more important than making my colleagues happy, so I have no regrets.

Absolutely no doubt. Positive feedback is the rarest kind, but it would be nice to have our opinion of the OS's capabilities reinforced by the broader audience. Of course, if they're all coming from 9360's, they might still be struggling with typing on glass. In that case, an iPhone wouldn't have faired better. Thanks!

It's hard to say how many people used a second (personal) device, and what that second device is (smartphone, tablet, feature phone). But I had the feeling that the majority had at least some experience with modern gadgets.

I do hope that at least some of them see the potential of BB10 and advice it to their family and friends.

Z10 IS indeed a great piece of device, which I think is undervalued. Had it been released with OS 10.2.1 & no negative news on the company that obviously made matters worse in this past year, I think it would still hold its value well.

I just couldn't imagine living in the world without BlackBerry. Maybe the time will come, maybe not. But till then, I'd just enjoy each second with my BlackBerry device of choice.

On the topic, I think the NSA somewhat managed to influence the decision makers in USAF. "You will make our (spying) job easier if you use iPhone instead," they say. Haha, jk. Have fun trolls!

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I have my Z10 for almost a year now, and I still love it! I don't recall I ever stayed fascinated by a piece of technology for so long.

I do agree though, if it wasn't for the bad press and OS that wasn't quite finished yet at that time, I'm pretty sure the Z10 would have sparked an interest in a lot of people.

So.... after 2 months, how are the employees liking their phones. in very interested in your position and story. I wanna you wanted BB10 and implemented it against iPhone people. I want to know what is their comments now about the phone

Posted via CB10

Actually, I can divide our workforce into 4 categories:
- Tech savvy users: they managed to sideload Snap for access to the Google Play store, and are generally very happy with the Z10.
- Older users: they are used to BBOS, and need some time to adapt to BB10 and typing on glass.
- Hipsters: they wanted iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and are now displeased with their Z10, not because it's a bad device, but because it's not cool and they can't fill it with tens of useless apps and games.
- General users: the majority. Difficult to say how happy they are, but they do complain about battery life, and that's something I can't dispute: I was disappointed by the Z10's battery life as well when I first got it.

Funny thing is, I often hear from colleagues that "there are whispers in the hallway that people aren't happy with their Z10.". However, I have no clue who those people are, and how many, since they never come to me with their complaints. I actually should do a questionnaire in a few months, asking our workforce how they perceive their Z10 after a reasonable period of usage.

In the end, everyone manages to stay productive, and that's what it is all about.

This is not helped by them clinging to the last Gen BlackBerry devices rather than really trying the bb10

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exactly.. gotta have my apps at work!

i think J_Caloy says it best in his youtube videos

i wont leave blackberry. i am the only person at my IT company and a rare user among out clientel. love it when my clients compliment me on staying on top of my stuff and always responding to emails quickly.... funny how a device that does work gets work done, yet users on their iphones/androids seem distracted

I strongly believe that those iPhones comes with Flappy Bird installed! :)) That's the next flight simulator! :))

Main reason is that companies don't have faith in BlackBerry surviving to support their BES 10 infrastructure. The fact more and more ppl switch over to iphones and Android makes no sense to deploy BES 10 software and etc.

Mike L can go shoot himself in his arrogant head when he now sees how many companies are dropping or switching from security to "Toys".

Posted via CB10 with my BB z30

This is good. Let the US Air Force data leaks begin. I mean, these soldiers clearly need 'portable gaming work devices' as opposed to a secure communications platform.

Well it is up to BlackBerry to make a case that it is cheaper to go bb10. First of all, I presume these USAF phones will require software from Good. Is that factored into the price?

A naked iphone is secure only on paper. You need to armor it, and there is no way to get quantity discounts on software on the iphone. I've seen the feds make sole source supplier statements on regarding iTunes purchases.

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"In order to keep costs down..." with the company that has the most expensive/overpriced(yes since you don't get what you pay for) equipment on the market.

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

I wonder what the criteria for the purchase was? Certainly not the same for regular consumers.

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The criteria? US law forbids American corporations from bribing foreign governments. There is no law keeping American corporations from bribing the US government. Yes, things have gotten that bad here. Read the book "Extortion" if you doubt me.

Posted via CB10

And looks like Chris has another article to write. My biggest question, if this is the beginning of the US gov moving to iPhones, how many devices is that?

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What better way for the NSA to keep tabs on US government employees than to hand out iPhones to them.

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Maybe someone should have explained the benefits of BES10 to them. Users could then use which ever device they like.

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They want to have the records of what their soldiers and generals do with their works assigned phone.

While this is possible with BlackBerry, it is just a bit harder.

I'm sure they signed a deal with Apple to provide them this info. As well as remote shutoff and complete control.

I'm sure the absolute top brass still uses blackberry devices, or maybe even something different.

Via Z30

A BES is very capable of knowing what users are doing.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Official 10.2.1

I give it 6 months for the USAF to say they regret the move...

-stability issues
-reliability issues
-security issues

but at least they get all their apps they need...

Blackberry Q10

Yeah the difference is they will now benefit from multiple OS updates a year and not ones that have to be downloaded from a source other than your home carrier network. Actual patches and fixes implemented without the requirement of the carriers deciding when to release the OS update.

Please reply to this thread in 6 months because I want you to eat your words. Probably should go on a hunger strike a few weeks before that date because you have quite the meal here.

You can eat yours now, the update holdups are from the American providers themselves, not blackberry. Guess the inept people working in the us air force have family working in the mobile companies. It's all the useless unaware belief that BlackBerry is going under......just foolish.

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

Do the American carriers hold up Apple updates? Hmm, I think not. Another point of failure by BB. They were the ones that left the carriers in the approval process.

So chow down chump

Hmmm. So now that they are losing the regulated businesses, will they say they are shifting their focus to emerging markets? Based on the W dev device leaks pics/specs and this news I'm very worried about BlackBerry's future. Domino's will start to fall now and you will see more news like this from the federal government.

Yes the bad part about this is that a head honcho of another agency will say, "hmm, the iPhone deployment went good for the Air Force then it can work for us!" and then it snowballs from there. That is usually how these things work, unfortunately.

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Ok then. An eye opener. Blackberry also needs to come with pay cards. So i can buy apps from the blackberry world app. Cuz right now i need an credit card to buy app, which i dont have. I live in Suriname and we dont use paypall that often.

we dont use any kind of cards. Some do, but most dont. As of iphone, you have the i-tunes cards. You can purchase anywhere. I think blackberry also needs to take a look at these kinds of buying methods.

that makes sense, sorry was not followin that in the previous post. and i agree they should start having that type of card available!

I find using PayPal easier than having to buy a card. It's directly linked to my BB ID making purchasing from BlackBerry World so easy and secure.

The I-Tunes cards, you say that can be found anywhere, can they be found in Suriname as well? If not, then that isn't a real advantage either imo.

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didnt you read? I said the i-tunes card are available any where.
Thats your opinion. Not every country its that easy to get a paypall account or credit card.
with the i-tunes card you can just get it in every store. People don't use paypal account or credit card that much here. To get a credit card or paypal account you need much more paper work for that, but for the i-tunes card you can just get it at everystore.

the only mobile phone which NSA unable to tap or hack is blackberry so this best way for DOD tap their personnel mobile for data leak within DOD...

That's actually quite amusing that you still believe the data you send via a BB is safe from the NSA. Do you believe this just because it has not been reported on yet? If you think anything you do is safe from the NSA then you are just a fool. Start sending emails off about how you want to kill the president from your BB and then lets put your theory to the test.

On a BES server the data is completely secure. Do some research. Where is the proof that you are spewing out?

My proof - No BB phone hacked
Your proof - ?? you haven't provided any

You not knowing something is not proof.
You should do some research on the security of the BES environment. It's not about the security of the data that sits on the server.
Show me your proof that data across the BB NOC is completely safe. It's a network just like any other network. It uses hardware and software components that every other network uses, each of which have flaws because they are all made by some other person.

Traffic could flow over a Public WiFi and still be secured for infiltration of the data packets... because it's and end to end solution, they are all encrypted with 256 AES. And therefore secure

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I understand the BES environment and security of the communication back and forth. I was making a point that the tool that tried to flame me had no clue what he/she were talking about.
To be 100% sure that something is impenetrable is not realistic in this day and age. It was only a couple of months ago that everyone thought POS card readers were very secure and there was no way to hack them. Obviously they don't have the security that the BB platform does but my point is just because we have always perceived something as being impenetrable doesn't mean it is.

Until something is hacked it is 100% secure. Basic math.

0% breach = 100% secure (to date)

You must believe in the Ogopogo as well. Until someone finds the creature.... there is no creature.

Possibility is not reality.

Apparently my front door at my house is 100% secure because it has never been breached. According to your logic of "Possibility is not reality" that means even though it is possible for someone to come and take a sledge hammer to it, that isn't reality. I love the way you think. It has actually made my day.

You can blindly trust something you don't understand. That is fine. I will be the one sitting here smiling when you get your proof and you will be the one sitting there trying to delete all of your ridiculous Canadian news article posts.

People have not tried to break into your front door I take it. People have DEFINITELY tried to break into BBOS. When there is no proof that anyone has made it in, I think I have a more compelling theory.

Your argument is flawed because your lock brand can be demonstrated to have been compromised.

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How convenient, a Canadian news agency. I bet they have insight into what the American Government is capable of.
You should really just stop trying, it's getting pathetic.

How convenient, you have absolutely no proof or information to provide. Just tinfoil ramblings.
You should really just stop trying, it's getting pathetic.

Post something that shows BES is NOT the most secure solution available as of this moment, and you win. So very simple. Just a link, that's all it'll take to prove you're not just a trolling iPhone fan boy.

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I could careless about anyone individual platform. The AirForce could go to two-way pagers for all I care. If you think they are going to store anything on the device that is sensitive or confidential then you are just wrong. It's about not putting blind faith in a company that has multiple changes to prove that itself and has not made any progress.
Sure could the AirForce just hand out more old BB's and call it a day, yeah. Would they be secure, yeah. Is that a sustainable model or even something that a company would want to do as a long term investment, no. Until BB proves that they are committed to BB10 and committed to furthering the platform then everyone has the right to question them. Their track record isn't all that great the last 5-6 years. They claimed they were behind the PlayBook 100%, well you see where that's at now. They seem to have stopped doing knee jerk reactions to the market place which is a good thing and a step in the right direction.

Those are some valid points, thanks for sharing them. Much more enjoyable and interesting reading than the degenerating pissing contest that preceded it.

Yacoby54 can't read, save your breath, there's not enough light under the bridge.

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

It's going to be a totally locked down phone with very little access to apps. It'll honestly be a glorified feature phone.

At my employer (bank), "regulated" users such as Traders have really crappy bb10s. No Bluetooth, HDMI out, no apps. Email and limited web browsing.

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that's weird, all BB10 have that BT, HDMI, email and the browser has very good reviews, that must not be a BB10 maybe an old legacy.

Can be locked from an IT Policy when activated on a BlackBerry Server

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True, and that's why it's typically only deployed to users with sensitive data

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This move makes no sense at all...... is everyone a hipster these days..... apple has absolutely NOTHING To offer that industry..... i just don't get it

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Flight plan apps???? This was one of the biggest reasons that the Air Force and FAA were looking at iPads is to replace paper maps and logs with an iPad. Again it comes down to apps, and the other platforms have more apps, including productivity apps, and their is much greater developer support out there for iOS. iPhone and iPad running iOS 7 is FIOS approved so that box is checked, just like BB10, and they are switching to a device that fits their needs better.

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I don't know...... i don't think adapting a flight plan app to BlackBerry should be that difficult for the usaf...... as noted before a mobile finger print scanner is a bit of a weird idea at least to me.
But i guess we'll see, and i still can't see how they will really save money by switching to iphone's??

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Yes, because the NSA and DoD don't all have the same goal in mind or work for the same powers that be.

Really well thought out comment.

I'm starting to believe that Apple and Samsung representatives are being sent to these Federal organizations and making a hard sell while no one from BB is going there to reassure them of the extra security that BlackBerry brings to the table.

blackberry still believes its common knowledge it seems.. i often inform people that their media fed opinion on blackberry is false.. while i also load bbm for some people to show them how much better it is. and faster then sms by measurable amounts of time.

If one of their reasons for swapping to iPhones is cost, all I can say is that they'll get what they pay for...

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>> Both iOS and Samsung's Knox-enabled Android smartphones have been approved for use on Department of Defense networks,

Samsung Knox does not have an ATO (Authority To Operate). I don't think iOS does either. See here:

"BlackBerry has announced today that the US Defense Information System Agency (DISA) has given both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 the Authority to Operate (ATO) on the Department of Defense (DoD) networks, making BlackBerry the first Mobile Device Management (MDM) to obtain an ATO. With the ATO, the DISA is prepping to support 10,000 BB10 devices by the fall and over 30,000 but the end of 2013."

The CrackBerry article post-dates the link to the article saying Knox and iOS are approved. In other words, CrackBerry is contradicting itself.

Kevin -- Please get your stories straight?

They will regret that decision. Mark my words. I'm ex-Air Force and iPhones are gonna be a huge problem.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

There must be other reasons at play rather than best phone and as always apple kia Obama and samsung are full of sh** loser crap disgrace to America

Delta Champion

Kudos to the Crackberry team for reporting this disappointing news honestly and promptly without any spin. This news sucks but there are a lot of governments and corporations out there beyond the Americans who probably don't want to be using the same architecture as those that are doing a great deal of hacking anyway.

Z10 on the Rogers Network

That's bad real bad for U.S defense.
Some special interest group probably paid big money for this deal to go through.

Apple smart phones are made in China. China is expert at espionage stealing defense technology. Check out their new war ship, stealth planes. They look like copy of American. They even have Chinese mars rover looking similar. Even theirs evidence consumer electronics made in China have Chips inside to spy on Americans.

USA Defense Force WTF were they thinking? Cost Cut?? Not in the long run!!!

BlackBerry Lead
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We need armed forced consultants incessantly proving the dire need for the simplicity of BlackBerry 10 OS, it's compelling infrastructure and security, and of the fact that BB10 is new. Way back when in the early years of BBOS there were no real early adopters. The same holds true for BB10 in this governmental capacity; however, with the onslaught of the last 3-4 year steep decline, it is still an uphill battle. These high officers and generals used the iPhone at home so there was petition for swing over. Perfect for why our new innovation/security center was a much needed protocol in Washington from J. Chen.

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interesting, dont know what the point of switching is when the number one reason has to be security and blackberry's security is top notch. why take the chance switching? *shakes head*

They are after the hacked iphone very very interesting this will hit the media and hit the stock hard

And now we see how BlackBerry is regarded in the eyes of the U.S.

Not good BlackBerry, not good.

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Meh, American protectionism. I would not expect any less from them. Good riddance! *wave*

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Adios, Sayonara, Ciao, Au Revoir, Good Bye, Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, Kick Rocks.

Sooooo loooong...