Urbanspoon gets an update - Now compatible with BlackBerry 6

By Michelle Haag on 15 Jan 2011 10:19 am EST
Urbanspoon for BlackBerry

Urbanspoon is a great website for people that enjoy eating out. You can check out restaurant reviews from food critics, bloggers, and everyday people. In 2009 Urbanspoon released a free app for BlackBerry to help people like me, who can never seem to decide where to eat. It's a simple concept. First you enter the area you want to search for restaurants or let Urbanspoon use your GPS location. Once it finds that area, it presents you a slot machine type interface with 3 tumblers. The first is for the neighborhood or area, the second is the type of cuisine, and the third is cost. You can choose for any of these categories to be locked, for example if you ONLY want Japanese restaurants to show, you would highlight that option and then click the little lock below. After that you can click or shake your device (depending on what BlackBerry you have, of course) and the tumblers spin. The application randomly chooses an area, cuisine and price range for you look at. If you click on the name of the chosen restaurant you can get details such as contact info, maps, and you can even open up the mobile version of the website which will take you directly to the reviews and information for that restaurant.

It's a fun app that can help you make some very important decisions like what to have for lunch Tuesday or where to take that blind date your friend hooked you up with. Best of all, it's FREE and there is a version for all devices running OS 4.2.1 or higher, and was recently updated to include devices on BB6. Urbanspoon is supported in Canada and the US as well as Australia and the UK. Pick it up today at the link below!

For more information and to download Urbanspoon from BlackBerry App World

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Urbanspoon gets an update - Now compatible with BlackBerry 6


About time, these developers honestly are slow to updating sometimes, it took Shazam so long and this even longer, I was dissapointed because they were my favorite apps on my tour and storm, and when I got the torch it sucked there were there but I was happy apps with good support like Poynt and Foursquare and others were updated instantly

Anybody with a Storm2 able to get 1.0.13? I reset App World (ALT+R+S+T), uninstall and reinstall Urbanspoon, try to download OTA from their website...all I can ever get is the old 1.0.12.

On a side note, I saw Urbanspoon featured in a TV ad for BlackBerry App World, and they showed off features that let you add a restaurant to your contacts and share them via Facebook & Twitter. Those features aren't available in 1.0.12...are they in 1.0.13? Or only available in OS 6?

No option to download with Torch on BB app world. I went to their web site (www.urbanspoon.com/blackberry) with Bolt Browser (so it doesn't detect my device type and hide the download link) and downloaded the version for the Storm. Seems to work fine.

Edit: The version on BB app world is listed as version 1.0.13. The Storm version that I downloaded directly from the web site is version 1.0.12.

Looks great running on a 9650 on the Blackberry commercial! Too bad no one can get it! Thanks app world!

If you're having trouble downloading, try this:

Open App World on your device and choose Menu>Scan Barcode.
From your computer click the link above to open App World.
Scan the barcode.
It should come up as 1.0.13.

It worked for me, I'm on a Torch. The screenshot in the post is from my device.

Doing that still gives me 1.0.12.

I'm not going to blame App World for this one...I tried to download OTA from www.urbanspoon.com/blackberry and also got 1.0.12. It appears that the new version is not available for the Storm2 and/or OS 5 and they've just left the old version up for us.