Urbanspoon debuts as next BlackBerry App World commercial

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jan 2011 10:55 am EST

We saw the first BlackBerry App World commercial nearly two months ago with Pageonce, and now we have the next in line with the newly-updated Urbanspoon app. The second in the BlackBerry App World series again shows off a "super app" put through daily use. This is only the second video as far as the app commercials go, but if the BBM spots are an indicator there should be many more down the line. Not much else to say about this one so just watch the video an see for yourself :-)

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Urbanspoon debuts as next BlackBerry App World commercial


I especially like the grid of icons they show at the end (before they zoom all the icons).  They show Youtube.  So that Youtube website launcher that comes with OS6 is now a super app?   

What's the hahaha for? At least when I had this on my iPhone I know it isn't have the integration functions that they talk about here.

Quit being an Apple zombie and look outside the "distortion feild"

You know nothing about me. I have had a BB for over 3 years. I hate apple. But RIM classifying an app as a super app just because it can post to facebook is just ridiculous.

I saw this commercial last night during the Globes. It was funnier than Ricky Gervais. I found myself rewinding it a few times to figure out if the girls were using a Tour or a Tour 2 (aka Bold 9650). They kept covering the trackball/pad so it was hard to make it out. But I suppose one could sumise that since the Tour has been out of the lineup for quite a while, it wouldn't make sense to feature it in a BlackBerry ad....hmmm EDIT: it's pretty clear that this is a trackpad device: 9650.

Pretty sure it's a 9650, notice the red numbers! Although funny thing, I have a 9650 running OS 6 and can't get the new Urbanspoon update. App world says it's not avalible for my device. :( not so funny.

It is a 9650. You can see the track pad on the video player before you start playing the actual video. It's right above her thumb. :D

"supper app"?

I think the move to do more advertising is really great for RIM, unfortunately they just don't have much to spotlight right now :(

From the video, a super app is one that let's you post to Facebook and Twitter, add things to your address book and calendar and uses GPS.

The app need trusted application permissions to even operate. Why? I deleted it. Haven't given any 3rd party app trusted application permissions.

super apps? I don't particularly like the term, its just marketing to try and make it sound like its better. In saying that, its much better than the huge amounts of "themes" currently on appworld which are considered "apps".

But hey if its what gets the point across of integration, always on and efficient then whatever.

Well, if they really want to term an app a superapp, they should look at something like Poynt, where it's free, works well, and gives timely, and useful upgrades, for FREE. I know Poynt is used on IPhone as well, but no matter what Blackberry I have (I'm on my third), I always download Poynt first.

Tried the Personal Assistant Pageonce based on the commercial, gave it 10 minutes of my time, then deleted after it slowed my Torch down, and finding it super laggy, don't care if it's a RIM exclusive.

Why aren't they advertising Blackberry Traffic? That's a great App...

Ok..now I"m rambling.

it's in the app store for os6, but there is no icon to download it.
on second note, it says not available for my device (torch) or my carrier (att). bummer.

I downloaded the app yesterday without any issues, I can search locations and get them very easily. However, the commercial shows them posting their location on Facebook, but it doesn't allow me to post. It says "network error try again" then leads me to the facebook homepage where I log-in, and it doesn't accept it..
Anyone having issues posting on Facebook??

I had BB for over 3 years. I will not bash RIM but it was time to move on. I do have
this app on my Incredible. I think it is a great little app. I like the commercial.
Very cute.