Urbanspoon App for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2009 06:45 pm EST

The guys at Xtreme Labs, developers extraordinaire, let us get the first look at the upcoming urbanspoon app for BlackBerry last night at the Dev Con opening reception. With this app, you can easily locate restaurants in your area by spinning the "tumbler". Let urbanspoon choose a restaurant at random, or specifiy the type of cuisine you're looking for. The tumbler rolls, and you are presented with information including phone number, map and restaurant reviews. The Storm version even allows you to spin the tumbler by shaking the device.

Get urbanspoon for BlackBerry: The app should be landing in BlackBerry App World over the next few days, but you don't have to wait to download it. Visit urbanspoon.com/blackberry from your BlackBerry's web browser to download it. 

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Urbanspoon App for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available!!


Just picked it up for my storm...I love it. I've been using it on my iPOD touch for about a year now...it's perfect for when you and your significant other can't agree/choose a place to eat...now you can just leave it to fate.

is it compatible with os 5.0? lol, sorry for the question. It might seem stupid, but since my error 523 after installing a theme, I'm extra cautious.

Not sure if urban spoon is 5.0 compatible. I've got a tour running For some reason I am unable to read the reviews for restaurants that I know have reviews for them. The search doesn't work as well.

Anyone else seeing this?

Working just perfectly on my Storm 2 (OS 5), even the shake-to-spin feature.

Make sure when you hit their website that you download the right version for your phone. For Storm users, there is a specific Storm download link.

On my Storm 2, it hangs and forces a power cycle and returns with the following error message:

Uncaught exception: App Uubanspoon is not responding process terminated.

Oh, well.

I've got the app running on my Storm 2. It's a hit at my office, where we can never decide where to go for lunch.

I didn't DL through app world, though, I went directly to the website through BB broweser.

Yes, that's how I got mine - directly from the website via the BB browser. I'll uninstall it and try again...

Works great on my Storm1 with 5.0. Shook the phone, it made a sound, vibrated, and spun the wheels. Nice integration with the new Google maps. I love it.

First ones to implement the tumbler? I created a tumbler on my StormSlots game almost a year ago. =D

Either way great freebie app

I logged and was about to rip em a new one about that. Props to DMG for being the true FIRST to implement the tumbler.

how could they say the tumbler is new.. pshhh good ole DMG mad it happen..storm slots ftw lol although you gotta admit theirs is very sexy in design..but still tisk tisk

Thank you Urbanspoon for such a great free app!!! Works flawlessly on my Storm 1 (os 5.0). Beautiful interface with great graphics.

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As soon as I downloaded it the phone rebooted and up popped a reload software: 552 error. Had to reload the entire os. I was running the most recent 4.7 version on a verizon tour. Hopefully it was a freak incident, but I don't plan to download this again before 5.0.

Installed off the appworld and tried to run it and nothing happens on my S2. Tried a battery pull, deleting and reinstalling, still nothing.

I did get it to work on my S2, but I didn't download it through appworld. I went straight to the website through BB.

Holy Cow! It's about time! On a side note, THANKS to Veterans and Current Military! Happy Veterans Day!

Holy Cow! It's about time! On a side note, THANKS to Veterans and Current Military! Happy Veterans Day!

Been waiting for Urbanspoon's app. Love it. No iPhone, no worries. App works great on my Curve. Tumbler function is sweet. Kudos, U'spoon!!

Works great. I've been waiting for this app ever since I tried out an iPhone. Of course, I greatly prefer the Berry, and this app makes it even better.

I'm running on my 8900 and the app doesn't go past the "finding location" portion. I have deleted, rebooted, and re-installed twice. Also downloaded it from the link and the 2nd time from the App store. Is anyone running an 8900 not on 5.0 and getting this app to work?

Works fantastically on my Storm 2. Even the shake-to-spin, just like that "other" phone on AT&T.

Authors - Thanks!

Yeah I just downloaded it from bb app world and I am soooo excited!!! I will get the opportunity to use it hopefully this weekend and will be sure to update you on how it worked, but from all the other posters i can tell its gonna be an awesome app/tool!!! I just love my BB