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UPS Mobile App for BlackBerry Smartphones Available Tomorrow

By Adam Zeis on 15 Dec 2009 11:28 am EST


UPS announced today that they will be releasing a free mobile application in BlackBerry App World tomorrow. The app will allow users to track and create shipments, calculate time and in-transit and locate the nearest UPS locations. You will also be able to access your My UPS Address Book and create PDF labels which can be emailed and printed out for shipping. UPS Mobile does not require a login to track items, but when logged in you will be able to view history and creat nicknames for shipments. The app will run on the Storm, Bold, Curve 8900 and Tour upon release. 



Hmm, looks pretty useful, if you need something like this of course...


This will really help me keep track of packages and shipping orders on the go... if it runs the way I hope it will.


Here is to hoping that it works as stated, this will be great for tracking packages for Christmas =)


That's funny....I just found their mobile website last night and now this.


This will be very useful, looking forward to it.


TrackThis on Twitter does the job already, and no apps needed!


bout friggin time for this..i get tired of having that stuff emailed to me AFTER the fact, like HOURS AFTER.


I might jus give it a try and see if it makes sense.


I beta tested it. It works as noted. Fast, well designed, and has really nice integration w/ Google Maps too.

It's great UPS didn't just make an app for the iPhone, isn't it (unlike other carriers)?


I was wondering if they would make one of these a couple weeks ago!!!!! darn iphone already has one *evil glare*


I don't use a lot of UPS but it is on the rise for me as I continue to increase the amount of online shopping I do. I think this could be really helpful.

Is there any thing like this for Fed Ex and for US Postal Service? Then we'd have all three major bases covered.


I use for everything including fedex usps and ups.

They have a mobile site for cell phone web browsers


Thanks for the heads up about, Mailyfesux. One app, or site, to do it all sounds even better than having to use multiple apps. Thanks again.


Good site, but doesn't offer to find Locations, map those locations and provide contact info, create labels, pull in saved info from My UPS (stored addresses, saved tracking numbers, etc), or offer automatic notifications.

If you need more robust UPS features, go w/ the full BB app. If you only need to track, you can just enter the 1z into a Google search box.


Now we need a shipment label maker for usps!!


Awe man...this would be an awesome app..can't wait until it's available for my 8330.


It's not likely it will be available for OSes below 4.6


Not much interest in this..but that is pretty cool..


looks cool. ill try it out for sure.


Now we just need one for fedex.


seems like itll be a cool app


Nice interface. I'm surprised - it's only 289 kb. Not bad, and if you need the space at least you could archive it (until a new version of App World comes out and erases your archived files during the install)


I still don't see this app on my app world? I live in Vancouver, Canada is this app only for US customers at this time?



i dont see this app here in Toronto, i'm thinking its US only, which is total BS!!!


Finally found on App World - oddly searching for UPS came up with everything but UPS.
Have an 8900 on Rogers and App World says "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier."


Does anyone has OTA link for that UPS app? Please send.. Please please please..