Upload photos directly to Dropbox with PhotoUploader

Upload photos directly to Dropbox with PhotoUploader
By DJ Reyes on 23 Dec 2013 09:52 pm EST

At the moment, Dropbox is my main cloud storage. I was once a big SugarSync user and while I still use it, Dropbox has become the one I use a lot more now. Plus, the fact that it integrates very nicely with BlackBerry 10 is a huge bonus. On top of that, it's also how we share files here on CB. One thing about Dropbox on BlackBerry 10 though is the fact that I can't auto-upload my photos to my Dropbox account. As always, when there's something missing, we have developers to help fill in the gap and that is where PhotoUploader comes in.

An app that has recently landed in BlackBerry World, PhotoUploader, is one I'll be using quite a bit. It comes from the developer of one of my favorite apps, ReadItNow. PhotoUploader basically does what is says on the tin - automatically uploads your photos to Dropbox. It uploads photos from the camera folder of your device memory as well as your micro SD card. What would make this app even more kickass is if it can go headless. There are a select few apps that I leave open in an Active Frame and while PhotoUploader does have an Active Frame that tells you its current status, This is an app I would really like to see get headless permission. The great news is that the developer has said that a headless version will be coming.

There are options available in PhotoUploader for you to customize. Such as the sync interval, the target folder for your photos to upload to and also whether you want it to just sync over Wi-Fi only, to save data. The ability to upload to Box.net is also available, if you wanted but the native Box app does that anyway. All in all, PhotoUploader is a good and useful app. It fills a void that really should already be there but I'll happily pay to use an app that a developer puts effort in creating, especially when it is useful. And like I said, headless is coming.

PhotoUploader is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and will cost you $0.99. 

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Upload photos directly to Dropbox with PhotoUploader


Nice app. But as mentioned, it fills a void. The BlackBerry 10 native Dropbox app used to work at one point in time but somewhere along the line it gave up the ghost.

Still works for me on Z10STL100-3/

I think it depends if you enable Box.net native app thereafter as it likes to use this feature/API

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Still works for me too. In general, the new world of BlackBerry file systems, incorporating cloud services works without question on my device, so I find the need for a photo uploaded for Dropbox puzzling. I've uploaded a number of photos to Dropbox directly from my sd card....hmmm.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Is there a way to still get the 50gb? I remember you could get it for having a playbook, what about BB10?

And yes, just use Box if you want it to auto upload photos, that's what I use and don't need any 3rd party app for that function...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Yep, got 50gb with my PlayBook over a year ago, and I use Box for my Z10 running 10.2 to sync files and photos and video. I can even see the files being uploaded to Box by swiping down fro the top bezel on the main screen. I have Dropbox too, and it works fine, but it only have me 2gb for free. I just don't see the need for this third party app.

I either case I like how I can see the Box or Dropbox files from the File Manager. But I do wish there was a Sugarsync integrated app as well.

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Why SugarSync??

You've introduced a new cloud storage solution that is competing for mi día are and recognition in a forum where most users know nothing about, and you did it without mentioning any benefits above the topics solution? So why mention it at all????

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Would be better if it can upload videos as well not just photos because while box app can upload videos, box only allows file up to 250mb. This is where dropbox comes into play but so far no app for uploading videos created.

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You should look into pogoplug.... no file limit. At the moment there is just an android app you can sideload and works fairly well.

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Has anybody tried Playcloud? Works with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Skydrive and SugarSync.

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Never used PlayCloud, but I use Files and Folders on my PlayBook as well as Q10. It syncs with all the cloud services you mentioned. It works pretty nicely for me.

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Ditto. Needs to A) be headless and B) let you select the folders you want to sync. SD card is where my photos go so I won't be buying right now. Does it sync videos too?

What would be more awesome is if the native Dropbox app did it like the native Box app does (for those who didn't know because they don't use Box). I use that as my photo backup for now, works perfectly in the background.


First of all SD card support is already in the app. Looks like DJ just missed it.

Secondly it also supports videos, but sadly the builtin Dropbox client on BlackBerry 10 seems to have some file size limitations as well. PhotoUploader is built on top of that client.


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Hi sven

I've start a thread in the BlackBerry 10 app section of the crackberry forums where we can ask questions / leave feedback.

I do have a query but I'll leave it till after Christmas.


Great, thanks a lot. Wanted to create a thread on my own, but didn't take the time so far so I appreciate your help. :)

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Can you post the link, please? I did not find a thread just a minute ago or I looked for a wrong title.

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I live box buy recently it just wouldn't upload if photo/video taken when there is no wifi and cellulr data is off. Before when got wifi it continue the upload now no more


Using my own private cloud. Accessible via OwnCloud or if needed to access work folders then WebDav attached drive what syncs data bidirectional way and also remembers file content if needed to go back.
Data moves over SSL and drives are crypted on server side. Unlimited storage and I know that my files are not accessible in any way by 3rd parties.

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I have dropbox, although I don't regularly use it. A sugarsync headless program would suit my needs better

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"Unavailable for this device" :-(

I really wish the app reviews included the vital info stating which versions of BB10 are required to use the apps!

Posted via my Q10, still on

I keep hoping for a SkyDrive app like Box & Dropbox. I have Play Cloud and have the Android SkyDrive app, but it's not the same.

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