Upgrade Docs To Go to Premium and get PDF To Go for Free

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By Craig Johnston on 4 Nov 2008 08:33 pm EST

DataViz has released Documents To Go 1.005 today. Some of the new features include:

  • Excel 2007 Support
  • Track Changes (view only)
  • Password Protection for Word and Excel (97-2004) [Premium only]
  • Inserting comments for Word and Excel [Premium only]

If you already have Documents To Go installed on your BlackBerry or if you have BlackBerry OS 4.5 or later which has Documents To Go pre-installed, you can upgrade for free by clicking the BlackBerry Menu button while in Documents To Go and choosing Check for Updates.

Even better, if you have OS 4.5, Documents To Go didn't include Sheets To Go (viewing Excel), so by upgrading you will be adding this in. Previously Sheets To Go was only included in OS 4.6 and later.

In addition, if you choose to upgrade from Documents To Go Standard to Documents To Go Premium, you will receive a free copy of PDF To Go. If you have previously upgraded to Premium, you can download PDF To Go for free from the DataViz web site.

If you would like to get a comparison between the Standard and Premium take a look at their feature matrix here, and for more information on Documents To Go click here.

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Reader comments

Upgrade Docs To Go to Premium and get PDF To Go for Free


Nice to see they are keeping up with the updates and such, but overall I prefer BeamReaders new beta 2 (http://m.beamberry.com/beta2), costs nothing and has all same feature sets (for PDF Use)from what I can see anyways. DocsToGo is nice and I can see why some would pay for the upgrade, just not something I would use enough to suffice the cost.

Nice of them to TAKE OUT the workaround that let you edit your docs in the standard version. Geez, Dataviz...I understand that you want people to use the premium version but at least be UP FRONT that you are taking out the workaround from the standard version for those of us that upgrade, ok? You pissed me off so badly with this little stunt, I probably will NOT be buying the premium now, so you have lost at least one customer from this "upgrade."

You're mad because they protected their assets from something you shouldn't have been doing in the first place?

How would you have proposed them to say they patched a hole in the application to stop people from theifing features?

I like free as much as the next guy but c'mon, they are a business and a business is designed to make money, it's stuff like this that makes developing for BlackBerry not worth it for developers, if you are going to exploit them for their services and expect everything for free what's the point.

You know what features premium brings and using the standard version for so long to circumvent buying the premium and your outrage at the situation proves you probably never had any intention on buying premium anyways as you were satisfied with circumvention method.


I have no idea what you're talking about. You can absolutely still edit files with 1.005 Standard. On top of that, it was never a workaround, its always something that's been officially supported.

DataViz, Inc.

I'm pretty sure he is talking about the "workaround" of using a blank document to create a new file.

Personally, I don't see how you could remove this "workaround". I might add that there are other advantages to the premium version aside from file creation.


Can you give a brief rundown of the differences between the updated 1.005 and the native version?

Thanks in advance.

The exact version you'll originally get on your BlackBerry varies based on the exact version of the OS, for example OS 4.5 includes Documents To Go Standard version 1.000, OS 4.6 on the Bold includes 1.001, and on OS 4.6 that is included with the Pearl Flip 8220 1.003 is included. ALL of these can be updated to STD 1.005 for free. The features which are new to this version will vary based on the original version that was installed.

To compare the Premium 1.005 with the Standard 1.005, your best bet would be to check out the feature matrix on our website:


Hope this is helpful!

Tried to do the update and got this message - 901 Invlaid COD and couldn't download the update. Anyone have any ideas as to why or how to fix this? Thanks!

Once I installed Verizon's 4.5 and loaded the docs to go. I then did the free upgrade and sheets to go showed up and it worked fine. I went in to load a theme with the app loader and it siad it was going to remove the unknown upgrade I had just done over the air. Once I do the upgrade and can not load any apps from app loader with it it reoving the doc to go upgrade. Can anyone help?

I just upgraded OTA. I won't be able to check this until I get home, but there must be a setting somewhere that you need to adjust.

Can't get Doc2Go Standard to edit Word documents on my VZW Curve 8330 running Anyone else having this problem?

has anyone with either a verizon or alltel 8330 with working MMS tried these updates and verified that they aren't killing MMS completely like the maintainance update for the old version did?