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Quick Tip: Updating your BlackBerry to a different carrier's OS? Make sure you delete BOTH vendor files

Windows Device Update
By Adam Zeis on 14 Mar 2012 04:12 pm EDT

As I found out earlier this morning, installing another carrier's OS on your BlackBerry isn't as easy as downloading and deleting the vendor.xml file -- now you have to delete both vendor files. It seems that in one of the updates to BlackBerry Desktop Manager, the vendor.xml file is not only located in one folder, but two. In the past you simply had to delete the lone vendor file and you were well on your way to a clean install with either BlackBerry Desktop Manager or App Loader. Now however, you'll need to dive in a bit more before your PC will see the OS - keep reading and we'll tell you how to seek and destroy (ok, find and delete) those pesky vendor.xml files.

How to remove both vendor.xml files from your PC

Now this obviously is only for Windows PCs since you can't install a new OS from a Mac.

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader
  • From there, remove the vendor.xml file

Next, make sure you can view hidden files and folders in Windows Explorer (Tools > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files and folders)

Then, depending on your version of Windows: 

  • On Windows Vista/7 navigate to C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML (Where "YOUR_USER" is your username)
  • On Windows XP navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML (Where "YOUR_USER" is your username)

Remove the vendor.xml file and you're done! Now fire up Deskop Manager or App Loader and you should be able to find the new OS and install away!



That would explain why it didn't detect the os I downloaded to update my friend's Torch 9800 to the very latest version.


I did it the old school way on my AT&T Bold 9900 to install the latest T-Mobile OS and it worked fine. Will something not function right for not getting rid of both vender files?


Me too... and didn't have any issues...


No, you will be fine. I didn't delete vendor files either.


The loader might not detect the new version, even if you delete all the old versions. It can get tricky if you dont follow the directions carefully. Finding and deleting BOTH vender files can save you a lot of head scratching.


In my version of windows 7, I discovered the 2nd file in Desktop/Costa/AppData/Roaming/Research In Motion/Blackberry/Loader XML.

I found it a while back during updates.


Weird. On my Desktop it is Vendor.xml for the OS install but in the folder of my username it is "device.xml"

Is that to be deleted as well?


i updated my 9930 on sprint and it totally crashed my OS. made my icons really small and unable to do anything on the phone!!! version 7.1 bundle 921


Can you just do a search of the HDD to find all occurrences of vendor.xml and then delete all occurrences?


That does explain a few things, Thanks for the heads up.


The folder for the first file will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader if you are running a 64-bit Windows.


Download this little program... it will find both vendor.xml files in seconds:

It would eliminate about 20% of the posts in the crackberry forums....


This is good to know. Thanks for this article.


One thing wrong with this... It all depends on if you have 32 bit or 64 bit. With 32 bit you have only one vendor file and with 64 bit you have two.

This is my standard copy/paste for vendor file issues:

1. Uninstall any previous OS you may have installed.
2. Install the OS to your PC.
3. If you have a Windows PC, change your folders option to show hidden files/folders
4. Then go to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader and delete the vendor file.
5. IF you happen to have Windows 64 bit, go here as well: C:\Users\*your user name*\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML and elete that vendor file as well.

*You need to delete the vendor file(s) whenever you are using an OS that is not from your carrier. A simple search of your c: drive should pull these 2 vendors up as well, but you must have enabled show hidden files/folders.

6. Open up Desktop Manager and check to see if there is an updated OS and install.


7. Open up Loader in your PC: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

I would highly recommend uninstalling SocialFeeds prior to this. You can re-install it during the installation process.


I have a 64bit Windows 7 version and I only show one vendor.xml file


Thank you for posting this information Adam and dustanh! This should be stickied in the forums!


If one upgrades an "Official" OS from another carrier on his/her device. Is that OS supported by the carrier or RIM? I know Official OS are supported by RIM, but does the carrier make a difference to them? Are the OS modified by carrier to work on it's network i.e. maybe the radio file?


"Now this obviously is only for Windows PCs since you can't install a new OS from a Mac."

This is one of the reasons why RIM will never fully get it. How can you alienate so many people - for years - because of a simple programming issue?

It's not the fact that there's probably very little NEED for it, but the fact they still consider Mac users to be second class is very telling.


Wow!! Deleted both vendor.xml files and BOOM!! DM found the upgrades! Updating 9810 now...


Any chance this can make NFC available on T-Mobile devices???


RIM need to change this. This "installation process" is so annoying, outdated, cumbersome.


so that has been my issue? will have to check that out.


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THISSS!!! :D This should definitely be included in the 101s and Forums, worked perfectly!

Quod me nutrit me destruit


I created a tool called VENDELETE back in November/December that automatically deletes the vendor.xml files on x86 and x64 Windows systems, saving you the trouble of searching for them. A more sophisticated VENDELETE+ will be released very soon. Watch for the announcement in the BlackBerry Apps forum!


My OS update is from a different carrier but it found it straight away and installed fine?! Is there something I should be worried about?


i deleted both vendor files and still nothing haha ill just take that as my phones never meant to have 7.1


i have a curve 9360 unlocked from T-mobile and im using simple mobile
i'm wondering if i should delete the xml vendor files or leave them
please reply ASAP

Dave Hong

I've never ever had to do that before until now - glad this reference exists :)


First time loading an OS with Win 7 (done it several hundred times in the past on XP without incident). What an ordeal. First my antivirus package was giving me fits, basically slowing the system down to a crawl connecting or installing anything. Disabled that. Then I forgot there's a second vendor.xml. Don't know if that's what was causing the loader to hang up trying to re-connect to the device, but it did multiple times. Then something somewhere along the lines added another vendor.xml file in the App Loader folder. Finally got it straightened out and almost loaded except the phone is taking a REALLY long time booting up for the first time. Maybe I haven't cursed at it enough yet.


where did you find the App Loaded folder? Im on a new Windows 7 computer and it's so much harder than on my older Dell running some older version of Windows!

I used to be able to put a leaked OS on without any problems, just opening App Loaded, deleting the Vendor.XML and then loading the OS...




Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. In fact when I tried to delete the vendor.xml files using a .cmd file, I initially got the path to the vendor.xml file and "Access denied." I tried another method but got an error message. I went through the Desktop Manager and tried "update" again--this time it detected the downloaded new OS on my desktop and installed it. Ever since then, I can't play YouTube videos using Network-only access (they will play when on WiFi). This has never happened before. I later downgraded to the last OS (the one before the upgrade) but no YouTube. I deleted and re-installed YouTube twice and it did work once but did not the next day. Tried re-installing the new OS--no success with YouTube. Went carefully through the files on my computer using the above instructions and found two vendor.xml files (when I was removing one, it asked for Administrator access so that could have been the "access denied" problem earlier). I cut and moved both to a USB stick and removed the USB from the computer (just in case I needed them again!). I did not delete the device.xml file as it looked quite complicated. Then downgraded, set up the BB (Curve 9360) with the original OS (, set up the BB, tested it, no YouTube function (although I could get to the page, as well as other internet sites e.g Google, Crackberry, my work site, etc). Tried the new OS again. Just keep getting "Cannot find web address. Verify that this web address is valid." Also, interestingly, I cannot access the carrier's site ( Can anyone help? This is my daughter's BB and she's always on YouTube. She's waiting for the QWERTY BB10 but that's a couple of months away at least. :(


make sure that the 'username' you selected at the point....c:/mycomputer/documents and settings/user..... has the administrator attributes in your computer, that is, its the login option that you use when you windows computer boots, because only one user is configured as admin while other users can not access files for delete or perform certain functions. i hope you understand me.


make sure that the 'username' you selected at the point....c:/mycomputer/documents and settings/user..... has the administrator attributes in your computer, that is, its the login option that you use when you windows computer boots, because only one user is configured as admin while other users can not access files for delete or perform certain functions. i hope you understand me.


P>E>R>F>E>C> works!...3WEEKS of trouble ended on this page.Thank GOD for YOU


How do i find the 2nd vendor.xml file in windows 8???????????????????????????????????????????????


thanxx a lot bro...helped me a lot...wasted almost 10 hrs searching a solution for this prob :D


Thank God for Adam Zeis. It worked, and BB Desktop Software finally recognised the new OS I downloaded. I did find, however, that after I deleted the vendor.xml files in both the AppLoader and Loader XML folders, they reappeared there once or twice. So, I had to delete them multiple times. This was on the 32-bit version of Windows 7.

Patrick Colloty

Hi I was just wondering if I do an os udate from another network that's from a different country to me would it work