Updates we'd like to see in Docs To Go for BlackBerry 10

Updates we'd like to see to Docs To Go for BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 20 May 2014 04:27 pm EDT

Docs To Go has been around on the BlackBerry platform for a long time. Of course, being a business tool, such an app would be a must have one, especially if you need to create documents or view documents as part of your job. So when BlackBerry 10 landed, there was no doubt that we would see Docs To Go become available on that OS too. However, compared to Docs To Go on legacy devices, the BlackBerry 10 version falls short on a lot of features that many users want.

One such user has reached out to us with a laundry list of things he would like added to Docs To Go and we sure a lot of other users are calling for too. We've compiled a list of things we'd like to see added to Docs To Go for BlackBerry 10.

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Updates we'd like to see in Docs To Go for BlackBerry 10


Thanks DJ and to the blogger who came up with this list. I'm starting to use this facility more an more and points raised are excellent

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

I have reached out recently to Michael Clewley about the shortcomings of Docs To Go and here is his reply;

Appreciate the feedback. We are aware of all these limitations and they are in our Docs To Go Backlog of features – along with hundreds of others that we’d love to implement ;-)


Since the bulk of users typically view but don’t edit their files and attachments on their BlackBerry, we’ve focused on ensuring that viewing and file fidelity is a top priority. Slideshow To Go needed some love and attention in this area so users could accurately and reliably view and present the complex content in their PPT files like Charts, SmartArt and Animations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like you are a heavy users of PPT files, so these improvements aren’t of major interest to you.  For this release, we also focused on integrating with additional cloud solutions so that users can more easily sync their files across devices for improved document workflow and productivity.


However, now that we have a solid foundation for viewing files across all three Word To Go, Sheet To Go and Slideshow To Go apps as well as a robust list of cloud providers, we hope to add back the more advanced editing and collaboration features that he may be looking for. And since we already supported most of the features that you are asking for in previous versions of Docs To Go on BBOS and Android, those are top of the list for future updates although we cannot comment as to when they will be made available.




 Although I love Michael and appreciate how much he is always listening and replying to costumers I was disappointed of his answer now, because it gave me the impression that he sees it as not so important to most users and he just 'HOPE' that one day they will add those features. 
Now we clearly see that many users are complaining on the same issues, also I'm scared that just as RIM failed to recognize early enough that people actually need a good browser on a smartphone they can just miss the boat on Docs To Go as well because Apple recently updated their native Office Suite called Pages with all mentioned features and BlackBerry who is supposed to specialize in productivity is still so behind because they think users don't need it.

Need to export the document in an other format before. None printer is able to read and print a MS document.
At last, you can try PlayCloud to print. At first Google doc to convert your MS document to PDF thanks to PlayCloud too.

Posted via CB10

1. Ability to open Google Sheets/ Docs and OpenOffice

2. Better copy paste features such as drag to copy, drag to select formula range

3. VLookup, PIVOT tables, full range of formulas

4. Better facility to input data in Sheets to go

Checked! Task Pro: You have to try this app out! Believe me its amazing!!

I use Doc, Sheet, Presentation all the time and need to see it get even better and more flow and functionality too.

I've been saying some of the stuff you noted for some time now. Thanks for the post!

My BBM channel- [URL="bbmc: C004F0FC0] The Gamer's Network [/URL]

I'm a little worried, is the site not healthy in terms of audience? - the"click through ten things that could be on a single/two pages" is pretty desperate stuff and I have only see on sites that are struggling or bottom-feeders. I don't take it as a good sign to see it here.

Gotta admit, I too thought this type of layout/navigation was to increase page hits and ad impressions. :) Thanks for pointing out the view-all option for next time though.

Haha, there is no site that abuses page impressions and ad views more than Answers.com . All answers are put into slide show format with 140 characters / slide. To read the average answer, one has to view more than 10 slides and open up 3 pop up windows in the process!

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

Wouldn't a slides to go compete with BlackBerry Express??

Check Out [URL="bbmc: C0008DDD1"]TechCraze[/URL]

I would like to see export function from BlackBerry Express into PowerPoint or OpenDocument Presentation, or straight to Docs To Go.

At this stage, it only exports to a single page HTML file which you can email to yourself or share otherwise.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I third this notion. I mostly work with ODF documents rather than excel and powerpoint. This means that ODF docs don't sync to my BlackBerry automatically, nor can I use my BlackBerry as a backup display device if the computer I have to present with has some kind of issue.

Sure I can work around this by saving as a powerpoint, but why should I need to do this?

I never use docs to go because of the things like in this articel and many many more bugs/fails.
Example: no sume in excel(sheets). I press the icon and it does something I dont understand. The same in PBs docs to go....
Another stuff- no convert to pdf...WHY?

Posted via Q10Bold

Would like to see "Print to PDF" as a share option straight to the documents folder (or other location) ACROSS THE O.S. !

Ubuntu and other Linux distros have had that for years, baked in: Print to file / PDF

At least the browser should be able to print to PDF, not save as a messy HTML page with an extra folder containing the pics and other elements.

(This BB10 aspires to be a business grade OS, so this should be part of it, baked in, without downloading a silly app, if there is one at all. Anyone found one, btw? )

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I would like to use sheet to go more often... but it's frequent that my Excel files contain "SUBTOTAL " function.. in Sheet to Go it is apparently not fully supported and then the file can only be open in read only mode
..so unfortunately it became kind of useless for me.
Add support for Excel built In functions.

Posted via CB10

I never use docs to go either because it has no desktop web browser interface like Google Drive/Docs. How can a wish list without desktop access be taken seriously? :) Seriously, I'd love nothing more than to leave Google products, but BlackBerry needs to step up and give us real options... Not everything only on your phone.
Granted, BlackBerry Blend could go a long way to alleviating this issue. Time will tell.

Top Number 1: Full OpenOffice Document File Format Support: Base, Calc, Draw, Impress Math, Writer.

Number 2: Import from / Export to the above listed OpenOffice Documents File Formats.

Via CB10 App / Z10-2@ Hybrid

How about being able to print to a networked printer? It's such an obvious thing that is always overlooked on mobile.

Posted via CB10

Driver issues.

Needs to be a printer supporting PostScript or similar, plus you might need the PPD file for that respective printer. Ubuntu now manages to download them on-the-fly while installing a printer, so should be doable for BBRY, too.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

You can try PlayCloud but at first you have to convert your document in an other format as PDF or Postscript in using Google Doc (supported by PlayCloud too). Indeed none printer is able to print a MS document directly.

Posted via CB10

Good idea ;)

I would like also to have the print directly, I use Q10 and never managed to get it to work

Best regards

Proud Q10 (pro)user

Thank you for mentioning #4. I often work with documents using comments and track changes and sorely miss the legacy version of Docs To Go. I don't understand why so many "basic" features were dropped in the BB10 version. Sure, I can live with no new features in the move to BB10, but to remove features?!

For new features, I'd like the ability to have multiple files open at the same time. Having only a single file open feels out of place on a multitasking OS.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

This! It would work so well with the cascades theme. We should be able to open new docs and switch from one to the other or copy and paste from one to the other, like tab switching in the browser and all other apps.

Posted via CB10

I'm also so frustrated that #4 is missing. I was actually shocked when I first got my Z10 and recognized that it's missing I was like scratching my head if I'm not dreaming, I mean they redesigned the whole app and such a basic important feature is not here! Let's say you don't need all advanced editing features on mobile but at least you need to be able to read the whole document, so how can I read it if I can't view the footnotes or comments.

I know I sound like a broken record. It would be great if Documents to Go 10 was on the Playbook. Here I go dreaming again.

Posted via CB10

PlayBook screen size is more appropriate... and make sense... an improvement on its native apps such as "Docs to Go" will do more positive than negative impact...

Posted via CB10

What about using the BlackBerry connected to a monitor and a wireless keyboard? Then, the size of the device display is not a problem.
I dream with the idea of my Q10 replacing my PC.
With my wife's iphone I can print directly to my HP Officejet 6600 without Internet connection. I really want this to my Q10!

God Bless You!

I'm still cannot believe that they have not added the ability to insert row/columns. I mean, such a basic digital spreadsheet feature.

Posted via CB10

You can't insert a row or column in Sheets to Go. This is years overdue now. Basic stuff.

Posted via CB10

Love Docs to Go. Use it every day, and the suggested improvements are a must. BB=productivity. Come on Docs to Go, let's get these changes implemented..... and some

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure exactly based on what BlackBerry should be best on productivity because Pages app on iOS is much more advanced than Docs To Go same on Android you have many 3rd party office suites that are much more advanced

Ability to open.
. aspx files
.xlsx files

Currently only able to work with

Posted via CB10

Excellent recommendations!

Most likely posted via CB10 from my amazing Z30, but may have been posted from my awesome PlayBook.

These modifications would be very welcome, especially the viewer/editor discrepancy. This software was a must when BlackBerry was the only business capable smartphone on the market, but it's not the case anymore, and the BB10 version even has less functionalities. This needs to be addressed to have a great business phone.

And eventually add it in BlackBerry Blend, so the 'mobile computing' trend is followed :)

Posted via CB10 on my Z30STA100-5/

Cell reference, cell reference, cell reference!!!

Seriously, BlackBerry, everyone working there must use Excel on a regular basis. Most people do. How would you like it if you lost the ability to click on a cell to make your formula reference? Nobody would use Excel. This has to be the most frustrating thing for me that was in the legacy Docs to Go but was removed or never included in the BlackBerry10 version. Aaagh!! And, end rant.

Thank you! This absence of basic spreadsheet functionality infuriates me. I enter formulas all the time, and I hate having to type in cell references - a feature I've been using since Lotus 1-2-3 on my DOS-running 8086.

Moot point, though, since I gave up on waiting for D2G and bought a Windows tablet with full Office.

Posted via CB10

I almost never use it anymore due to the reasons in the article plus the ability to print mentioned above in previous comments. These updates need fixing to stop people from chosing other electronic devices for their needs. Blackberry focuses on security and to me that seems to go hand in hand with business, yet so far this limits how my blackberry is used for business.

Posted via CB10

Do it. No need to make it free. I would pay for the required functionality, especially if it was smooth.

Posted via CB10

Yes, I think you nailed it, thank-you.

The only thing that I would add is the ability to print.

I know how crazy that would be without a universal printer driver. Still, it's the one thing I'd love to have even if I had to load a BlackBerry printer driver on every printer I use.

Posted via CB10

ODF support - most of the documents I work with are created in Open or Libre Office.

Posted via CB10

I would to see doc to go transformed into a app like Polaris Office, Doc To Go is too simplistic that is the whole issue with BlackBerry they only see things through they little ways of doing things the world have moved on John Chen.

Presentations (PowerPoint):
1) Be able to make a new presentation and edit
2) Be able to open a presentation made by PowerPoint and edit

To be honest, I'm not using docs to go, and I'm probably not alone in wishing CB would make an in depth tutorial on this and print to go. ACTUALLY... it could be a good idea if there were many different tutorials on various BB10 apps like linking contacts or creating a multi person chat in BBM or any other number of tutorials (simple or complex) to help people make full use of what's available. I enjoy and appreciate CB as much as the next guy but I would certainly prefer these types of tutorials over basic news articles found on any other site or announcing an app update that we're going to be notified about anyway. I realize it would take a greater amount of work but I really think they could become a huge success here! Topics such as getting the Timmy Me app up & running to simple keyboard tricks etc.... just my $0.02.

Posted via CB10

To be honest, I only use DTG as a viewer. For me, not being able to add images or tables is one step too far. Yes, you can edit table entries in an existing document, so why can't you add one? I use Kingsoft Office (care of android) which is what DTG should be. It can save as PDF, add tables, images - basically a fully functional office suite. The only gripe is that it isn't integrated anywhere as well as DTG, and is slower.

I would far rather use DTG, it is a well written app which, with a few additions, would be great. I'm not really a presentation person, but it would be a *nice to have*. So, my vote goes to:

1) Add pictures and tables to a document
2) PDF export

Then Kingsoft gets the flick.

There is no place for Docs to Go in a truly corporate/executive environment and I also use Kingsoft. For one try to view a Word document with mixed content: graphics/pictures and text. It does not display properly and although the text is editable it serves no purpose since you can't see any graphics that the text refers to. If BB wants to fix something, have a look at Kingsoft Office.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

I tried Kingsoft but it's so buggy and slow with such bad UI we desperately need Docs To Go To add all this features

A good interface with office docs is essential for BlackBerry. All these ideas are good, but even better is office itself.

Posted via CB10

Related to view / edit requests. I often view / edit password protected xlsx files on my Z10 with DTG. You have to enter the password to view the file and when you go to edit mode you have to enter the password again. Frustrating, but understandable the way it works. Have the developers do this a few times with strong passwords and I'm sure they will find a way to fix it quickly.

Posted via CB10

I'd like the format to remain the same when I open and edit docs. It's looks all messy after and edit, when I look it again on a computer.

Posted via CB10

Yes! To all of these! I was Soooo disappointed when I got my new BlackBerry and saw that docs to go was poopier! Especially the undo button! That drive me bananas!

A. Onaleta

Why can't we have Access To Go? I have so many database files to work with and it would be so helpful.

I too wish that BlackBerry had even just a couple network printer protocols it could use. I appreciate that it would be difficult but so worth it!

Posted via CB10

I've also used the Microsoft Office for mobile on the WP OS which also has a lot of short commings, but one thing that really disappointed me when I first went to use docs to go on my BlackBerry Q10 was that it couldn't deal with most of the formulas that I use or lists.

So for me the most important improvement would be of the technical ability of the program more so than the appearance which I think is kinda fine...

Posted via CB10

I use sheet to go everyday, and the one thing that kills me is the lack of a sorting ability. I need to sort my columns!

Posted via CB10

Just reading over everyone's comment's and really I can understand how every short comming of DTG is essential to somebody. We all use these programs for different things but surely the level at which it is currently is just unacceptable !

Posted via CB10

How about the ability to print the documents wirelessly from your phone to a wifi printer on your own network without the need to send it to a computer first.

Posted via CB10

I'd like it if when working on a spreadsheet they would have a more accounting friendly number pad and also when you toggle from the alpha to the numeric keyboard it should stay there until you switch back. Every time I hit the enter key it shoots me back into the alpha keypad. This quickly becomes annoying!

Posted via CB10

I agree with having a numeric keypad option.
A while back I found the "Database Forms" app. It is great when you have set up a numeric field. Up pops a numeric keypad.
Much easier than going left and right hitting the little buttons on my Z10.

I've seen some other apps with numeric keypads too. Would it be that difficult to implement a "switch" that would allow a user to select their preference? Straight line or keypad style.

Posted via CB10

So did I.
I've also seen this same comment/question in a few forum threads in the past. But no one seems to know why DTG for BB10, if it IS still a BlackBerry company, can't do some of the same things it's doing on other platforms.
It is a mystery to me.

Posted via CB10

They didn't purchased they have some licensing agreements in place.
Look up on Twitter @DataVizInc the owner of Docs To Go someone @BBRYNews asked them that question and that's what they answered.
BTW the product manager at BlackBerry for DocsToGo is @Illmasterflex and I think he came over to BlackBerry from DataViz

Integration with bbm so anyone in your group chat can collaborate on the same document. Oh and print through blackberry link.

Posted via CB10

A Big Thank You to DJ Reyes and associate for posting this in.

It has taken less than a year, for me to forget all the features legency devices had, and it worries my why was a part built Docs to Go was ever put onto our device of the future.
I should be expecting more features that was ever before.

I feel like our builders have their tail between their legs and not wagging it Bold and Proud.

I cannot understand how another app is able to do things on this phone than the app for the phone.

Why are we losing the spot, business phone of the world. IPhone and Android are getting all the spotlights and adjusting for warp mode speed, Windows not far behind if not being the unspoken leader, we should at least be this.

Prem WatsApp has some brilliant ideas, as I browsed through the comments which really caught my eye.

Please BlackBerry, I Love You
Now sort it out.


My suggestion would be to go for Office Suite 7 for now, it's sadly not a native app, but it has everything you mentioned plus more. I've been using it for a while now, haven't even opened Docs to go once since my last OS load. You should be able to pick it up from snap or aptoide.

DTG was more functional on my 9650 and even more so on an Android phone before it.

I have never understood why it was stripped of features when BB10 was introduced. There are probably reasons why it was allowed that we as users will never be privy to.

As I see it, intensive word processing and spreadsheets are always going to be better off and more efficient on a laptop/desktop computer versus scrolling all over the place on a phone screen. But there still needs to be a better middle ground than the current DTG on BB10. Especially if BlackBerry wants to regain a position as a business tool.

Thanks for making some of the shortcomings a main topic here. Hopefully its being read and seriously reviewed by the DTG development team and those above them with the ability to implement the changes.

Posted via CB10

It would also be nice to be able to copy and paste a single page from the files without having to go into edit mode or having to copy the whole thing. Or at least share one page instead of the whole document.

Posted via CB10

About my previous comment, I just realized that the copy and paste of a single page or even the ability to select is not available in the edit mode either.

Posted via CB10

It would be great for them to have this option integrated. For now I've been using the PrintHand Mobile app and it's been great.

Q10 on T-Mobile

It's pretty stupid to offer an app such as this with such a large step back from the previous version. Imagine buying a new car, and it's not yet available with power steering, windows and locks, when the outgoing model had them. WTF?

Posted via CB10 on my Z30!

It's about time someone made this post. I want all of them asap. Convert to PDF is a must.

Posted via CB10

Meh. Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive have pretty much made this obsolete.

The connectivity you have between Google Docs on your phone, tablet, and computer are unparalleled. Shoot, when I have multiple people working on the same document, I can actually see them real-time editing the document and it even puts their name next to the cursor while they are typing stuff-- this is especially neat when I am getting work done on the can because I have a deadline to meet.

If you want true on the go productivity, then start using Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive to create and edit your documents. You can literally type stuff on your tablet and watch it show up instantly on the document in your PC and phone.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Multiple Sheets more than three in Sheets to Go, similar to Smart Office on the PlayBook

Posted by Phobe's Owner on the BlackBerry Q10

I was so frustrated with the limitations of Docs to Go on the Playbook that I started using a converted apk of Kingsoft Office. It's free and by far more capable. I prefer it even on BB10 now.

Posted via CB10

With these wishful thinking improvements, our BB10 devices will be more that "niche" devices...

Posted via CB10

Many great points. I do hope they make these changes. Although as one person commented it would be nice to send a document to a printer via wifi (or even bluetooth, etc.).

Q10 on T-Mobile

I would like to see a more robust version of Excel. One that allows you to use drop down menus. This is a huge issue in my business with demoing preexisting excel forms that have drop down menus. Because of this one freaking feature I have to use a Microsoft Surface and not my PlayBook or my Z10.

Posted via CB10

All this must be submitted to BlackBerry.icanmakeitbetter.com for it to reach BlackBerry team directly.

Via CB10 on Z30

In addition to adding and deleting rows & columns, the ability to hide/unhide rows & columns would also be a huge benefit...

Posted via CB10

Great list. You covered most of my gripes. I use sheets to go quite regularly, and Word to Go often enough to notice some missing / wanted features.

+1 to the idea of integration with BlackBerry Express for presentations mentioned in previous comments in this article.

Posted via CB10

Open document format is a must, or BB10 is an angry bird platform like any other chinese phone for children

Posted via CB10

Great initiative and points, DJ! My single most important issue is the possibility to display and edit text comments.

Posted via CB10

Hey DJ ryes, here is my list if required changes, a master list:

1. Adding charts, tables, pictures, borders., headers and footers, comments and shape figures in all three (Word to go, Slide to go, and Excel to Go). This naturally implies that creating presentations must be included. Also, it would be wonderful if we could have a variety of styles and presets to format them.

2. Track changes and reviewing them would be a nice addition.

3. Add templates for Word, Excel and Presentation.

4. Add images from the web. Embedding videos and GIF'S would also be a welcomed move.

5. Print using Google Cloud print, or save as pdf or postscript.

6. Save. Xls as. Xlsx and. Doc as. Docx (and also for presentation) .

7. Support for. Rtf and macro files.

Overall I'd like to mention that most of these features (if not all) are already present in Kingsoft Office, a third party android app, which is also present on the BlackBerry world as an android port. Frankly it is a shame that BlackBerry, know for mobile computing, doesnot have all this.

And by the way, DJ Ryes, will you review the changes and featured required for BlackBerry express beta next? It is an amazing app, but unfortunately hasn't seen any updates in the past 4 months.

Posted via CB10

Support for Track changes and IRM (Information Rights Management) are the two biggest feature requests I get from my customers.

As a daily user of DocsToGo, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments in this article. Thanks, DJ!

I would like to see a full power point built into doc to go. I do a lot of convention work where i'm constantly dealing with power point. Having that would take blackberry to the top of the list for smartphones.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone at all have a full function or feature list for the current version and a guide on how to perform ALL of those functions??!!

Posted via CB10

Docs To Go is one of my most used apps. I echo the point about adding a Convert To PDF option. On creating a new doc, I'd like the ability to save as a docx file instead of doc format. Also would like the option to choose single space format skipping 0 lines after as a default. The current app requires adjusting the formatting on 100% of all files created, which is tedious.

Sheet formulas are also tedious in this app. I tend to block copy. Would really like to see Insert Row and Insert Column.

I hope this article encourages some tweaking of the otherwise excellent app.

All suggestioins are relevant.
It seems odd to me that Docs To Go on BB10 in 2014 is basically the same DTG that I used on my Palm 10 years ago. Ah, word count was added... anything else?

I would like the slides to go to be able to :

1. Show animation
2. Show embedded movie clips
3. Play embedded sounds
4. To be able to create a presentation on the go

I would like to have word to go be able to :

1. Embed links & other documents like Pdf or spreadsheet

Not sure if this feature is part of documents to go or part of the BlackBerry OS 10 but I would like to have the option to put a file that I access on a regular basis on the home screen.

Posted via CB10

Creates Homescreen Shortcuts To Your Files on BB 10? > BB World> DocuShortcut . I use that for a month and it is reliable. With Doc To Go, the page opened by DocuShortCut is directly modifiable, the file is opened.

I would love to see it expanded to handle WordPerfect documents as well. As an attorney, I really need this functionality. There have been times I could use my BlackBerry to access documents on my P.C., but I could do nothing with them. Legacy devices could open WordPerfect files. I haven't found any app that does this currently for BlackBerry 10. Even Corel's Android app is only a viewer, and they sell it for $6.00!

Please don't exclude to add new sheets in Sheets To Go.

Posted via Q10 running

First time posting in CB10 GIIIHHHHHH!!! :D
I love Docs to go I use it all the time!!

Posted via CB10 via my BlackBerry Z10 ;)

thanks to raise all these missing features up. yeah, Docs To Go really needs a "Doctor" to make it GO better!!! COME ON BLACKBERRY!!! hope when the 10.3 rolls out these issues are all solved!

It would be also nice if you could pin the word or excel files on the home screen. It would be also nice this to happen for adobe files from adobe reader.

Posted via CB10

Use Docu Shortcut for creating shortcuts for any file. It is available at BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

Apart from the exhaustive list above, Let it open n edit MS Publisher files. I don't find any app at BlackBerry World supporting .pub files on BlackBerry 10 devices.

Posted via CB10

For sheets to go, using the "ld" and "lt" shortcuts would be awesome :)

Posted via CB10

All the suggestion provided are very useful.
Hope these suggestions will be taken in to consideration while upgrading

Posted via CB10

blackberry's docs to go app is outdated almost no productivity. no print preview and we can't setup document according to paper size and we can't add different types of tables, flowchart, images, graphics in a document or in a spreadsheet. and we can do all thous things using apple's numbers and pages app.