Updated theme builder coming by the end of January - Includes support for all OS 6 devices

BlackBerry Theme Builder OS 6
By Adam Zeis on 21 Jan 2011 10:15 am EST

It looks like we should have a shiny new beta version of the theme builder in just a few more days. Today Mike Kirkup (@blackberrydev) sent out the tweet above saying that the new version, which will include support for all OS 6 devices, will launch by the end of January. This is great news and will definitely expland the theme offerings in the near future. There are only 10 days left in January, so keep your fingers crossed and we should see the update pop up before you know it.

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Updated theme builder coming by the end of January - Includes support for all OS 6 devices


Whoo! As Kevin said when he did his 9780 review, the default BB6 theme just doesn't feel right on a non-touch-screen. I'm excited to be able to buy (or make myself) a theme with just the All view.

It will launch on 26th as that day is developer day in dubai

(I think)

-- not official my guess - but I will be right ;)

Hurrrrraaaaaaa !
Time to reclaim the Homescreen. Bye bye trays, bye bye ugly topbar !
Hello wallpaper !!

I might just fix me up a theme myself...any good tutorials out there ?

I tried OS 6 on my Bold 9650 and removed it. I got stressed based on how different it felt.

With the possibility of themes coming soon, I may try again. Generally, I find myself using mostly the Foppa themes with my 5..975. If I could have OS6 with the webkit browser, universal search, AND have it look and feel almost the same without the tab bars....that might be gold.

Looking forward to what it brings.

Sooooooo, my request is out there for someone to replicate as close as possible the Foppa themes (I usually use 19),

I guess my main question is this: When I first upgraded my BB 9650 to the new OS 6.0 I didnt realize that I couldn't have a theme and purchased two of them at the same time. One has been refunded but the second one from JC designs has not. I have emailed him twice for a refund but no reply. Will my themes evenually work or I will have to get new ones. Could I somehow just download the Dimensions today that makes the theme work?

If they won't actually refund the cost, perhaps they would help facilitate a transfer of the theme to someone else who would like it......just a thought.....

Awsome thought but I was really hoping to use this. I dont like how the home screen looks and feels. Would like my theme back.

will work if developers will do a theme for 9650 with OS6 and let you download an upgraded version. these themes you bought will never work on a OS6, as they were made for OS5. You have to be careful when you buy them - in store developers always provide model of bb AND os for which the theme was made. So developers are not obligated to refund your money, as they provide enough information with a specific theme.

Updated beta? Seriously? They take years releasing something, and when they do, its still plagged with bugs. The beta company.

Hopefully this "updated" beta, fixes the problem with torch themes in landscape that's been unpatched since day 1. Let's see how long they take to release the final version.

i would love to use this but why isnt it compatible to MAC? Why can't RIM release things that are compatible to both Windows and MAC?

Yep I found the exact same webpage. I just updated that into the 9780 threads :) WOHOOOOOO Can't wait to see all the new themes that come out once the update is available :)

You should remember that this release is also a BETA release and may not yet poerform exactly as we want.

RIM obviously know this since they are calling it an updated bete release.

We shall still have to wait for the final, and hopefully bug free, release at a later date.