Updated Round Of BlackBerry 9670 Pics Show Off Some More Details - Less of An Ugly Duckling Than First Thought?!

Updated Round Of 9670 Pics Show Off Some More Details
By Bla1ze on 5 May 2010 04:34 pm EDT

Just in case you were still clammoring (no pun intended, honest!) for more information about Research In Motions unreleased clamshell device we now got a few more pics for ya too look at courtesy of Cell Guru. As we can see from the pics, the BlackBerry 9670 will be running the same 1150 mAhr battery as the BlackBerry Pearl 3G.

In addition to a look at the battery, the pic of the application memory is worth note considering it's sitting at 283.4MB with no SDCard installed on the device. Not exactly certain what that means for overall device memory and RAM as of yet but given the pre release state of the device things can always change, so its best left for when we see later revisions that are closer to final production. Sadly, the engineering screen didn't give much information about the processor involved here but its safe to say it's at least that of the Bold series. Now, the only thing left that I'd like to see here since the devices are clearly in hand is a video of BlackBerry 6 running on the device. 

Source: CellGuru

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Updated Round Of BlackBerry 9670 Pics Show Off Some More Details - Less of An Ugly Duckling Than First Thought?!


So with 283 of free app memory... is it safe to say the 9670 started off with 512 and is using ~229MB of mem for the OS and whatever apps might be on this thing? hmmmm.... if so... not very encouraging for the 256MB devices... hopefully there is more to it than this... In any case... exciting to see more shots of OS 6 screens... ;)

Well since it was already reported 512MB RAM is basically the minimum for a BB to support OS 6-example the Bold 9650- I'll have to say "Ehh duh." to your post.

Good to see that it's using the 9700/9100 style rear cam lens and flash positions...

Also - I agree - the top pic of it closed, not looking too shaby... there's hope yet for this ugly duckling! ;)

Kind of like the Pearl Flip.. sitting closed on a counter it looks pretty good! It's just when you open up the flip it's much less appealing.

The one reason I resisted buying a BB was that I wanted a flip phone in addition to the qwerty, and now, voila! I might abandon my 8900 someday...

At first I did not like the design but the more I see it...maybe. I'll want to see more pictures before deciding.

well not to bust ur bubble bubble i seriously doubt that RIM will put a 800mhz+ processor in there when there newest 9650 is slightly over 625mhz+

It still doesn't interest me. The unattractive design trumps any hardware innovation that may be there.

I'm with the majority of people that want a Bold 9000 sized device with effectively the internals of a Nexus One running BB OS6.

I wonder if you can read email etc, with it closed. Then it would be kind of like a palm pre. If you can do a lot of stuff closed maybe the shell isn't so bad. I'd never buy it but some people like clams.

Well this is by far the worst looking blackberry that i have seen, its like a amateur modder got bored. its like a Frankenstein hybrid. BUT... if its running 6, i am thinking that my 9700 will get the upgraded os as well

I'd get it for my wife. She has pearl flip and she loves it. She can always close it and throw it in her purse. This phone will be appealing to women.

Maybe it's the fish-eye distrotion from the camera, but it looks like a Ped-Egg when closed.

And on the original site, the photo with it opened in someone's hand (it's a wider shot than the cropped one that was in an earlier post) makes the thing look huge.

it's still ugly. they really need to do something with the "blank" spaces on the inside above and below the keyboard.

RIM should stay away from sliders or flips. "Round" phones in these styles are guaranteed to look like crap. They should look to Japanese market phones to see what a well designed slider or flip looks like....

Here I was thinking the Microsoft KIN ones were ugly... This one trumps them by a whole lot. Just looks really big--both thick and wide. Yes, it probably isn't when you actually measure the thickness and the width go. But in terms of design, it just looks horrible.

That is just a sad headline when you have to say not as ugly as you thought.

RIM Tisk Tisk...no one wanted this, no one.

How about go back and re create a solid touch screen phone.

Who is with me. Because this is not for the guy working at Bank of America. So you want a consumer friendly phone. Well come out with a show stopper of a touch screen phone aka what storm should have been and put .6 to the test.

Droiiidddddd does, RIM doesn't....Freaking Incredible.

It's still ugly no matter what's on it, or how much mem it has. Doesn't RIM listen to the public? By public I mean CRACKBERRY NATION!!!!!

I don't like this model's design personally. RIM is taking a risk by creating such a model. BUT, the memory issues would not be there in this model for sure. Let's see what happens.

Love it!! I also LOVE that this BB is NOT popular just like my Pearl Flip BUT unlike the FlipBerry this BBFlip has some awesome specs...I'll wait a month AFTER it comes out though...let OS 6.0 get the kinks out first...LOVE the BlackBerry ya got!! Flip it baby!!!

To me this device seems like...
Arrange marriage........
For some reason you have it....

you feel that this is not a beautiful.,
One day, For some reasons... You started liking it's other qualities...
One day you fell in love with this device...

I hate it because its ugly! I dont like how it looks! I'm leaving RIM FOR EVAR because they made an ugly phone! How about you nancys grow a pair. Jesus H Christ, the whining. Not being a teen girl like most of the commenters here, I'm more interested in what kind of performance this thing will have. I could care less if it's pretty. I don't buy a phone based on how I look holding it or texting to my bff Jill. The reactions here are laughable.

Chaz Dude you sound like the baby here, a baby who has no idea what they are talking about. Every company spends as much as they do on technology with the look of the phone to appeal to those who buy it.

This is a ugly clam phone period. This is crackberry but we dont have to like everything they "produced" (I hope someones kid created this one.)

Go get a 3G GitterBUG!!!! Since its all performance.

Its all coming together now....
Sprint needs a touchscreen BB, while Verizon gets 'something' to hold the consumers over until the Storm 3 releases next year.

In the meantime, the 9630s get phased out with the release of the 9650s on Sprint/Verizon during the summer.

I have a strong feeling that this is all we'll see for CDMA carriers in 2010. (Not unless the 91xx makes its way over.)

That's what hits me and makes me think this device is intended for another market or a small (profitable) demographic. The amount of people who are commenting and actually like this design seem to be very few in number. I'm not going to buy it myself, simply because "flip" phones are not my thing.

If V requested a BB flip, then they must be getting lots of requests for it from customers. People like us are not the target for this device. I agree with those who say it will work for women who want something they can throw in their purse or bag w/o worrying about it. Also for the casual user who may just be entering the smartphone world, this could be a good "gateway or crossover" device.

Like I said b4, as more pics of this phone comes out more people would start liking....it seemed beyond ugly at 1st, but it's slowly coming around.....I know I'll be the 1st to get it when it comes out

I don't think any camera angle could make this thing look good. Even worse is how the BlackBerry 6 GUI looks when the phone is flipped open. I like to be able to actually see my wallpaper when looking at my homescreen, thanks.

RIM really is on a downward spiral lately. I still love my Verizon Tour, don't get me wrong, it was my first smartphone and easily the best phone I've had. But let's look at RIM's recent trends:
- Tour gets the ax after less than a year on the market.
- RIM releases a buggy-ass OS 5.0 for the Tour on Verizon (that's a big deal because a lot more people are on Verizon than Sprint).
- They half-ass it with the Bold 9650. It includes the trackpad, WiFi, and more memory...all things that the Tour should have had in the first place.
- OS 6 looks to be nothing more than a freshened-up GUI. No real added functionality.
- They unveil the abomination above that is the 9670, while apparently the much-sleeker 9800 slider will be GSM only.

Don't get me wrong, I love my BlackBerry and I am as addicted to it as anyone else on here. But when RIM makes decisions like these it is absolutely infuriating and shows that they really don't care about their customers. I will be upgrading to a Droid Incredible as soon as I can.

THe Pearl and Pearl Flip are coll, this thing is FUGLY! Get those specs in a 9000 form factor or I am gone for a Droid.

Blogs, forums, and Podcasts keep asking, "What should RIM do next?"

Here's what I think,
- RIM is the keyboard standard, but Google is inventing all sorts of ways to enter data without the keyboard. Voice and camera (Google Goggles) to name two. RIM should at least copy all their modes and when possible improve on them. And RIM should add as many more modes as they can, including motion sensors, magnetomenter, position sensors, infrared (for information from remote controls), radio in ranges used by home automation, rfid readers, the ability to emulate vTech and Uniden handsets.

- Keep up with HTC's 8 MP and user-facing cameras. Leave them in the dust by making a popout lens with optical zoom.

- More and better accessories like the Presenter and that music thing.