Updated: QuickText for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jan 2009 12:27 am EST

QuickText Updated!

I received an email from David at Cannon Software letting me know that their popular QuickText application for the BlackBerry has been updated:

I just wanted to pass along that QuickText has been updated for the Storm. It's a free update for existing customers. They can just have QuickText check for updates (QuickText --> Menu --> About/Update --> Check for Updates) and it will update itself automatically. There's a fully functioning 14 day trial period for everyone else. Besides making text messaging much faster, this new version can also double as a speed dial list for placing calls... Simply select someone and press Send. This is especially useful for Storm users who are limited to only 9 speed-dial numbers and no labels to identify to whom they're assigned. 

Not familiar with QuickText for BlackBerry smartphones? Here's the official verbage:

Tired of jumping through hoops just to send a quick SMS text message? Then QuickText is for you. It's like speed dial for text messaging. QuickText Features:

  • Add John to your QuickText list, then simply press "Q" for QuickText and "J" for John. That's it!
  • Storm users, just tap their name!
  • Access QuickText by pressing the Q key, a Convenience Key, or simply clicking the QuickText icon. (The Q key requires a full QWERTY keypad, and the "Dial From Home Screen" option set to "No".)
  • Assign a contact to any character on your keypad, including letters, numbers, or symbols.
  • Assign any contact from your Address Book with the press of a key.
  • Not on your QuickText list? Simply press the SPACE key to choose anyone from your Address Book, or ALT+SPACE to enter the number for a one-time use. (aka. Use Once)
  • Need to call instead of text? Just select them and press the Send key. Great for Storm users!
  • If you text people daily, then QuickText is a must! Try it for yourself and see!
  • Fully Operational 14 Day Trial Period
  • Now updated for the BlackBerry Storm!

You can download the QuickText free trial and/or purchase QuickText for $7.50.

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Updated: QuickText for the BlackBerry Storm


I do (most of) this for free with the AutoText feature built in to the Storm... Options > AutoText > BB > New

It's great for auto-fixing misspelled words or to auto-add apostrophes, but you can also set up short-cuts to common words like names or long words.

Example: p will AutoText out "Patrick", or t will AutoText out "the"...

I think you've misunderstood this application. QuickText is basically speed-dial for text messaging, as in SMS messages. It has nothing to do with the functionality of AutoText.

This will probably sound dumb, but were is the quick text option for the storm located? I cant find it!! Thanks in advance!

quick text is in the options folder then u go to screen and key-board there u should see either multi text or quick text

Hi. I have a BB Curve 8310 and I'm seriously looking into getting a Storm later in the year. I want to know what software (apps, games, etc) are compatible between the two. I figure that if I can't use the same software now then by the time I get a BB-S I can have "bugged" the developer(s) enough to get something comparable in software.

~Thanks & love your articles.

First impressions are good. Just hold BB button to get into quick text then select your recipient for SMS. Much more convenient than bb menu button, message inbox, compose, sms, enter contact. Works well for the half dozen people who I haven't converted to BlackBerry and still have to SMS instead of BB Messenger.

One thing I would like is if Quick Text could be setup for PIN messages and email. Right now it is SMS only.

Which of the newest models would serve a busy medical provider. I will be downloading E-pocrates, ICD-9 coding, Drug interaction sites, Medical Updates, ETC. I own a PDA and am looking to upgrade to a Blackberry sometime around Valentine's Day/My Wedding Anniversary. Please assist this busy family practice provider!!!!! Thank you in advance.

What does your comment have to do with thw quick text program? Go to the forums and post in the appropriate place like everyone else. duh.

HELP! Prior to doing a BB software upgrade, I do a full backup on my PC using the BB Desktop Manager, then a cold boot removing the battery, etc.
Problem--My QuickText app is reloaded, but NOT my QT files, numbers, etc. AND--I can't open the QCP files from my backup to manually see what my QT names & numbers were to manually re-enter them on my BB Storm. Am I doing somthing wrong?
How do I retain the QT info on upgrades? Thanks, BJ