Updated: QuickLaunch v.1.2 Now Available for the Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2009 01:47 am

QuickLaunch v1.2 for the BlackBerry Storm

Just last week we dropped word of NikkiSoft's QuickLaunch for the BlackBerry Storm in the blogs, and it immediately shot up our App Store's Best Sellers list to where it now sits in the #1 position! If you missed that post, you'll want to check it out for information on this must-have Storm app (along with a bunch of good comments and a hands-on video).

If you already purchased QuickLaunch, the upgrade to version 1.2 is available for free. And if you're a Storm owner and haven't purchased it yet, it sells for $4.95. As for what's new in version 1.2, here's the scoop:

The upgrade, along with some bug fixes, has introduced the following new features and changes:

  1. Ability to launch the BlackBerry Browser
  2. Menu Separators - You can now place separators between menu items for better organization. Start QuickLaunch and hit the BB menu key and select 'Add Separator'.
  3. Ability to send Emails to contact groups
  4. Memory Cleaner
  5. Sound Profiles
  6. Media Card info on the Device Info screen
  7. Menu Display Text length increased from 16 to 21 characters (depending on your font size some item might get cut off on the menu display if the font is too large.
  8. Redesigned 'Add QuickLaunch Items' screen
  9. Ability to launch other file types such as pdf, doc, xls and ppt etc. (see forum announcement for more details on this point)

Erik from NikkiSoft also let us know that work will soon begin to take QuickLaunch beyond the Storm and bring it to trackball BlackBerry smartphones. You'll want to stay tuned for that!

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Wow! An update already? Now that is what I call service. Nice work Erik!


I'm having trouble finding my apps in the new upgrade. I'd like to have Facebook on my quicklauncher, but when I click on "add applications", it only gives me a few choices, most of which I don't need launched quickly. Any body else having a problem? I had Facebook on Quicklauncher before the upgrade...


You have to open the application first then open quick launcher, hit your bb button, click add item and quick launch should prompt you to name the application you want added to the quich launch menu. Hope this helps!


it helped me my friend, thankyou


This app. Is very useful, glad to see they are improving it even more!


Can't speak for anyone else, but when I upgraded, I lost my previous settings. Only takes ~5 mins to re-do, but would be nice to be able to preserve them.


It was mentioned in the upgrade post that this would be the case; it was also stated that it probably won't be that way with future upgrades.


Ah, I had forgotten that you had to open the app! Thank you for the reminder...and I lost all my previous settings, too. Agree that it would be nice to preserve them when upgrading. However, I appreciate the upgrade!


Isn't this program essentially just the same as having shortcuts on your home screen? I could be wrong... Does this program increase phone performance by using Quick Launch to have ALL the shortcuts through it instead of loaded on your home screen???


It allows you to shortcut to phone calls, SMS, programs, anything. Its like having shortcuts on the desktop of your PC.
As far as I know, you can't create an icon to "call home" or whatever. And having something like 15 extra icons on the homescreen would be ridiculously slow and tedious.


This is really a fine application for the Storm! It works just as I had hoped it would. I set a convenience button to activate it, all of my most used apps, tasks, etc listed. As well, I have my Frequent Text Message recipients and people I phone frequently listed...I have used the separator lines for visual cues for my group types. For me this works much more efficiently than going to different file folders, looking for the apps, etc. (texting of my frequent contacts is a breeze with it). As well, the memory clean is quick to access. As far as performance, I have not noticed any slow down or memory drain due to this launcher. Well worth the $4.99 in my opinion.


I'm having trouble upgrading. I got the email about the newer version. However, when I click the link provided in the email to login, it keeps saying that I have an invalid email/password. I did the password recovery thing and even with the new password, I get the same message.

Does anyone know what's wrong?


I'm getting the same problem. Have u found a solution? Or have u gotten any help to fix this. If so, can u fill me in, anybody???


Thanks for the info rimbuk... It sounds really good i think i may give it a try!!!


Basically......it aint happenin
comes up with a warning saying "Uncaught Exception: DSC: Duplicate sync collection"

anybody help me with this plz?


I LOVE THIS APP SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Makes navigating my phone so much easier as well as getting rid of some icons and folder. If anyone needs help with adding apps to quicklaunch ect ect, there is a video hosted on here by 0mie.

Cannot add Yahoo Instant Messenger to the Quick Launcher. After I apparently add the app successfully, when I try to launch it, i get an error "Uncaught exception: DSC: Duplicate Sync Collection". Why is this happening? Anyone else having this issue?