Updated: PeeKaWho Gets SMS, PeeKaPic and More!

PeeKaWho Updated!
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Oct 2008 10:09 am EDT

Peekawa? PeeKaWho!! Since dropping word of PeeKaWho in the CrackBerry blogs a little over two weeks ago, this must-have app for BlackBerry Addicts has now gone on to become the #1 Selling Application on ShopCrackBerry.com.

If you're one of the thousands of users already running PeeKaWho on your BlackBerry, you'll want to upgrade (for free) to version 1.160 which now includes SMS support, contact picture, a sexed-up look and more. And if you haven't tried PeeKaWho out yet you can click here to download a free trial or purchase PeeKaWho. Keep reading after the jump for more info on PeeKaWho and what's new in version 1.160.

PeekAWho Version 1.160

PeeKaWho Recap and Features: Just like your Microsoft Outlook notifier or Gmail notifier, PeeKaWho is a simple utility that displays the From, Subject and Opening line of emails (and now SMS!) being received in a popup window on your BlackBerry's display. So whether you're composing a long email, browsing the web, playing a game (it automatically pauses the game) or doing any one of the other countless things you can do with your Berry, when your notification light starts blinking RED you no longer need to exit the app and jump into your email to see who contacted you. Here's a quick peek at PeeKaWho's features:  

  • See Contact Picture in email/sms popup - NEW FEATURE - so you know who is emailing you without reading!
  • Able to get email/SMS notifier popup from any application on your BlackBerry (even Homescreen).
  • Able to configure popup so you only see popup from the people matters to you.
  • Able to configure and disable popup so you don't see popup from certain applications (i.e. - no popup while you are trying to dial a phone number or answer a call)
  • Visually Stunning design
  • No setup fuss. No pain. It Just Works!
  • Complete integration with the existing email program.
  • Only $6.95 and includes FREE LIFE TIME UPGRADE - as long as you own your current device (SAME PIN)
  • ---------------------
  • NEW in v1.160
  • Contact Picture shown in email/sms popup
  • Backlight on when popup arrives (added due to popular demand)
  • SMS number lookup against addressbook
  • Followup! Integration
  • SMS on/off (turning off to avoid clashes with other SMS related product) 

Once you use PeeKaWho on your BlackBerry, it's hard to imagine how you ever lived without it. It's one of those applications that really should be built into the BlackBerry Operating System options by default (are you reading this RIM?!). When SmrtGuard first released version 1.0 some users experienced a few hiccups, but the developers worked with the CrackBerry community and customers to get any issues resolved and to also improve PeeKaWho based on user feedback and feature requests. Good work guys!

PeeKaWho for Enterprise: I just noticed on SmrtGuard's website that they are offering volume discounts as well as custom-branded versions of PeeKaWho for use in Enterprise...

Want everyone in your organization to be as productive on the BlackBerry as you? Rouse the corporate spirit with your own custom branded PeeKaWho for you organization is NOW AVAILABLE. For volume discounts and custom branding, please contact sales at smrtguard.com for how other organizations have already done so!

PeeKaWho for the Storm: I also just noticed on their site that a version of PeeKaWho for the BlackBerry Storm is already in the works. Looks HAWT!

PeeKaWho coming to the BlackBerry Storm
Man oh Man Do I ever want a BlackBerry Storm!!

PeeKaClone: Imitation is the biggest form of flattery right? A new PeeKaWho-like BlackBerry application just popped up in the ShopCrackBerry software store over the weekend. Email Alerts, by Aerize, sells for $10 (free trial is available) and offers a similar feature set and look to PeeKaWho 1.160. I haven't given Email Alerts a try yet (I'd probably use either PeeKaWho or Email Alerts... your BlackBerry might self-destruct if you try both at once!), but it looks pretty sweet too. You can check out Email Alerts here.

More Information: For more information, to download free trial, purchase and read user reviews on PeeKaWho, click here.

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Reader comments

Updated: PeeKaWho Gets SMS, PeeKaPic and More!


This is a must have. It's very useful when I'm browsing the web, and I receive a new Email. If it's an Email I can read later on my computer, I can delete it with the pop-up. That way as I continue to browse the web I will not have the new message light flashing while surfing. I can also choose to open the inbox for important Emails with the popup. I downloaded the program a few weeks ago. It has come a long way within a short period of time.

Blackberry: 8330
Version: 4.5

The only thing on my wish list as far as this program is concerned is the option for the program to bring the device out of stand by, show the popup and put it back in stand by.

Or something to turn the screen on to show the popup instead of me having to turn the screen on.

I don't even know how feasible it is. Otherwise its a great program well worth the money.

RIM will probably take credit for it.

This program continues to get better. So far, every time I wish they would add a feature, a new version comes out that adds it.

I will be proactive this time.

They should add a feature that lets you choose if you want the pop up to show, even if your phone is locked. I know some people might not want that, so it could be a check box.

Other than that.....sweet program.

Also, is there a way the activation can automatically be entered after upgrading? I hae to go back and search for my activation code email after every upgrade. It's not a show stopper by any means, but would be a nice addition.

The only problem is I got this thing when it first came out version 1.0 and I get emails every week practically telling me to upgrade it. But other than that no problems here its an excellent product well worth the money.

I'm not getting the pic with sms. Works fine with email. Anyone else having this problem.

I still love this program.

Am I the only one that hates this concept?

The iPhone had this and I HATED THIS.

Everyone is always touching my phone, and the LAST THING I want is for someone to be touching my phone when a Text or Email comes in.

Instantly the stranger will know my business.

Not for me.

What are you talking about? I don't think you understand the concept of this program. This just notifies you of the contents of incoming emails or SMS messages on your device so you can see who's contacting you from within any application.

Nobody is touching your phone or knowing your business but you.

No, Mate.

You dont understand the concept.

People will still see who the sender is as well as the subject header..

That is "knowing your business"

Seems to me that the logical solution here is for you not buy this app. Cuz... yknow, that's what this app's purpose is.

Why on earth would you come in yelling about how awful this particular app is for you, like you're being forced to buy & use it?

I believe what he originally meant was that other people are constantly using his phone, as in friends/etc are hands-on trying out his BB. With this program, no matter what they are doing on his BB, whether it be surf the web or play games, this alert will show this other person his message alert.

I can see what he is saying, that would not be good in all cases.

I absolutely love this app. PeeKaWho has been so responsive, and has provided updates on a weekly basis. If only RIM and at&t were half as interested. Those of us who got this baby for $3.95 got one hell of a deal!

Come on.... I'm strangling myself over here waiting for an announcement on a release date for the Storm.... even though I was told to go to Verizon on the 31st to order my gorgeous Storm.

I will be there by God, but if the tell me I can't even order it I'm gonna go Ape Shit!


When I am in the crackberry store download area for the Trial of this app it says when I choose my phone "This product is not compatible with 8310 (Curve)" Really? Seriously? Is this true my crackyberry friends?

there were issues with the att 4.2 os. the company was still working some of them out. it works, kinda. works awesome with my 8310 on 4.5 though!

i downloaded the program on my curve a couple of weeks ago...and it work like a charm. i didn't do ALL of the upgrades they've been putting out every week, but i did upgrade yesterday to the latest version.

tip...make sure you download the version for your operating system. good luck!

Downloaded it to my Bold, but unfortunately I'm in Afghanistan without carrier data connectivity so I'll report back once I get to a WiFi Hotspot.

This app is outstanding! My only request would be for peekawho to remember my popup email list from one upgrade to the next. It's somewhat annoying to have to go through my contact list to re-add folks w/ each new upgrade.

Otherwise, I have NO complaints! Love the new features, love the look, and I love the speed with which these upgrades are coming out (you could learn something from SmrtGuard, Simprit/Miutunes!). I've picked up both this and Followup.

Keep up the great work!

the only thing I dislike about this is that when I receive a voicemail it sends me a sms pop from 129.
I hope there would be a way to ignore that only pop up.

This is amazing. I love, love, love it! I have a 8310 with a 4.5 os. I wasn't sure it would work because some people said they were having trouble. I figured I would try the trial and if it didn't work I had nothing to lose. Everything works perfectly. The only thing I had to change was the 10 sec notification. I will certainly be purchasing this after my trial period.

I use it on my curve 8830 from verizon , so maybe sprint has different settings , but this app. work greta on mine, even sms and mms, contact pic even shows up

Well I purchased before they realized all of the problems with os 4.2.2 and it has never worked on my 8820. I have 6 mail accounts and only now do they acknowledge it will only work on the default mail account, now. I have asked over and over and over again for my purchase price back and they only inundate me with upgrade announcements. Well scr*w it, I asked three times for my money back.

When I initially bought this one my 8320 with 4.2.2, it didn't work at all. They've since fixed the problem and it works great now. Try it again....

This is GREAT! The Editor accomplished what I never could and that was really "Very" nice. Thank you very much for helping me out with this, I really appreciate it.

Thank you -Boomer

just bought and installed it, I get a grey crappy look for pop-up notifications, its not black and sexy as advertised, anyone else having this problem?

I've downloaded the trial and I like it so far.

What's happening is that it's not showing the pictures from my address book for emails or SMS. Everything is enabled in the settings but still not working.

Does anyone else have this problem. Hope it's a bug that will be fixed soon. I'll still buy it.

when the SMS popup comes up it has the option to go to Inbox (email) and there's no option to go to the SMS folder

it's true. also, when un-check the 'enable sms pop-up' box and do a battery pull it always reboots with the box checked again.

I understand what Prada is saying - anyone who is looking at my device can see a message coming in - who it's from and what it's about. I don't share my berry a lot, but if I am sitting with someone and we are on the browser, or we are reading an email from a mutual acquaintance, I do not want that person to see a pop-up with a name, subject and opening line.

A super app, because I often get emails while in the middle of things, but not for me worth the risk of accidental exposure.

Well this is kinda of cool. Sure am looking foward to having this on the Storm where you can really see it all on the larger screen.

Great app... when I get SMS popup's, I am not getting the contact picture either. Wonder if it's because I am using the trial version? but then why would SMS popup work at all....

As well I am not getting the photo and/or name of the person sending me an sms, I just receive a pop up with the phone number and a "+"in front of it.
I am using the trial version but this would help convince me to get this app.
Any suggestions on how to get this to work?

Is there any reason why the 8320 with OS 4.5 is not listed as supported? Thanks.

PS note to Crackberry.com admin, that damn Captcha has got to be one of the worst around! Sill case sensitive with sometimes hard to distinguish cases!!!

I'm having the same problem with this program as i am with the aerize email/sms notifier. the contact pics and names don't show on the popup!! only the phone number and a generic picture! anyone have any ideas? i'm on 8320 running 4.5.

Love this product! I can now quickly glance at my bb whenever a message comes in and easily deal with it.

For those of you worried about privacy and others seeing your messages, you could always just temporarily disable that feature while someone else is using your bb. My friend used my bb the other day so I just unchecked the email and sms boxes and all was good.

Please give us the option to mark the email as read so we don't have to go out and clear them in the messages folder!!

Thanks :)