Updated: Pageonce Updated to Version 2.0

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2009 09:43 am EST

Pageonce announce today an updated version of its mobile BlackBerry application. Pageonce has been a big hit with the BlackBerry crowd - since their launch just a few months ago they have already reached 300,000 users (be sure to check out our CES 2009 PageOnce video overview).

The big improvement to version 2.0 is the ability for users to configure the application directly from the BlackBerry smartphone and the new version is now available for all the new BlackBerry models including the BlackBerry Storm.

Not familiar with the app? Pageonce is a easy and secure consumer application which allows users to save money and time by viewing all of their personal online account information in real time from their smart phone device. The Pageonce BlackBerry application enables consumers to stay on top of their personal financial information.

Top features include:

  • Financial balance summary from thousands of financial institutions
  • Detailed financial transactions from bank accounts and credit cards
  • Credit card balance summary and available credit
  • Investment account tracking
  • Bill due date alerts to avoid late fees
  • Cell phone minutes and expiration dates tracking for optimizing plan
  • Even Track and manage your eBay on BlackBerry

There's a few more images after the jump that walk through the on device account setup process. Any Pageonce fans in the house?? To download, visit m.pageonce.com on your BlackBerry.




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Reader comments

Updated: Pageonce Updated to Version 2.0


Does anyone know the cost of this app? It says download a "free trial" on their website. It does not say how long the trial is, or how much it is after the trial is over. (Unless I missed it)

Ah, damn. It's not free, huh. Guess that makes sense. I don't know why I got my hopes up haha. Still pretty neat though.

Yep, appears it won't provide any information without giving your name, email, etc. Only then will it allow you to get into the site.

Yes, let me give a third party access to all of my sites with sensitive information. Why do we bother with secure devices when we invite applications to log into our bank website for us? LOL it's kinda silly. I tried it (not with my bank) but it's not really for me.

It's 4.95 a month or 29.95 flat rate from Handmark. Flat rate is a way better deal. All upgrades are free after that. I love this app. Been using it for awhile and it is VERY SECURE. It had some refresh bugs reported before, but i have yet to have one. Support is quick to add new providers when requested too. I have all my finances run through this and i havent been late on a bill since!!!!

I've read on Pageonce's forum that the $29.99 price is a yearly subscription, but I also emailed Pageonce to verify. I'm still waiting for a responce

Using it on the storm required disabling compatibility mode but the new 2.0 version was made to work with the storm out of the box. Works great too.

I just bought the software from Handmark for $29.99. I had to change my device to a Bold because it said that the Storm version wasn't compatible with the Storm. Go figure. I then downloaded version 1.5 from the e-mail. When I started up the software on my Storm, it automatically upgraded to version 2.0. Rebooted. Everything I loaded this morning using the trial version was still there and now it's registered, too.

I really like this software. I had my doubts about the security, too. It's gotten great reviews so I'm hoping that they're reliable. Nobody would want my identity anyway!

Definitely add new accounts using a PC, if possible. It's a whole lot easier that way. Have fun!

nice app, but $4.95 a month, honestly? to log into your accounts and get some info. I mean i know servers cost money to run but that sounds awfully high. Charge a fee for the application itself, say $20 but monthly is silly for something that is basically free information.