Updated NFL Mobile now available from Verizon Wireless

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jul 2010 02:10 pm EDT
NFL Mobile from VerizonNFL Mobile from Verizon

Starting last week the updated NFL Mobile app was being pushed to Verizon Bold 9650 users. The app has the same guts as in previous years but adds in some features to keep things fresh. While it rings in at a whopping 2.8MB download, it does pack quite a punch if you're at all a fan of the NFL. You can get breaking news, highlights, video on demand and more. Follow the preseason with stats and updates all the way to kickoff. When the season starts, NFL Mobile brings live video and audio as well as the RedZone Fantasy Tracker. Verizon 9650 users should see a download icon pop up if you haven't already.

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Updated NFL Mobile now available from Verizon Wireless


* Video content included with your data plan or feature through 8/31. Starting 9/1, a VCAST Video on Demand subscription is required to view video content

Starting 9/1 you will have to subscribe to VCast for $10/mo in order to view the video content for this app.

I think I WILL subscribe. What is gonna make it worth it is that you will get 2 live channels, which includes more than JUST the NFL network games, you get the NBC Sunday night games too, AND you get the super cool redzone channel, which on sundays hops around all the games and JUST shows the action moments. AND you will get the OTHER Vcast Video stuff, the on demand TV episodes, the mini shows, etc. ALONE I did not think Vcast video was worth 10 bucks a month, but when you add the football, it makes it worth it. :)

Is there a fee for the whole thing or just the video portion? The video aspect is tempting but I'm not paying VZW another $10/month for it.

If you look at the picture, the UI has been drastically revamped. It's nicer looking and more responsive.

The price for mobile viewing of many of these games is tempting, but the video quality has always been subpar. Only for die-hard fans. I would like it to be free as it was.

The video quality is better and it's now full screen, least on my Bold it is, not sure about the Storm2's large screen.

The video quality is super! It looks almost as hd quality, on the storm2 it plays the video in landscape.

The quality is so good makes me wonder if the storm2 is capable of such quality when it comes to the new webkit of os6

I guess for being a streaming video it is pretty good...While i agree it is nice to be full screen in landscape mode, i wouldnt call it anywhere near HD. Nor do i think it is worth 10/mo for it. I have been enjoying it on my Storm 1 while it is free...I am hoping there will be an easy way to deliniate between the video access and the audio access...I read the games will stream audio also.

College basketball/football games...from all over the country...not just my local area...on my BB? I WISH there was an app for that!

I absolutely love the app! I loved it when I had Sprint & was disappointed that Verizon didn't have it. Now that they do, I use it all the time. Just downloaded the upgrade on my 8530 & I'm very pleased. Can't wait for the season to start!!!!!!

What I dislike about Verizon pushing all this content down is that it's so hard to tell whether or not it's going to COST you anything!

How about something useful like a free GPS client for verizon. I see others doing it but Verizon wants to bloat my phone with crap apps that I can only use five months a year.

Since updating to the new version, I can't get this app to launch from my QuickLaunch menu. I tried deleting it from the QL menu and re-adding it, but still no joy. Any ideas?

(BTW, the update is a big improvement for this app's user interface. MUCH nicer than before.)

I'm not sure if I'm going to give this a shot or not. I was really disapointed with the last version of this app, made my Tour lag like crazy. Has it been improved that much? Does it run smoothly?

I had this on my Tour and I loved the app! However, my battery started draining ridiculously fast! I never had anything running in the background. I'm not sure if it was my phone or what. I do know that I removed it and the battery issue is gone. It's well worth it if I can figure out what was going on. If you're not on a text messaging plan you will be charged normal texting fees for alerts.

Been having the same battery issue with my 8330 since this new version was pushed to it. It seems like the App itself is 2x as big as the previous version,which matters on my space-challenged Curve . It also might be adding to the small memory leak I've had since adding OS4.5. It's a nice App but I won't pay $10 for it as it stands right now. I can find other ways to get my NFL goodies.

I have a Verizon 9650 and am already a subscriber to VZW Video and did not get the app sent to me from Verizon. I went to thier website and it doesnt show me the NFL app under Media. I found a site that said to text 2777 to verizon w/ the text NFL and I got this message back.. "Your phone model is not supported for this service. This service is only availible for Get It Now or Media Center enabled phones." WHy??? Wondering if maybe I did a Android text adress, Windows Media? sounds like Windowmobile to me.
Its already nice to have The Cleavland Show on demand, Live football on my phone too???? OMG this device is a ledgend! Gimmie!
any ideas?

Tried to text to 8915 also. When it went to the website, all I could see was what I would call "code" ..those colored in squares and crosses filling the whole page. Whatz funny is I saw this today also when I tried to do my mobile Banking. But website said it was having issues, but the site stilllooks like that 6 hours later. Hmmm

***** My encoding under the browser was et wrong, just guessed and chose one and it worked. It downloaded the NFL app, I see it under my apps in Tools, but cant find the icon anywhere on my device. Geez, just once it would be nice for something electronic to act right.