Updated IT Manager app released with SSH, Telnet, ARD and VNC - Enter to win a free license!

By Adam Zeis on 9 Aug 2013 01:24 pm EDT

If you’re an IT administrator using BlackBerry you might be interested in the latest update of the IT Manager app.  During BlackBerry Live we interviewed Paul Dumais who gave us a demo of the app which has support for BES administration from a BlackBerry 10 device.  He also gave us a preview of SSH, Telnet and VNC connections that were coming soon at the time. The version of IT Manager has been released and is now available in BlackBerry World.

The added SSH and Telnet features now allow administrators to manage Unix servers, routers or switches. IT Manager is also the first BlackBerry 10 SSH client (that we’re aware of) to support BES/MDS connections to servers behind a firewall. With the new VNC and ARD remote desktop feature, admins can now also connect to Windows or Mac computers, see the screen and control the mouse and keyboard remotely.

The IT Manager team also let us know that their next release coming later this month will add support for managing VMware servers as well as RDP connections to Windows.  IT Manager is an excellent enterprise app that costs $99/year and can be downloaded from BlackBerry World:

Contest: If IT Manager sounds like something you need, leave a comment here to enter to win one (1) of five (5) free one-year licenses. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight.

More information/Download IT Manager

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Updated IT Manager app released with SSH, Telnet, ARD and VNC - Enter to win a free license!



It may be the only way to tip my organization into upgrading to BES 10 (even though I already have a Z10 and love it!) Pick me!, pick me!

Want AND need :)

I'd love to get one of those licenses so my IT brethren can see that BlackBerry can still get it done!

Posted via CB10

Me want. Nice app for for work!!!!!! Please!!!! CrackBerry God's!!!!!!!!! LOL

Posted via my Z10 on busted AT&T

Hey, I'm a Junior IT Manager in a workplace that is riddled with iPhones and Galaxy devices. This app would make me look boss as I'm accomplishing work from my 'ancient BlackBerry!'

Posted via CB10

This looks to be very nice. Any word on whether it supports SSH tunneling? The upcoming VMware server support sounds exactly what I need for what I do, especially if it supports opening up a console connection.

No we do not support SSH tunneling yet, but we will add it to our feature requests. I'm assuming you want to tunnel VNC over an SSH connection, we do support tunneling VNC and SSH over MDS connections though.

This would be sweet for me to get. I have installed the client in the personal space, and I'm going to try publishing it in my work catalog and see if the ssh features work. It'd be great to win a license, since I'll probably need to pay for my BES10 license out of pocket once the trial expires since I'm the only BB user in my company (good thing I'm in IT to set it up myself).

This is an amazing tool. I have committed to daily lunchtime walks to help lose some weight, and this tool allows me to be away from the house, and still perform some admin functions...I LOVE IT.

OMG. My BB10 life would be complete. I'm a network engineer and have been longing for a native ssh/telnet app!

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I would love to be a winner of a license. I want to use my BBZ10 and not my Android Tablet to do IT Functions!!!

No thanks I don't want it. Won't sleep anymore. My boss won't stop with calls or remote service stop with notifications...

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That is seriously awesome. Would make the BlackBerry 10 device able to replace a laptop. Combine this application with some other knick knacks and BBM Channels - you have yourself something special.

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Even if I don't win, I'm going to be looking to buy a license - especially with the VMware additions with the next release.

This would be really handy, assuming it doesn't require server-side agents or a dedicated server or anything like that.

Absolutely something I need desperately!!! being at IT/BES5 & BES10 manager of a large organization.

Great stuff here. I would love to have this free for one year. I have been trying to get my work to by it and if I had this for one year they would know how useful it is hopefully let me keep it! Thanks Crackberry!

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Productivity hits the spot ... IT Manager a must have for all the professionals wanting the control on the move.... get it on

After graduating this year with a Associate in Computer Information Systems I finally have a job working as a entry level IT Admin. This app would be great, i use my playbook now to configure networked copier and printers through the GUI from the BB Browser. Again this app would be great for me to be more productive on the floor instead of being in my office. I would definitely use this app to its full potential and it would make me look more productive to my IT director.

Thanks, the IT Manager app is actually a free download and comes with a 7 day trial, so you can try VNC for free today!

Let's do this! Awesome app as is. Responsive Developer! #KeepMoving

Z10STL100-3/ using CB 10

Ooo I would love to get this.

I had it deployed to the work side it is awesome for management tools.

Posted via CB10

Wow, I had no idea this app existed! It would be great to have a license for my job as an IT Admin. :)

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My geeky heart inside told me that I need this app! Unlocking the remote computational power via ssh/vnc is definitely a fun but serious work. I have been hoping to have a all-in-one app for this. Great!

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The support of a full keyboard for ssh (ctrl,tab...)that's why this application it is a must have for sysadmin.

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This would be a great tool for me to have...and another BlackBerry win I could shove in the face of all the haters around me! :-P

I work for a law firm in toronto and currently support 100 blackberries 70/30 q10/z10 split on bes 10 and would love to try this app pick me!!!!

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I would love to take the app for a spin. It sounds like a possible replacement for mobile admin from a different company. Better price too.

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Don't believe in free lunches, but I'd give it a try. If it's worth it, $99 per annum is not that bad. Think about what you're paying for "piece-of-sh.t" av or erp softwarez year after year... my 2c

Posted via CB10

Super spanking IT nerd app for a super spanking BlackBerry device. Get me one of those free licenses Crackberry! (pretty please)

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This would be a great app for when I'm doing after - hours support and need to remote into their notebook via that VNC component.

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Being in a company which relies heavily on BlackBerry Administrator and development for enterprise BlackBerry Apps. And also in a position which has to make influences in IT purchase this certainly would provide a good head start for our product testers.

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I need it. Always on the go. Connects to machines in office via VNC and SSH. And manage a host of VPS all over the world.

Very cool features. A dream come true for any IT professional. A bit pricey. Good luck to all.

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Im a system admin working in a company with millions of users using our server software. I usually prefer to provide them support using desktop or laptop because our support includes server debugging and monitoring of client's server. I never knew SSH client is available for BlackBerry also. I would really love to have it on my BlackBerry so I can also provide support to my clients on the go.

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Would love a licence so I could show my boss how easy it is to administer devices remotely from the BlackBerry Z10

Posted from my Z10 with CB10

I use IT Manager on more or a less a daily basis. Just wanted to say how awesome it is. Don't really need to win though.... Good luck to all of you :)

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It doesn't support SSH tunneling yet, but we will add that in a future release. It does support tunneling over the BES MDS connection tough.

Seems a bit pricey compared to the separate RDP and SSH apps already available, but perhaps the integration into a single interface is worth it. Would be interested in giving it a try.

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Please enter me. I use ssh about 20-30 times per day. This would be huge to me.

Posted via CB using a Q10

i'm a support and service guy for data center monitoring system. i do remote support all the time. this app will really help me in my daily job. pick me to win please!

Looking forward for a way to manage both Windows and my debian servers via my phone, I don't always carry my laptop.

Posted via Carrier Pigeon and a small turtle.

German Studies major with an I.T. Hobby now thrown into the I.T. world - being able to access my work via this method would be handy. I'll have to work from home, manage servers while on the road, and troubleshoot on the go!

The coolest feature of this I would like feedback on from a winner before purchasing would be to see how it works over HDMI. Using my Z10 on a 23" monitor with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard while logged into my workstation remotely would be phenomenal!

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This would be something anyone with anything to do with IT admin should have. Including me!

Posted via my two thumbs.

I work for the CHEAPEST company in the world and will never be able to utilize this unless I win. Please don't let an IT Admin and Cracker addict down.

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