Updated: Google Maps for BlackBerry v3.2 - Now with Layers!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2009 06:21 pm EDT

Calling all Google Maps for BlackBerry users (I'm guessing that's just about everybody reading this). Google Maps for Mobile version 3.2 was officially released for BlackBerry Smartphones today, and with it comes support for layers. What's a layer you ask? Well, you can watch the video above to see it explained, or read this:

Layers make it easy to view various types of information on your map and are especially helpful in situations when you're traveling somewhere new. For example, you can turn on the Wikipedia layer to read entries about nearby places, then use the transit lines layer to help map out a route. Or you can use the My Maps feature of Google Maps to create a collection of places you're planning to visit on your trip and then use Google Maps for mobile to access it from the road. You can also turn on the Google Latitude layer to see your friends' locations. 

Just point your BlackBerry's browser to m.google.com/maps to download this latest version.

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Updated: Google Maps for BlackBerry v3.2 - Now with Layers!


Please note that Storm owners running 5.0 will NOT be able to download this OTA. It downloads the Qwerty version.

I didn't see this comment, and I went ahead and downloaded it OTA running os .230. After I rebooted and launched google maps, it worked just fine. There was no qwerty keyboard or nothing.

However, I read your comment and tried going back into it. Now a the qwerty keyboard shows up =/ and doesn't go away.

How do I go back to the old version or install the correct version for it?

i unfortunately learned this the hard way lol. and had to downgrade my os to get the storm version again. then went back... very annoying. PPL LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES LOL

I am running the latest leaked Bold OS, and when I downloaded the new google maps it can no longer tell where I am based on cell tower info, only GPS. Is anyone else having this problem?

This probably affects Latitude.. Hmm. I had my trigger finger ready but I'm going to wait a bit. I don't even use google maps that often. I just love getting new updates.

i have that build on my bold and cell tower location is working just fine, maybe try installing it again who knows =P

I have this problem too... i used to use google maps to bookmark a lot of favorites, then I found out the bookmarks would disappear when I changed OS's. So now I just add all addresses to my phonebook.

Anyone know if the bookmarks can be backed up?

I'm running the standard os 4.7 on my storm (so, not a leaked OS), and can't download it either. The error says: 907 Invalid COD

Does any one know what that means?

how can i get back to 3.0.2 google map? cuz i running 5.0 it downloaded the Qwerty version. PLEASSSE HELP

Dude!!! LOL, just go to Options/Applications/ highlight Googlemaps and hit the menu key and than click on disable compatibility mode..

I deleted the new 3.2.0 that doesn't work with Storms (changing the Compatibility mode does nothing btw) and then I used BBSAK to throw on the COD for the older Google Maps.

Apparently if you can get a COD for a 4.7 version of the new Google Maps it will allow Storm users to use it as well.

This is such a bummer anyone know when we will be able to use it with Where can I download the old version again now that I did the update and it doesn't work.

Can someone please put a note in this deceiving and tempting download on the home page of CRACKBERRY please?? So many people are gonna get screwed now and not realize that it doesn't work until they have installed it already.

The only thing I want google maps to do is not lag on my phone. It's probably just my tour, my third one, but I can never do anything in google maps. I just get the damn "Loading" icon and once it goes away, ill move it over a bit and do something than boom, Loading Icon.

If you see the keyboard you just have to disable compatibility mode - but it won't make this version work on a Storm with 5.0.323.

To clarify - it loads but you cannot touch the screen and move around the map, or even see the bar at th bottom to zero in on your position. If you click the screen, the menu comes up.

Similar problem to Google Mail app with 50.323 - seems to be a nontouchscreen version.

I went to m.crackberry.com and used the free storm apps link and downloaded ota...
Changed the keyboard in the Options to full keyboard in Portrait and it does work... bit of a small observable window.. but it does work. Gonna pull it off because I cannot stand the portrait only mode - cannot hide keyboard.
- edit: beat me to the post.

First time I cranked it up it worked fine ... second and subsequent times, just like you describe??

I have been going to the install site for this app everyday since I got my stupid 8330m as a warranty replacement to my 8330.

Now that they have finally released it and claimed to have addressed it, I still can't get a GPS lock. Is anyone else still having an issue on the 8330m with gmm 3.2.0?

Wow, it's pretty sweet. Soon after I downloaded it, it pinpointed my location exactly. Very nice. Now if I can get the transit line layer to work we're golden.

as of now I can't get it to work with the storm. It shows the map but the only way to zoom is to bring up the keyboard and hit i. Not worth the time to download

Like has been already stated, does not work on my Storm running OS 5.0.323. Going back to the previous version for now. OS 5 should be going Gold soon, so Google will most likely be updating Maps again.

It is very concerning that GPS isn't working with 3.2 on the Tour. Any word out of Google on why? Any thoughts on how to fix? I checked permissions and they all seemed fine.

i really think its the OS thats running on the tour...because after i upddated to the leaked version of everything started to work just fine. The gps starts up quickly and finds me within seconds.

@youngrice, are you on Sprint?

3.0.2 would never use GPS on .. so fucking annoying. Does GM 3.2 work with GPS on Tour?

Can anyone point us to a place to get 3.0.2 again? I am running my storm on .323 and would love to get gmaps back and working while we wait for them to update.

Thanks in advance!

If you backed up your 3rd party apps before upgrading, you should still have the old Google Maps there.

You are the MAN!!! (or woman, I dunno) THANK YOU for hosting it... Works perfectly now on a 9530 Storm with 5.0.323 OS!!

This is one of the main reasons I'm leaving the Pre. All major updates for Google Maps apps come out for every other platform, but not for WebOS. Now, where is my Tour at lol.

Running the Storm with .323.

Wish I was smart enough to read the comments before I downloaded.
Can't move the map. Can't click on the map.
Wonderful. There goes the only GPS I have......
Kevin, what are the chances of updating this post with a warning for the rest of CB?

this version works A+ on my Storm running .323 - did you disable compatibility mode like I did ?

>Options>Applications>(light tap to highlight)Google Maps>BB button> disable compatibility mode

Running stock OS on my Verizon Tour and I had to go into the AppLoader on DM and remove it. Not gonna try it again!

It's great to see Google coming up with these new features, but the question is how many people are really going to use them. I for one, do not see myself using the majority of them (unfortunately)!

What would really be nice, would be for Google to come out with a way for us to save our favorites, so we don't lose them each time we upgrade (or downgrade) our OS.

Google maps could really be a great application for saving addresses and locations on the fly, but not being able to save the information makes it somewhat redundant!

Just my opinion!!

Installed the new Google Maps on my Tour and when I restarted I got a "Reload software 552" error and now my phone won't work. Hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else, but just a heads up.

Just used the Application Loader in the BB Desktop Manager to remove Google Maps and my Tour now works again! Going to wait for Google to update the maps before installing again...

I have bb 8900 running on OS and the gmaps works flawlessly for me! LUV it! Been getting a lot of new versions lately - bbm, FB, gmaps, and more to come!! SWEET!!

Still having the same issue with it not installing the touch version for the storm running a 5.0 OS. Guess back to the old version for 4.7

I don't know what the problem is but this version is really slow. For one it took me over 10 tries to even download the update. Then when it was done it takes a very long time to get anything done with it. I think I'm going to downgrade to the older version. It was much faster. Are any of you having the same problem?

Is google serious. . . . leaving us tour owners out of this update???. . . . i sure hope not. . . . but if it doesn't change i'll go without the currnt google maps i have. . . . . excuse my french but. . . . f the new microsoft, google

Which OS are you using? Personally have not had any trouble with any of the OS versions I have updated to currently, with Google maps 3.2.0.

Only problem I have is this version, like the last one, shows my location (at home only) several miles away on WiFi, but on EDGE shows pretty close to where I am. Two versions back, it showed properly on WIFI and EDGE, so not sure what has changed in these last two versions of GM.

i have on my sprint tour and got within 10-15 meters inside my basement apartment in a 3 story building, and as little as 3 meters outside! thank you google!...finally!

Google gave a message saying it won't work on my 8320 and told me I can use the web version. Great! ANOTHER reason to hate Google. Thank God I downloaded 3.0.2 a couple of weeks ago.

I'm waiting for T-Mobile to roll out the OS upgrade. After reading about all the trouble, not sure if upgrading Google Maps is worth it after all.

well its about damn time! So awesome to be able to see the MyMaps on our BB's and also the layering thing is sweet .. i just hope it doesn't inhale my memory like a crack whore who found a kilo.

8900 running, all i get after updating is verification errors and out of memory errors. any one else?

I was able to get this working on the 8330m (.269).

I tried battery pulling etc. Set all the app permissions to allow but still was not able to get the GPS working.

I loaded sprint nav and was able to get a gps lock without a problem. I then opened google mobile maps and to my surprise and delight, I got a lock, and indoors too!

Freakin' Finally!!!

Oh and btw, I was able to log in to google latitude, which I haven't been able to for 103 days, apparently (the number of days that I have had my replacement 8330m).

Nice. I tried this with BB Maps as I walked to the subway today. After getting the GPS on in BB Maps, I went to Google Maps and now it works. Nice to have an accurate position now with it.

When i tried running on my Tour i got the following error:

"Error starting googlemaps: module 'googlemaps-2' has verification errors."

Anyone know how i can fix this?

I used to use the "show in google maps" feature for my contacts. In other words, if I wanted to pull up a contact, I'd go to contacts > menu > show in google maps. This feature is missing on the update :(

I used that feature extensively. Is there a way to edit something to get it back? something hidden in the options perhaps... i've tried looking around all the menus on my phone (bold)

I use this a lot as well, and it's working just as it did before from the contacts. Shows show in google maps as the first option when I press the menu button when in the contacts, as long as the contact has an address in one of the info fields. Still shows the option if there is no address and says "No address for this contact, would you like to search google maps?"

I wonder if it's a phone issue if it's not showing up. Have you tried deleting and reinstalling GM and doing a battery pull as part of the restart? (have not had to do a bat put for several months now myself).

I know you are using a Bold, but there can't be that big a diff in menus in our two phones, to where this option does not show up, using the same program.

The progress bar gets about 1/3 of the way across and then the app just craps out with no error displayed. I completely uninstalled, reinstalled but it made no difference. Does anyone know if I can go back to the old version?

Running flawlessly on my tour running 5.0.230. Like the bigger blue ball and traffic info is much clearer. Seems faster overall as well.

DELETE CURRENT Google Maps off of your phone from Options>applications. Then direct your browser to: [url]http://bordapapa.extra.hu/maps.jad[/url]

After download it works wonderfully!!!!

(If this is a repeat, sorry, but I'm not scanning hundreds of comments...I would suggest comments populate the screen in reverse sequential...but thats just IMHO)

running.147 it fried my os and i had to reload software. I lost all my contacts and software, stupid me for not having a backup.

I had no problem downloading or installing on my Storm running .147 and it works perfectly. Sorry for your loss. Like I told my friend who fried his Curve while trying to upgrade his OS, you have to backup your phone before any serious changes.

The map is not show the many of the golf courses in my area. I thought my location was wrong because i wasn't next to a big green area, the course next door. I want to downgrade.

Yeaaah, it doesn't work, and I mostly use google maps for google latitude to check out my friends.

It doesn't work and it keeps signing me out!

I'm not a happy google customer right now

...has verification errors.

This is happening on my Blackberry Tour (9630) (Stock .140 OS) after I deleted the old Google Maps and rebooted and installed the new and rebooted. Checked permissions and set everything to allow.

I deleted everything again and am now doing a battery pull. I will try to re d/l and reinstall and see what happens.

If anyone has any ideas... I'm all ears.

Thanks. :)

Installed on os 4.6 something. Now my email is weird, have indicator light but cant see any of my emails, even read ones from yesterday! Running VERY VERY slow, even after I removed the program. Any help is appreciated!!

downloaded and installed Gmaps 3.2, tried to reboot then got "Reload Software:552". Any suggestions? i am running the latest OS 4.7. not sure what the full version # is but it ends with .57

ATT Curve 8900

Out of memory, verification error...argh!

Seriously lagged when tried to view all installed apps on my device.

Glad I had backed up the old version with BBSAK.

Holy crap, this is a MUCH improved update (running on my AT&T Bold). Thanks Google & Crackberry! :D

GPS works fine in all other applications except Google Maps. It resorts to using the cell tower. Thanks Google for wasting my time again.

Can anyone point me to a place to get 3.0.2 again? I am running my storm on .216 and would love to get gmaps back and working while we wait for them to update.

Thanks in advance!

Any word if anyone has figured how to get this to work on the Tour or what the problem is? I read that some Tour owners had no problems at all.

Just so everybody knows and hopefully nobody has mentioned this yet, google maps no longer supports external GPS's. I have a 8300 with a GPS puck and no GPS support on 3.2. I even went to the help file and it does state that external GPS's are not supported. To me this sounds kind of stupid but I guess google can do what they want. Can anybody please point me to a link where I can download 3.0.2 since that worked. I don't have any backups of it that I can find. I haven't done a backup of my device since I reinstalled my PC's OS.


Today I downloaded and upgraded my previous version of GMaps; all features work like a champ! I also noticed something new in this version that no one seems to have mentioned: on the way home today I had it running while plugged into my car charger keeping an eye on traffic. The backlight timer did *not* kick in while my car was in motion, but it *did* when I was at a full stop in some major traffic. However, when my security policy locked the device after 10 minutes it did indeed finally shut off the screen, even while in motion.

I had a long commute home and was able to verify this many times. This doesn't work while on battery; only while plugged into the charger. So long as I was in motion the screen stayed on, but the backlight timer would kick in if I pulled over and stopped in a parking lot.

Fantastic for checking traffic ... I like this new feature!


Hi I'm using STORM 2 9520 using this newest Google Map, and my friends are using Google Map 3.0.2. we're using Latitude, but I never get their location update. Should we use the same version??