Updated: BlackBerry News Feeds in the Beta Zone

BlackBerry News Feeds updated
By Joseph Holder on 21 Apr 2011 02:35 pm EDT

For all you lucky BlackBerry Beta Zone members, BlackBerry News Feeds just got updated to version BlackBerry News Feeds just got updated to version  If you're not familiar with it, BlackBerry News Feeds is an RSS reader, designed to fetch the latest stories from your favorite blog. We've reviewed the application before and found some faults. Since then, the app experience has greatly improved.

Even before this update, developers had added better favicon support (a big deal for me), better swipy-ness, and great HTML support. How great? You can vote on CrackBerry.com Polls from within the reader.

As typical of these releases, there is no change log; but users report a number of smaller bugs have been fixed and the app seems to be starting and running more quickly. There's still that bug of a popup menu opening on touchscreen devices, but that could be because my OS isn't exactly supported. Spot any more changes? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

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Reader comments

Updated: BlackBerry News Feeds in the Beta Zone


I am unfortunately not seeing it either. This is a perfect app as viigo is not supported on my Curve 3G and all the other good RSS apps appear to be paid apps :/

I refuse to use twitter

Since BlackBerry is letting Viigo collect dust, it'd be great if they had a way to import your feeds from Viigo into this. For now, I'm still using Viigo and just dealing with the occassional unloaded or blank page.

You can import your feeds from Viigo. Go into Add Feed, click the BB menu button and then select Import Viigo Subscriptions.

I've got the new version installed but don't see anything different. My primary need is to disable pictures since they choke articles and cause random scrolling. Next I need text download and be able to highlight and delete articles. Basically, I just need Viigo on BB6. I just can't figure out why RIM would buy them, stop uddating the app and then roll-out a crappier RSS reader from scratch.

It says its a maintainance fix. bug fixes and glitches most likely.

Anyways, it would be nice if i can download the fucking thing... I get to the part where i choose to Agree or Dissagree with the terms of service and it doesnt load anything when i click on agree.

im not in this beta,but i did win a vip beta invite to for swiftkey,only problem is that it's only for android phones/tablets,so i have no use for it

Not sure if anyone else had this problem with the previous version, but when I closed News Feeds my phone would freeze for about 30 seconds. With this update that annoying issue was fixed, and the app does seem snappier in general.