Updated BlackBerry 10 browser is lookin' good!

By Simon Sage on 25 Sep 2012 01:45 pm EDT

Yet another goodie from the BlackBerry Jam Americas show today was a revamped web browser for BlackBerry 10. Kevin already got a good luck at it in the Dev Alpha B device, but RIM also posted their own walk-through of all of the new features.

Peek, with a swipe from the left side, has been employed for easy access to bookmarks, history and tab management. RIM emphasized that the browser itself was written entirely in web langauges like CSS, Javascript, and HTML. There's a reader mode built in, so you can pare down web pages to plain text (much like the PlayBook browser can). There's also a baked-in share button to easily shunt web pages to friends via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, BBM, NFC, text, and many other applications. The browser is also able to capture image data directly from the camera, which is pretty fancy. 

Overall, it's looking pretty sweet, eh?

Reader comments

Updated BlackBerry 10 browser is lookin' good!


looks great! on android, i love quick controls on stock browser (enabled through labs)
but flow looks to be a better option!

cant wait :)

I like how they used web technologies. I hope performance isn't an issue!

But the camera was pretty awesome!

I can't seem to find the forum post but I remember seeing a leaked image of the browser scoring a 476+10

Is it wrong that the only thing on my mind for most of this video was that the Dev Alpha B unit also comes in Blue?

On topic, I'm somewhat intrigued by what the browser would use the camera access for. Mayhaps web-based video chat, like Google or Skype? Anyone want to speculate on other possible uses?

Man! I'm sure that page came from the device's cache,...but boy did it load fast! That's what I'm talking about! A device that is as fluid as thinking! RIMPIRE is getting ready to do some serious battle! Go RIM!

RIM needs to start talking pre-orders now!


I'd really like to see more of the browser actually being used as a browser, i.e.,

- how does it handle Youtube?
- how does it handle the websites for TuneIN, Shoutcast, or other internet radio sites?
- can it play MP3, AU, MIDI, PLS, ASX file extensions directly within the browser?
- can it open pdf, ppt, doc, or other office formats directly in the browser and display in the browser?
- can it multitask whereby one tab could be on a media site playing something in the background and the user has another tab browsing another page - this was not available when the Playbook first launched but was added after. Will the new browser be able to do this?
- how does the browser handle sites based on Adobe Shockwave?
- can one organize the bookmarks and rename them - still cant on the Playbook.

It looks nice from the video - but nice isn't enough. We need substantially more details about the browser's abilities.

Everything seems to be perfect thus far. It's incredible what a company can do when they put their minds to it. But please RIM, for the love of God, the browser shouldn't take that long to launch! This "issue" drives me crazy on my Playbook and I thought it would be fixed once they got off Air. Hopefully they can make it launch almost instantly, like every other device out there.

Looks good but we will see how it will work in real world. Show us some js/flash performance, memory and cpu consumption and then you can state it's the best browser ever (NOTE: every browser sucks, more or less)