Updated BBM adds BBM Channels for everyone, available now

By Adam Zeis on 26 Nov 2013 03:21 pm EST

As announced earlier today, BBM Channels is making its way out of beta and is now available for everyone. As it's integrated into BBM, all you need to do is update to the latest version through BlackBerry World to take advantage of the new features.

Many of you are currently running the BBM Channels beta, but a quick update to this official version will get you current. The update is rolling out now so if you aren't seeing it, just check back later. Your best bet is to open BlackBerry World on your device and check My World for the update though.

If you've never used BBM Channels before you'll find a new menu option in BBM with all you need to know for creating and following channels. We've got a great tutorial here on all of the basics to get you started. 

So go download it, find some channels you love and start getting social!

More information/Download BBM
How to use BBM Channels

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Updated BBM adds BBM Channels for everyone, available now



Apparently not available for Z10, 30 either. So I guess it's a Q5 exclusive?
Jokes, I'm guessing it's a time staggered roll out or something else.

But never followed Channels. I wanna see what it's about. No update for me yet, still showing last version.

It's slowly propagating. At least now, it doesn't say Not Available For Your Device on BlackBerry World through a PC web browser.

Going through the website updated BBM in the background, even though in BB World on my device, it said "not available for your device."

You have to be running 10.2 or, above according to the app description. That is if you have a Blackberry 10 device.

Well... I'm on AT&T so I'm still running 10.1.

I'm fed up with these late updates - they're both the carrier's and BlackBerry's fault.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

The sad part is, I'm still on 10.1 and been on the beta 1st on my 9930 and now on my Q10. I still have access to it but when I click the link, it says that it's not available for my device lol. How's that for making sense?

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But, just like that I refreshed BlackBerry world and the update was available to me. So you will probably be ok too.

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It's really only your carrier's fault.

You should load the leak. It's really easy and adds so many more features. It's like getting a new phone.

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Oh I'm sure I will in the near future. But right now with Local bar 2 loaded on my Q10 and an active proxy in the house at my whim, I haven't felt the need yet. That said, to me it's still very new. I only got it a week ago lol.

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Posted from my bangin Q10

Yes, it is. Just check for updates in BB World (i.e. refresh BB World), and it appears in the list. Simply start the download and enjoy!

What version is being launched? Should I expect an update if I have the latest Beta Zone version?

Posted via CB10

@SK!@@#*&: When you go to check BlackBerry World for the newest version of BBM.. under the "release date" it should have "today's date" - that will be the latest version available to you.( Hint : If you want to find it faster make sure you hit "check for updates" in the "My World" -> " My Apps & Games"- > "installed" tap the "check for updates"

@Gunner 24: Yes you can download from BlackBerry World if you were on the beta. I was able to do this successfully. :-)

yeah just got it from BBW from my Z30. hopefully this build is far more stable than the Beta one.

good job BBM & BBRY team, bring it on!!! #keepmoving

Why the f did they give the time in EST if they weren't going to release it in this region, still nothing 6 hours later

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Patience people. It started rolling out 25 at 3 pm EST And will continue throughout the day..

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I don't get it... hey crackberry don't post that it's a vacation NOW when it isn't available right NOW

Posted via CB10

Oh BTW what version is suppose to be released to the masses? I have the latest Beta running on as well as I have been seeing "not available" for BBM for my device since I jumped to a 10.2 in July.

Secret squirreling with my Q.

The BBM app work on BB 10.0 , BB 10.1 and BB 10.2. I was able to download on my 10.0 and on my 10.2 device it's running a different version on each.

Did you guys check to see if it was really out before writing this article? lol. It says May 22 as the latest version on the download page still.

got a message that says "The item is not available for your selected carrier." That AT&T. you suck.

App not available for Q5..... I really hope they don't shun the Q5. if your going to release a product stand behind it! They don't even feature the Q5 in their ads. Just the other 3 devices.

Posted via CB10

Not available Q10 South Africa, still waiting, but using the beta one currently :)

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Guys this post came out waaaaaaaayyyy to early. It's a staggered roll out. Will be available for all BlackBerry devices. New and old.

Good one Chris!!! Making everyone panic

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Adam must get paid per post...


He doesn't believe in freedom of speech ether. He likes to delete people's comments on here for no good reason.
It's almost like he thinks he's a dictator or something.

Maybe it's time to get a real job Adam...
Let's see how long until you delete this one too.

Have a good one...


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They introduced it on Twittter 30 minutes ago (@BlackBerry)

...but it's not available for me neither, (Telus, Z30)

Not yet for Z30 In Australia, I go to check for BBM and when I get inside the app it says: not available for this device, but I have BBM on my phone. Does somebody know why is that showing?

Posted via CB10

Not available yet. Also, beta version is still not removed from blackberry.com/beta zone.

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No true. Not for everyone. On the web page it says that the new version is available for Z10 and Porsche Deisign running 10.1 and up ONLY.

I challenge everyone using BBM Channels for the first time, see if you can figure out how to share a post to try and get it to go viral.

Hint: it's impossible with how channel works. It's the biggest flaw and will result in very few ad sales for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Probably not for a while. I'm guessing they'll give the other platforms video and voice first before touching Channels.

Calm down everyone, its Coming Soon !

It's only going to be the same as the beta I bet, just with bug fixes.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Not available in the UK yet. Is this cause i'm running the Beta version?

Via CB10 from Scotland while pretty stoned using Z10STL100-2/

I wonder if this new version will have the extra emoticons we saw on

STL100-3 CB10

Adam so disappointed, talk about premature channelation. Its not even out yet and you already went off!!!!

Love how this isnt announced like... anywhere. no ads. No media coverage.

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Not yet available in Z10 10.1 in Honduras, Central America with carrier Tigo!!! Still waiting for OS10.2 and still waiting for BBM Channels!!

From the official BBM Channels channel: "There's some regular caching as the update makes its way through the BlackBerry World servers. You'll see when the update is available in the My World tab.

Geeks United C00122408

I am on WIND and I didn't get it as yet :/

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 - OS

I haven't gotten .429 update yet. Have you?

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 - OS

I'm here on wind also, I got the OS update but am running 10.2.1 now, anyway I'm not sure if I got it cuz I'm running the beta, I'm not sure if it's the same version as the official

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

I have updated 10 minutes ago, in the update log it said will include channels but on z10 no channels at all! This is the same BlackBerry thing, full of sh*t

Posted via CB10

Are you sure? The channels tab is in the MAIN menu. You might think it's a bit hidden if you weren't prat of the beta. It should be just above "Invites" and below "contacts". Can you see it now?

It is available for BB10.0, BB 10.1 and BB 10.2. The device hardware doesn't matter. It works on both my BB 10.0 device and BB 10.2 device on my z10 and z30. :-)

In Spain, says the app world that the Q5 is supported, but the download it says unsupported device.
I do not understand ...

It will be available for BB10.0, BB 10.1 and BB 10.2. The device hardware doesn't matter. Just give if a time to reach Spain. I can download it in the U.S.

Got it from app world through PC. And now beta zone showing I have the beta version installed

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BBM availible
Released: Nov 26th, 2013
File Size: 13 MB


BB10 appworld appliacation
Installed version:
Release date: May 22, 2013
Download size:8.7MB

I updated my software to and I am still seeing BBM Channels in the beta app... I've checked BlackBerry World and it says I have the latest version of BBM.. Help anyone!?!?!?!? :)

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If you want it now, put your phone in developer mode, go to blackberry world app, swipe down go to settings, go to development mode and use this # 22531423 :D

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Sir Jes you are the man! Everyone should just use this way cause it worked awesome for me thanks again dude!

Posted via CB10 on my  BlackBerry Q10

Thanks man, It worked. How did you figure that out? What does those numbers mean?

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BBM availible
Released: Nov 26th, 2013
File Size: 13 MB


BB10 appworld appliacation
Installed version:
Release date: May 22, 2013
Download size:8.7MB

Edit: down loaded via appword webpage.

Guys, just go into app world and do a search for "BBM". And then the update will show.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 - OS

LOL, people are in here acting like babies. This whole BB community has turned to sh*t since the release of BB10, from here to app reviews

It's crazy there's whining everywhere, users don't know how an app works and they complain about permissions and give an app 1 star, they cry because an update hasn't shown yet, my gosh

Prediction: Andrew Bocking, EVP responsible for botched Android and iOS launch and lack lustre channels launch will be fired by the eoy. BBM is one of CEO John Chen's three focus pillars and mediocrity just isn't going to cut it. I want BlackBerry to succeed but they need to get product design out of engineering and into marketing and product development.

Posted via CB10

When did BlackBerry users become such babies?
Adam just wrote the article not too long ago and if you read the article it says "If it's not available check again later " Is waiting for BBM channels preventing you from carrying on your day? When it's available you will get a notification!!! SMH

Posted Via CB10 From My AT&T BlackBerry Z10

Hello everyone. I think I figured out a solution for those of you that see the "unavailable for this device" message. Please manually search for BBM in the BlackBerry World. It gives you an update option there. I tried this on three devices, including my Q10 and two Z10s. It works.

Tan Okan Q10

Did that and it worked ! Updated my BBM but no new emoticons.... the rainbow isn't there :(

Z10 STL100 -1 - Channel C000194AE

Running OS 7.1 here on a 9900 -- BBM update broke ALL app integration into BBM. All apps are now reporting that BBM is not installed, thus not able to connect with BBM and asking me to install BBM before it can be connected.

I was running the Channels with no problem. #fail

As a few have mentioned, you need 10.2 to get the update. If you don't have it yet call your carrier. If you want it download and install the10.2.1 leak. Then go into BlackBerry World and search BBM. Then hit download, will be a 13MB file.

Simple steps, but please read and do the above 1st, if you have a hard time following instructions then... sorry.


Being 10.2 only doesn't make any sense. I've been using the Channels beta versions of BBM for months before 10.2 started rolling out OTA.

So BBOS 5 users can get BBM Channels but BB10.1 users can't?! Stupid.

Posted via CB10

Ditto, but on Z10. T-Mobile USA, to be clear, and I had to search for BBM in BlackBerry World and press Update.

Dark theme available in settings , also if you cant find the update seach Blackberry Messenger in app world and you will see update.

So you need BB10 OS 10.2 or higher

Blackberry you fail at even releasing an app to everyone that buys your devices. Truly sad how they handled every aspect of BB10

Ok, got it!
Although it would be great if android /ios users coukd eventually get it too..

Posted via CB10

Don't know about emoticons....but mine now vibrates on ping even without the option being available for selection in settings. I guess that's how it's meant to be by default. You may not be seeing that anymore now that you're on an official BBM update.

Never mind I figured it out. Go to App World and search BBM and click update in the top right corner.

Posted via CB10

This BBM version doesn't have any of the lag the Beta version had.

On another note, seems like a lot of people need to gain some patience...

Posted via CB10

Still nothing in BC. I think if crackberry.com left out the roll out at 3pm eastern and just said launching today it would be better.

Posted via CB10

Do we need to reinstall BBM ? I'm beta user and it shows BBM not available for my device in BB World..hope the official smoother..

Posted from my large Z30 with CB10

No, just open App World click on search, type BBM and open the BBM app. You will have the update available this way.

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I put it in developer mode and the "unavailable for device" disappeared :)

Running BBM Channels officially on
T-Mobile USA

Anticipating the arrival of 10.2... but who knows how soon.

Posted via Q10

I have it but my BBM is now WHITE!
I really don't like it. I'm on 10.1 so is there no option to switch back & forth?

-via CB10 w/ Q10

Yes. Open BBM, then swipe down from the top. Go to Settings, you can switch between Light Theme and Dark Theme from there.

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z10

Go to bbm the at the top of the screen swipe down it should show settings click it then scroll down and it should say visual theme change it there

Posted via CB10