Update: YouTube working again on BlackBerry OS 7.1 / 7 phones!

YouTube working again!
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Feb 2013 07:35 am EST

* Wondering what the cause was? Click Here.

Good news! I just received word that YouTube is once again working on BlackBerry OS 7.1 / 7 devices.

If you were having issues watching YouTube videos on your BlackBerry phone (the issues began this past Thursday, only messing up OS 7.1 / 7 devices), give it a go now. Things should be working per usual once again. 

Reader comments

Update: YouTube working again on BlackBerry OS 7.1 / 7 phones!


I have decided that I don't care the reason, I am boycotting google (and youtube) for their horrendous privacy policies anyway, deleted Chrome and using Bing, yes Bing and loving it! Gmail is next to go, enough is enough.

Lol Im doing the same,using Google you never know whats going to happen,This is the reason why using Bing ten thousand times than google.

This will only worn if enough of us did it... cause Bing just isn't as good a search engine as Google. Unfortunately I've tried this before, end up getting frustrated not getting the search returns I need and switch back to trusty google

There was a time not very long ago when I would have agreed about Google over Bing, but having used it more and more over last several months I have found that I like Bing much better and google's paid page rankings make it easier to decide that I now prefer Bing, never thought I would say that. Try this: http://www.bingiton.com and decide which gives you better results, Bing won 3 out of 5 and the other 2 were a draw for me, takes less than 1 minute to test for yourself.

I was quite frustrate the past couple of days. I was relieved that it was a bigger issue & didn't only impact me. I'm even more relieved now that it's fixed!

Its a good thing that Youtube can once again be played directly from the BB Browser. Anyone who knows the reason for the issue can please tell us? Really wanted to know why.

Okay, I can get to the actual video again, but it doesn't solve the "An error has occurred attempting to play media" problem that occurs at 1:19 for all videos. This issue has been ongoing for months, for certain OS 7.1 users. It only happens on carrier data; wifi works fine. It seems to be mostly limited to Rogers/Fido, and they have been made aware of the problem, but they are seem to be ignoring us. Kevin, we need your powers!


Agreed! Its infuriating :( We need any help we can get. I have contacted them and each time they say they will work on it. I then get a text message from Rogers saying the issue has been resolved but it still stops at 1:19 !!

Still, streaming videos from youtube error out after 1 minute and 31 seconds. And only youtube. Google's messing this service up big time.

+100000 (However I believe its a carrier issue (like Rogers), not Google, since it works over wifi. It only happens when connected solely to Rogers wireless in my case).

I'm on fido. Which is rogers. That's interesting that it works fine over wifi. Didn't even think to try. Maybe from now on I'll just connect to my wifi if I plan on streaming vids on my 9900. Thanks for that tid bit. :)

Glad google fixed their shit. Otherwise, they might've lost so many "customers" that use their "products". ;)

I use bing and yaboo, google only when nothing is found. :D

I have been using Bing since it came out. It towers over Google. I guess Google thought they were so good they didn't have to work anymore.
Bing also has a great map app.

Not anymore:
"An error has occurred attempting to play media."
Check out KB33330
Youtube does not play over the mobile network anymore. Only over WiFi