Update: BlackBerry Storm Contest Winners Selected!!

BlackBerry Storm Contest Winners Selected!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Nov 2008 02:05 am EST

Contest Winners Selected! Stay Tuned to See Them In Action!

Wow. Now that was TOUGH. Over 3,000 cracked-out entries were submitted to CrackBerry.com's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest and narrowing it down to only ten deserving winners was difficult! Seriously, I wish we had 3,000 new BlackBerry Smartphones to giveaway, as you all really deserve one (RIM.. Verizon... if you're reading this and have a few thousand extra devices you want to part with, let me know!). The things some of you are willing to do for a free BlackBerry are just nuts. TRUE CRACKBERRY ADDICTS... each and every one of you!

But alas, we had to pick ten winners and that is what we did. If you are reading this and haven't heard from me, then unfortuntately your entry was not selected. I know, it sucks. Again, I SERIOUSLY wish we had more smartphones to part with here. But don't worry, this is CrackBerry.com... we'll have another contest starting up soon (literally less than two weeks away) where you'll have yet another chance to win your smartphone of choice!

Whittling down all of the entries to the top ten was an intense process, which took a lot longer than we initially planned for. We assembled a panel of judges, comprised of representatives from our contest sponsors, and worked hard to cut down the 3,000+ entries to 100 semi-finalists, with each judge putting forth his top 20 favorites. From there the task at hand got even more challenging. Here's what eventually helped... In going through so many submissions one of the things we noticed was that the vast majority fell into one of about five different "themes" of ideas. So in the end, we picked the top two winners in each of the five categories we defined. The two winners in each category are the ones that really stood out from the rest - either being the most detailed, unique, creative or outrageous (or any and all combinations of those!!). I think this strategy made things fair for all and has created a good mix of winning entries!

All said and done, I think the ten finalists we selected are deserving winners. We had a back-up winner in each category selected just in case, but I called up all ten winners personally and every single one of them was PUMPED to be selected and more than willing to carry out their To Dos. I even said to some, "Are you SURE you actually want to do that?!" I was expecting some back outs, but nope... CrackBerry.com readers are totally hardcore!

You can tell I'm being a little vague here with the winners' details and what these five categories are, and that's because we want to keep the suspense up and surprise y'all. The winners have all promised to keep their To Dos as secret as possible until we feature them here on CrackBerry.com. So that's what what we're going to do. As each of the winners carries out their To Do and submits the "evidence" to me, I'll post it in the blogs for all of CrackBerry Nation to see. Once all ten winners have been announced on the site, we'll put them all together on the current contest page to stand the test of time (along with some of our other favorite submissions that didn't quite make it in). The first winner will be announced on Monday, so keep it locked to CrackBerry.com!

THANK YOU to all those who participated, CONGRATS to all of our winners, and be sure to visit and support all of our sponsors (click the image above for more details on each of them) who helped make this event possible and contributed to the difficult task of judging.

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Update: BlackBerry Storm Contest Winners Selected!!


Considering the winners were called, I'd think you would know if it was you lol.

Alas, I got no phone call, so either Kevin KNOWS I'm all down for it, or I wasn't chosen lmao!!

i'm so sad right now. I thought i had a really decent shot at this one. Oh well, guess i just buy one on the 16th.

congrats to the winners

Hmmm, i wonder how many people were chosen that would actually break there contracts with ATT that got the new iPhones? I was thinking of entering but don't know if I could have parted with 5x 175 to switch our lines over since I have no Verizon native coverage in my home and without wifi, that would be a killer. Congratulations to all the winners.

all will be told, but on the contest page and in the contest blog posts, we did make mention that though it was branded a Storm contest, you could in fact pick any BlackBerry you wanted if selected as winner - ie an AT&T Bold, etc.

Or if you still wanted a Storm to use on AT&T, we'd get you an unlocked one...though it would be running on Edge vs. 3G.

I'm excited to see out of 3000 what great thing these 10 will be doing. Congrats to all the people that entered but especially to the ones that won. even though I'm guessing they don't know yet. or have been told if they tell they will be void. lol!! And thank you to the sponsers!

The 2 that I am hoping to see are the guy that said he'd get tazered and the guy who said he'd have 5 gallons of raw sewage dumped over his head !!

You know I think it would be so funny to hear all the crackpot ideas that everyone submitted! Mine was so birrare I thought. What do ya think?

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone to participated. I really want to see what my fellow CB heads will do.

MAN MOST OF THESE WERE SHORT TERM, TAKE A SHOWER, POP A HYDRO AND GET SOME REST. Wake up and play with a new BB. Mine I would be 60 and looking down at my TATTOO. My cousin here in Colorado Springs is one detailed artist. He and I have 3 different peices i would have submited and let YOU THE VIEWERS CHOOSE THE ART TO BE PLACED!!!! Yeah thats right Kevin I said it the fellow crackers choose the art. But its all good I guess poop and humiliation is good enough for a phone then again I would opp for a shower to get To the Storm!!!!!

I offered to sleep with hundreds of random women selected by crackberry.com for a Blackberry Storm. I wonder why I didn't get picked. =|

you guys are in for some great vid's. mine is going to hurt...but be AMAZING to watch. with 3000 entries...the others are going to be SICK!!! I cant wait too see those other ones. there should be a vote at the end to see whos is the best of the 10!!! :)

You must REALLY want a Storm!!! I dunno if I would even go that far. Everyone else can pack it in and go home, this man is in it to WIN IT! lol McCain-Huckabee 2012! =)

Congrats to all the winners. look forward to hearing some crazy things :)

I was going to enter & say i'd shave all my hair off but don't think my g/f would hve been too impressed ;) hee hee

Wow...this wack ass idea got him a Storm? This is nothing compared to getting a tattoo like the previous winner. I'm sure everyone would've destroyed their old phone if they knew something this easy would have gotten them a Storm.

I didnt know people were going to make videos, lol, all I said was I would risk testicular cancer by putting my old 8830 in my pants untill sprint comes out with there own new blackberry, that would have been more drastic than all the entries