Update Twitter and Facebook with Free Vodafone Update App

By Adam Zeis on 2 Nov 2009 11:37 am EST

Vodafone Update

This is one of the first of what is sure to be a long line of carrier released apps. The new Vodafone Update app allows you to easily update your Twitter and Facebook status all in one place. While not bursting with features, the app is great for casual users who don't want to install the Facebook app or a full blown Twitter client. Features include:

  • See status updates from your Twitter and Facebook contacts at a glance
  • What are you doing right now? Post tweets to one or both of your social networks
  • Reply to your friends' messages directly from your BlackBerry
  • Search for real-time news in Twitter
  • Share what you see with others instantly! Take photos with your BlackBerry and send them to one or both of your networks with just one click
  • Easy to use - just download, start and you're done

Vodafone Update is available totally free for the Bold and Curve 8900 only for now. We're not sure if it works across other carriers, so if you install it be sure to let us know!

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Update Twitter and Facebook with Free Vodafone Update App


I've just had a look at this on the vodafone website (as I'm a vodafone customer). This looks quite similar to socialscope - an app that does twitter and facebook; lets you update your status, search plus a few other things. I can see a lot of people liking this app.

This works on the 9630 on any network on BIS. Well atleast VZW and Telus. haha. Voda just doesnt have a tour to use it on. Just make sure you select BES it sounds confusing but it still works!

Couldn't agree with Gnome more. This looks like SocialScope with a different skin. Haven't had an update for SocialScope for sometime now...hoping for something soon.

Looks like SocialScope but works nothing like it. SS uses a tabbed interface to separate tweets, mentions, DMs and FB updates...

Well I DL'd it for Verizon 9630 and appears to be working just fine overall looks it could look better I'll continue to play with it as the day progresses.

I have a Bold on at&t and I was able to install this with no problems. I have to agree that it is just like SocialScope. I went to the Vodafone website and noticed that the other devices that have this program available (iphone, symbian, android) also have Myspace access included in the app. I've always wanted SocialScope to allow MySpace access. Has anyone heard something about this new Vodafone app allowing MySpace access in the future? If so, it would quickly become my new favorite app.

8900 On T-Mobile USA - i got my Twitter account set up, but it will not pick up my Facebook account - - - *shruggs*

Did you select BES as your connection type? I had the same problem because I set mine to WAP. once I changed it to BES which I guess is the same as BIS for Vodafone, I was able to connect to Facebook.

if i have the setting to "BES" it will not allow Twitter to update either, the problem is the facebook log in window to facebooks page and ask me to punch in my information. i do, and it takes me to a new page for "approve" Vodafone's applications, i accept. then it take me back to the log in.... i dunno ...

I really liked the layout and look of the app, but I could not get it to work with Facebook nor could I get the banner icon to go away.

Loaded it on my Tour. I can view timelines but it gives me an error when trying to post status updates.

Works great on my AT&T Bold running The only thing I don't like is the notification icon still stays at the top of the phone even if I've check all of my twitter feeds. Anyone know how to get this to disappear?

Wow, what an impressive app. Works perfectly with my Tour 9630. Although, SocialScope still remains champ of Twitter apps due to its tabbed interface. Otherwise, this would be my favorite Twitter app for the BB! Hopefully Verizon comes out with their own tweaked version.

There's a great facebook app I use called selective facebook status. All you have to do is install it on your computer while signed into facebook. Then when sending a tweet, add #fb to have it automatically update your facebook status. That way, you can choose whether or not you update your status on facebook when you send a tweet.

There's a great facebook app I use called selective facebook status. All you have to do is install it on your computer while signed into facebook. Then when sending a tweet, add #fb to have it automatically update your facebook status. That way, you can choose whether or not you update your status on facebook when you send a tweet.

after one lock-up, i have it installed on a Verizon Curve 8330 running 5.0. trying to run and link my accounts right now. will update.

it was slow-going (very slow - took about 10 minutes to get all connected) FB is connected, after getting HTTP errors on the first click, it "allowed" on the second.

I have been playing with this for a few hours now. If I didn't have Socialscope I would probably think it was worth keeping - as it is I have removed it. I couldn't get it to work on the BES setting as suggested above. I had to select either WAP or WiFi; there didn't seem to be a way to make it use whichever was available (i.e. I would prefer it to use WiFi if available but if not to use the WAP).

Also you have to set it to update at specified time intervals, I have Socialscope set to auto. When the app is open it puts a little vodafone icon on the home page; however this seems to stay whether you have read all of the updates or not. There does not seem to be notification of updates (maybe I have just missed it).

Overall a nice app but I think I will stick with socialscope - it is just that bit more user friendly (as someone else has mentioned the tabs do make things easier).

Installed on Storm 9530 and was able to set up my twitter, but can't get it to set up facebook. every time I select facebook it asks if I want to delete my twiter account. also can't get the keyboard to disappear. disable compatability mode and still no luck. going to try it on my Tour 9630 now and see how it fares without a touch screen.

EDIT** figured out how to select other accounts. you can't just touch the button, you have to slide your finger to the button and then click.

this has one feature that all the other twitter apps ive tried does not. you can actually save a draft of a tweet and finish it later. although you can only do one at a time.

Awesome! Works with "BES" connection option on 9530. The little "always on" red notification icon is slightly annoying but the app is super fast. I have deleted UberTwitter already!


Just install it and apparently no option of using BIS. I am afraid it will not work with BES option. Anyway, why people confirm of using it with Storm, while it only avail for Bold and Curve 8900?

It will let me connect to twitter but not facebook I tried all only bes works but only get twitter

Facebook & twitter work fine on my 9630- Not as nice as SocialScope, but i do like the comment/like option for Facebook! Great app in the making... I'll stick with SScope in the meantime

Well i tried it on my Storm 1 and it goes on ok but to sign in its a pain in the a-- ...I give up...DELETE!!!!!!!!

don't work on me because I'm on a BES and our BES block facebook and twitter, need BIS. Have to stick with SS

On your next update if you could do away with the "always on" Vodafone logo notification that would make me so happy - and probably others too. I'm of the opinion that notifications are supposed to "notify" you of a change or something new.. and not be on all the time.

Nice update to Update, now working on BIS :-)
I had to try a few times to authenticate my accounts but eventually got signed in to Twitter, Facebook and Twitpic.
Now honestly I didn't expect Vodafone to come up with something this promising, I keep thinking we have to depend on 3rd party developers to give us nice toys, good job Vodafone! Now RIM where the hell is your Twitter app?
There's a few features missing to be able to put this up head to head with Social Scope or Ubertwitter but it's a great start.
@Widgetlabs what do you have planned?

Good that now I can choose BIS or Direct TCP but when I click on either Twitter or Facebook it bring up the browser and then will give me error "A problem occurred while trying to render the page." But I have no problem using the browser to load up the facebook or twitter page. Is that because I'm on ATT so I can't use the Vodafone Update? I saw others that's on ATT got it working.

just read about the BIS update.... yessssss, now i can use vodafone update again.... without the long time waiting in vain for Social Scope...

thanks alot widgetlabs