Update: Rogers BlackBerry Roadmap

Rogers BlackBerry Roadmap
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jul 2008 10:15 am EDT

One of our Rogers' birdies just came through for us with an update on the Canadian GSM carrier's BlackBerry roadmap....

BlackBerry Bold: Earlier this week we reported Corey's tip of a July 25th release date of the BlackBerry Bold on Rogers. This new, slightly conflicting information suggests that Friday, July 25th, is the date Rogers will fire off a press release announcing the Bold's availability and will open the Bold up to its dealers, but that it will actually be the following week (hopefully by the 29th) that customers will be able to walk into store and pick up a BlackBerry Bold in person. I'm still hoping to get my hands on a working BlackBerry Bold on or before the 25th, (anybody want to crash a Rogers Bold Launch Party with me?!) but I guess time will tell how this unfolds.

BlackBerry KickStart: No exact date, but the BlackBerry KickStart should be available on Rogers in mid/late September.

BlackBerry Javelin: Just in time for Christmas, the BlackBerry Javelin should be available towards the end of November or early December. The fact that Rogers will carry both the Bold and the Javelin confirms that the Javelin is very much a replacement to the BlackBerry Curve.

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Update: Rogers BlackBerry Roadmap


Many thanks for posting up the timeline! Can't wait for the Javelin as it'd make an excellent self-gift for Christmas!

Too bad about the Curve getting replaced with this Javelin model. I assume the carriers will be giving the Curve away for free by end of the year then. I think the Curve still looks better than that Javelin model. I love my 8330.

what are the specs of the javelin??

I prefer the javelin over the bold...in terms of looks/keyboard


same size as curve, but has a 'Bold' look to it
WiFi,EDGE (2.5G). not Sure about the GPS
3MP camera
QWERTY keyboard
new screen similar to bolds with increased resolution
OS 4.6

Awesome...i just may wait for that instead (if i can bear waiting 4-8 months... as long as the specs are the same to the bold in terms of screen and processor, wifi! - i'm happy!

Work in a company with 200+ Blackberries. Just spoke to our Rogers rep and he told me that the Bold has been pushed back to sometime in August. He is not sure why, but he was told that the launch parties will go ahead as scheduled.

:( Hope this isnt true.

That had BETTER NOT BE TRUE. I don't think I can last that long.

You should call up your Rogers rep and find out more details...

Everything I've heard has been sort of to the contrary - Rogers could have basically launched the device already if they had wanted to, but pushed back to give some separation in timing between iPhone and Bold.

The plot thickens...

Yeah I hear ya. The photo of all those Rogers Bold makes me hopeful, but the fact that one provider in the States (AT&T?) has pushed it back into August as well, makes me believe him.

I will see if I can get any more out of him in the next meeting. But I think these reps seem to know about as much about things as we do. I have rarely heard anything from a rogers rep that I have not seen on Crackberry the same day or the day before.

Ever since I installed 4.5 on my 8800 I am not as impatient anymore. Our BES will be upgraded on sunday night. HTML Email here I come!

Give me a meet-up date & time and I shall join the crashing squad (provided you are talking about Toronto).

Great news for you guys up top. I'm just hoping to hear some U.S., non-AT&T related Bold or Javelin news soon. I can't stand the wait for at least a hint at an alleged release date for TMO!!!!

I don't know why you would want to get the javelin because if you go to Verizon (a better network) you can get the new Blackberry thunder, which is already been said to be the iPhone 3G "killer". So what I'm probably going to do is to wait and see if the Thunder is good, if not i will return it and get the the high-end consumer phone, LG Dare.