Update: Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 Getting Closer - Promo Pricing Set at $179.99 on 3yr Contract!

Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2008 11:46 am EST

Update: Just found out pricing for the Rogers Curve 8900 will be $179.99 on a 3 Year Contract.

Update: Our buddy Treatz just sent us in some photos of the Curve 8900 "dummy" phone - now arriving at dealers! Two more photos after the jump. *

Remember that BlackBerry Curve 8900 soft launch excitement from last week? Well, we got an update from one our Rogers insiders on the situation late last night and the news is looking pretty good...

  • The BlackBerry Curve 8900 passed Rogers certification this past Friday!
  • Rogers is receiving the devices today/tomorrow to their warehouse (err.. yesterday/today as I type this)
  • Dealer Bulletin should go out by the end of the week!

So it looks like maybe, just maybe, you will be able to put one of these beauties under your Christmas tree this year. Stay tuned for more as we hear it.

Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 "Dummy" Phone

Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900

Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900

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Update: Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 Getting Closer - Promo Pricing Set at $179.99 on 3yr Contract!


I know this has been mentioned in posts before, but I'd like to know if the "new and improved" trackball will fit in any BB? Most importantly the Curve...

Please comment on this as I'm sure I'm not the only person who'd love to switch over!


I think I read somewhere on bbforums that they're all interchangeable. Someone got a hold of one for a bold and it worked. I'm not completely positive so do a search on the forums there.

They're interchangeable, just that with the TB being black, LED light will not shine through, but that's an obvious caveat.

Glad to hear that this is finally making its way over to North America. But when will it be heading south to the good old USA? Specifically AT&T (yeah yeah yeah, don't judge the network)?
I know rumors have been circulating between AT&T getting it exclusively but the possibility of a TMobile release. I don't care WHO gets it first, because they will both eventually get it. I just want it to launch in the US on ONE of the carriers.

The wait continues.....

Ya know I think ths new Curve is actually better lookin 9as far as fones go) than the Bold. and the fact that its not quite as wide helps too. May have 2 chk this out to b4 I make any decisions on my nxt fone. The Pearl has been great, but its time for a bigger screen!

Called Rogers today and a rep mentioned that the bb curve 8900 had only "come out last night", then I was told to wait at least a week before calling back to upgrade for the bb 8900. Sweet! About a week feels like forever already!! I usually purchase without contract, but this time I'll go on 3 yrs term to save some money due to Christmas shopping for my kid. BB curve 8900 - here I come!! (I'll either pass my curve 8320 to my husband or sell it.) O man, I can't wait for next week to come!!

Thanks everyone for your input. I figured as much, but I just wanted to be sure. I'm now officially on the hunt!

Long time fan of the site and first time commenter. I am trying to deside between the Bold and 8900 Curve and UMA is important to me for keeping long distance costs down. Has anyone used the Rogers talkspot service yet to commet on its performance or when the Bold may be comming out with a new OS that supports UMA? This phone looks great and I understand it supports UMA, but why invest in a 3 year contract on a phone without 3G?

Really like the 8900 but i own a bold and to me it is still a nicer fone then the 8900 ....the only thing better on the 8900 is the camera witch is 3.2 MP not like the bold witch is 2.0 MP but the bold is a 3g fone and the 8900 isn't. All the depending on wat ur looking for if u dont mind getting a fone witch is a lil thicker and broswe the internet alot go for the bold....but the 8900 isnt a bad choice.

There's more: DISPLAY. I know the Bold's display is amazing, so think about a display with even higher pixel density (is that even the right word?). It should be pretty amazing. Can't wait till it comes to AT&T

I have been reading that the 8900 has faster EDGE capabilities than the other BBs...I dont know how true that is but its out there in the air. I will definitely go for this one w/ or w/o 3G!

The 8900 has a 512MHz compared the Curve that has a 312MHz. EDGE is still the same but the faster processor helps with with downloads and other applications. I have a Bold(624MHz) on T-Mo and its a lot faster then my 8800(312MHz) when it comes to surfing the web along with everything else.

Ah I see...that explains it then I guess. I wonder how much the difference is between "faster EDGE" and 3G?

I will take whatever EDGE speed improvement I can get!

I live in a 'borderline EDGE / 3G area and can do without my BB hopping between EDGE and G3 trying to get a connection and running my battery down.. Roll on Javelin UK!!!!!!!

at a Wireless Wave store today. Form factor is perfect. It felt considerably heavier than the 8300 Curves, though. Closer to my current 8800. Is that accurate?

What city are you from? did the Wireless Wave rep mention on when the curve 8900 is coming in on? I'm from Peterborough, Ont and the WW rep I talked with on the phone said it won't be in till Feb/March! I was like WTF, noo way! I'm thinking he must've been behind on the latest news that it's to be coming out sooner than expected eh? (I'm hoping next week, so I get to play with my early xmas gift!)

The store in my town had just received the shipment and it was within 15 mins of unpacking that I was first in line to pick it up! It rawks! I love it tonnez!! Go and get yours today!!