Update: Obama Fighting to Keep his BlackBerry!

Obama Wants to Keep his BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Nov 2008 08:48 am EST

My inbox was flooded with emails this morning from readers letting us know there's been an update to the Obama Forced to Give up his BlackBerry story. In an interview with Barbara Walters, the subject came up....

WALTERS: How are you going to get along without your Blackberry?

OBAMA: (Laughs). This is a problem. I, you know, one of the things that I'm going to have to work through is how to break through the isolation ... the bubble that exists around the president. And I'm in the process of negotiating with the Secret Service, with lawyers, with White House staff ...

WALTERS: You might have a Blackberry?

OBAMA: Well, I'm, I'm negotiating to figure out how can I get information from outside of the 10 or 12 people who surround my office in the White House. Because, one of the worst things I think that could happen to a president is losing touch with what people are going through day to day.

Once you experience the Always On, Always Connected lifestyle that the BlackBerry platform provides, it's tough to go back to life without it. I'd be doing everything in my power to try and keep my Berry too!

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Update: Obama Fighting to Keep his BlackBerry!


Good for him. I think he should keep at it and work around the gatekeepers. "Certian restrictin apply"

Humm...one would hope that someone at RIM is having a chat with P-E Obama and the White House. Could be quite a feather in the cap for RIM (if they need another one?) to develop a way for the 'leader of the free world' to keep his 'Berry.

I am sure that if they set up maybe a form of Enterprize with limitations with the email that he'd be able to keep his (rather out-dated) blackberry. I'm surprized he's not sporting a new BOLD or STORM, no, he keeps a dinosaur. lol. But what ever works.

i think he should be able to keep his blackberry we all know how he must feel if he has to give it up.somebody get this man a bold or a storm asap!

its the very reason that he's commander and chief that he shouldnt have something that could VERY possibly be hacked

they'd have to really keep his emails and everything under wraps

in other words

he'd get his blackberry

but they would degrade it so much to keep important information from leaking

that it wouldnt be the same experience

hopefully they can set up an enterprise account with him

much like the Navy's

That photo is from Nov. 4th. There were a couple photos documenting his stay in a hotel room that night. I don't know the website but I "think" you can search for it from the original post from crackberry.com or pinstack.com.

Now that's a true crackberry he deserve to win one of the 10 storms :p if he managed to keep using his blackberry

Ha Ha...you're right...a true crackberry addict! Fight for your BlackBerry!

I can see it now, maybe there is an entry somewhere in Kevin's inbox...

What would I do for a BlackBerry Storm? Well, as the leader of the free world, I'd sign a constitutional amendment...

Imagine taking a Job, where your entire life outside shuts down, no more internet, emails, walking to the store, nothing...it must be amazing honor and job, but I dont know if I could give up life as I know it now....

It really does highlight one of the biggest problems facing us "Addicts" with restrictive workplaces. I would love to look at a Bold, Storm, 8900 Curve or even an old skool Curve, but I can't have a camera. Big problem for all of the people I work with and government customers that would love to get out of our 8830s, 8700s and other old skool devices but can't because of this consumer love-affair that requires a camera. What about the Crackberry Nation that brought RIM to the dance that can't upgrade to the cool new devices because of the camera?
Kevin, maybe your sources know, what is coming for us? I personally am starting to feel left out of all this love from RIM.

Why I like the fact that I voted for him. The man knows priorities, and keeping your BB is one of them. :)

The fact that this is even an issue is retarded. Every President must sacrafice something, get in line Obama, you are no one special.... just cause you are the first black president doesn't mean you get to "change" the rules... oh wait .... news media and left wing groups have already bent over backwards to make you something you are not, so why not ease the rules for him as well....

Why must race be injected into every conversation? It truly bewilders me.

Maybe you should have done your research a little better...then you would have known that there ARE NO RULES AGAINST a President using e-mail or having a Blackberry.

The reason most Presidents don't use e-mail, Blackberry's, Laptops, PDA's etc is because everything that is transmitted, stored, and maintained on those devices are public record. It is a logistics nightmare. So he has people who do those things for him who are less liable and more expendable.

It's simply an issue of how big of a headache do you want...not rules.

A question i've asked a hundred times... not 5 minutes into buying his win, every media outlet repeated over and over again that he is the first black president.... well they said African-American, which is stupid to say because that denotes he is from Africa and became an American citizen... but then he couldn't be president, I mean he was born in Hawaii right? They did get a birth certificate... oh wait no they didn't...hmmm how wierd...

And McCain was born in Panama Canal.

Look, the media makes a big deal because he IS the first Black American president, and for that reason it is a monumental moment in American history. But I don't see the reason why everything else has to be associated with that when speaking of Obama.


words taken from a website that wants him in the office. Find something nuetral.

Also, father's race would be black, negro or something other than African... being that is a Country and not a race, but good try

OK. If you are trying for a put down, GET YOUR DAMN FACTS STRAIGHT.

"Also, father's race would be black, negro or something other than African... being that is a Country and not a race, but good try"

Oh, REALLY?? Africa is a COUNTRY?? Do tell. Well, I guess that was a "good try"......

Actually, the term African American makes no sense because you can not be from an entire CONTINENT...nor can you claim an entire CONTINENT as your birth place. It is nothing more than a ploy to rid themselves of anything "white". There was a time when "black was beautiful", "negros were a proud people", etc. The Rev. Jackson and his kind decided that the term "black" was racist, and decided they needed to be called Africans. So, from this day forward, I am a Spanish, French, German, Little Irish, and just a touch of Cajun American.

I expect to see the on the next Census forms..........

its remarkable that a question has even arised with his birth certificate.... so much about this guy that seems to make people cringe...

You asked for something neutral and I gave it to you. Were you not satisfied this time? I guess not if you had to continue to justify your argument.

The messiah if he doesn't have his blackberry will be cut-off from his socialist bedfellows. More importantly he won't be able to talk with Bill Ayers the domestic terrorist who writes his speeches and his books for him.

Seems to me there are more important issues than keeping your BB when you have every other means of accessing information. Including accessing private tax payer records like 'Joe the Plumber's to smear them publicly.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! "Quit referencing the Obama propaganda site" you make a well thought out and brilliant (being very sarcastic) statement like that, then you reply to it with crap straight out of the McCain biased pages and the conspiracy theory about Obama. Seriously?

I for one will be celebrating this holiday and saying a big fat THANKS for no more reps in office and a bigger THANKS for having Obama on his way there. So...HAPPY THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY TO ALL YOU FELLOW CRACKBERRY USERS.

Judging a book by its cover are we? Anonymous comments mean nothing to me, actually anything replied means nothing to me... I don't like the man, I won't like the man, and there were way more things we should have heard or known about that man then the news media decided to report on. They were absolutley bias. Being a bigot? I don't see how i'm a bigot... but then again when a white guy shares his opionion its bigotry and hate filled... glad I grew up a long time ago. Also, being from Western PA, as the govenor said, we all are racists and Obama claimed I clinged to my guns and religion. So screw him, like it or not, we'll see were this country is now that he has already started putting clinton people in his cabinet. We'll see the change i'm sure...

"just cause you are the first black president doesn't mean you get to "change" the rules"

Nice. Heeellooo deep seeded bigotry and passive aggression. Would you like me to link you some psychology texts?

I dont know about you guys but I wanna buy a bold and ship it to Obee how can I go about doing this....

President-elect Barack Obama is set to be the first President to use a laptop computer.

Just gives you an idea of how tightly the White House staff clamps down on communications devices and information that gets to and from the President.

This not only helps him stay focused...it also prevents from embarrassing emails being released to public record. How many times have you blushed or LOL'd from an email your drinking buddy sent you?

I'm guessing an enterprise server with heavy heavy rules in this case.

WAAAAAY to risky. His emails could be "captured" and used against him in a security breech. It would be impossible to use "open" email and NOT give away certain things that are better left in the dark. Like where he is going. And, it could be something as simple as a note to his wife telling her where he is and when he will be home. Or to his kids. This about all the info you give out without thinking about it. It is WHY they have the 10-12 people between him and the outside world. For the next 4 years, his life will not be his own. He will be told what to do and where to do it.

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I think he can buy his own. It seems that people that have tons of money keep getting free stuff. I understand why so I do not need that lecture, but why would you want to send him a new phone. He has millions of dollars that people already gave him... I am sure there is a way he can spend his own money. If people have extra money send it to someone that needs it, not someone that has tons of it.

I haven't even had a job for over two months and I still managed to buy my own Blackberry. If I can do it then so can Obama!

Spend your extra cash on children who need Christmas presents if you want, or buy a Blackberry for a soldier...if Obama decides he needs to update his Blackberry (if he can), then that is his job to do. Besides, he hasn't even proven himself yet...he could end up being worse than Bush (who knows?). Well, maybe not...

I heavily support Blackberries (even in a shared capacity) for soldiers. Any way we can help facilitate contact back home helps.

I can't believe that they wouldn't allow President Elect Obama keep his OLD OLD blackberry. I mean honestly. Most goverment agencies employees carry blackberry's themselves. Now why not the president? Thats terrible.

i would be stressing out too!!! i cant live without my bb and I think that this is a new generation and he should be allowed to keeo it and be allowed to have a computer in the oval office as well. this is a new time and he is in the highest office of america and he isnt allowed something as important as this form of communication i think that this is nuts. plus im sure they can hire some super secret whiz who will put his email on lock down!

can we keep the racism to a minimum god people it just gets irritating he won let it go, hes gonna be good let it go. the more you pick on him cause hes black the more you sound like your not ready for change! so NO BOLD FOR YOU. yes im from spain. yes im a citizen.

Any legitimate criticism of Obama is seen as being racist. Give me a break!!! The objection to Obama has to do with a rejection of his ideology not his race.

I moved to the US because of lower taxes and better job opportunities. Somehow the American public has been duped into thinking socialism is a desirable thing. Just look at Europe and Canada...socialism has been a disaster.

Obama can get his own blackberry like the rest of us.

Obama will not raise your taxes because I am sure you're not considered wealthy. He will only raise taxes for people who make over a quarter of a million dollars a year and I am sure you don't make that much. So please stop with the socialism comments

I don't make that kind of money but I would like too.

Also you just don't get it people who are rich according to liberals make over $42,000. I am originally from Canada (the great white socialist country to the north) where historically you are penalized for achieving. People on welfare made more than I did for the first 2 years out of college.

The only good sign up north is they re-elected a conservative prime minister again after 12 years of liberal hell

Wow!!! I wish I knew that the security concerns would decrease to the point where the rules would be bent, allowing the prez to keep his BB. I would have run for prez had I known this. I am really, really addicted.



British businessman Mark Abell managed to escape from the Oberoi Trident Hotel.

He had barricaded himself inside his room when the militants stormed the building on Wednesday.

Mr Abell said the Indian hotel staff and the security forces had been "fantastic".

The way to go about it would be to setup a whitehouse bes server on an exchange platform have dod cert style access encryption should be standard and throw in some mds there for browser monitoring. account would of course tied up to his secretary so the calendar and task can always be updated.

in all honesty im pretty sure rim has a vip psam manager already on this trying to work it out with white house communicatons.