Update: CRACKBERRY - True Tales of BB Use & Abuse!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jun 2008 12:11 pm EDT

In the past week I've received a bunch of emails asking how the CrackBerry book is coming along and when its release can be expected. We're still aiming for a summer launch (August) and are on schedule to make that happen. Although.... with the way OS4.5 delays have everybody in the BlackBerry world worked up into a frenzy maybe we should delay and delay and delay the book's launch (and leak a beta release or two)... it might help with demand! LOL :-)

If you're not familiar with the CRACKBERRY: True Tales of BlackBerry Use & Abuse book project, watch the video above and click here for more details. And if you have any crazy BlackBerry stories you'd like to submit for consideration to be published in the book, email them in to book@crackberry.com by this Sunday. We could still use a few more True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse. Tell us:

  • a story about a time when you just wouldn’t leave your BlackBerry behind – even though you knew you should
  •  a story of how you pamper your BlackBerry
  • about an argument you had with your significant other because you would not go somewhere without your BlackBerry
  • when was the most inappropriate time that you used your BlackBerry
  • a story that shows that you are, in fact, a BlackBerry addict
  • if you have ever been without your BlackBerry because it was lost or broken and how you reacted
  • a story that confirms you are a slave to your BlackBerry
  • if you hurt someone you loved because you used your BlackBerry at the wrong moment
  • how you made amends to someone because over your bad BlackBerry
  • your personal rules for BlackBerry use
  • your biggest Multi Tasking nightmare (while using your BlackBerry)
  • how you ultimately overcame your BlackBerry Addiction

When it comes to having your story published, we can keep your name anonymous. Stay tuned! More Details Here >>

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Update: CRACKBERRY - True Tales of BB Use & Abuse!


Whenever I use the BIS it takes me to a Email settings instead of th Blackberry homepage. In the config. the Blackberry homepage is there. How do I get to the Blackberry homepage?

I adore my Curve,and one day,in a public restroom,it slid off the toilet paper dispenser and plopped into the bowl.Luckily I fished it out without a hitch or anything besides water involved.I had the Speck hard case,which although works well to protect the Curve from abusive,gorilla handed folks like me,took too long to remove and prevent further water retention.I immediately,called Tmobile and filed a claim,and as usual,they were prompt,sending me a new BB Curve in 2days.In the meanwhile,I had to use a FLIP PHONE,and yikes,got confused trying to text someone,and had to ask the person to remind me how to do that crazy double/triple tap thingy.What is that nightmare about?If I have to end up getting a tenpack of replacement BBs,it will be better than heading back to the Middle Ages using something else.I do still love my Nokia 6010,which still stands as one of the most stable,sturdy,simple,and reliable phones,and the perfect backup in a pinch...