Update: Beating the Rogers BlackBerry Curve

BlackBerry UPS Tracking
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 May 2007 01:36 pm EDT

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My attempt to get a BlackBerry Curve running on Rogers before it is officially released is not going as smooth as I had hoped. This post should have been about my first impressions of using the Curve, but instead is about my difficulties in receiving it!

My Curve shipped from the UK on Friday. I paid 60 British Pounds to ensure it would be delivered to me on Tuesday (yesterday) by noon. Instead, it's Wednesday afternoon, and even though the tracking info in the image above says my package is awaiting clearance in Winnipeg, according to the friendly UPS lady I just spoke to that actually means my Berry is still in transit and hasn't even hit Canada.  When I asked her what the hold up was, she said it looks like it got stuck in airport package scanning security in the UK. My guess is that security had never seen a Curve before, and thought it packed a little more punch than a smartphone should!

So while my prime concern when embarking on this quest was that I would run into difficulties in unlocking the device from the O2 Carrier, it's starting to look like just taking delivery of the Curve is going to be a mission in itself.

Stay tuned for Part 3... 

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A 'true' addict after my own heart!


Now, I went to London to get mine. That is a true addict! :)