Upcoming ScoreMobile and foursquare feature BBM Social Platform integration

By Adam Zeis on 16 May 2011 03:20 pm EDT

While at BlackBerry World we saw plenty of good stuff that is in the RIM pipeline. One of which is the BBM Social Platform and how it can be used in apps on BlackBerry. The new features will change the way we interact with apps and allow users to easily share info, play games and much more. One of the apps that will integrate BBM is ScoreMobile. This is already one of the top sports apps for BlackBerry, and with the new BBM goodies is sure to stay that way. Check out this video for a quick preview of what is to come in the upcoming release. Keep reading for a look at how foursquare will be implementing the features as well. Pretty cool stuff all around!

Source: Inside BlackBerry



when is it going to be ready


Any knowledge on ScoreMobile FC having this integration as well?


While the BBM integration is a really cool idea, and i can't wait for it to be available. "John" did a piss poor job selling the application. How about you drop the attitude and show some enthusiasm for the product you're trying to get people to use.


That's awesome! I can't wait to see other apps take advantage of this. And Score Mobile for BB is AWESOME!


Cool, Foursquare is cool! Lemme in on some Beta testing!!!!! After watching these demos, I never wanted a Torch more than right now!


Can't wait to try it out! Looks great.


share the score of a game with your friend ???? really.. and the point is ????? how about an increase font size option instead...or change the interface


I hope latter down the line scoremobile will be able to keep up with boxing statistics,and im really looking forward to foursquare