Upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook OS update will bring tweaks and bug fixes

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 16 Nov 2011 01:38 pm EST

While it's not the OS 2.0 we'd all like to see, the word on the street is that an upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS update is on the way. The update will bring nothing new in terms of features, but it will include a few minor tweaks and fixes that have been bugging some users. As posted in the BlackBerry Beta Zone forums: 

I just wanted to let you know that we're working on an interim Tablet OS software update to precede the 2.0 release in February. It won't have any new features (we're still perfecting those!), but a good percentage of the content came from this community.

Here is a list of some of the included changes (should make some of you happy):

  • Daylight Savings Time: updated some time zones
  • Updated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drivers improving co-existence and connectivity
  • BlackBerry App World account payments reliability improvements
  • Improvements to VPN connection reliability
  • Addressed some scenarios where BlackBerry Desktop Software would not restore applications to the PlayBook

You'll see this update within a few weeks. I know some of you wanted more in the interim, but the focus is going into making things solid for 2.0. For what impact this community did have on this update, I thank you!

I can update this thread when it becomes available. In the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts!

We'll still have to hold out until at least February for OS 2.0, but it's always nice to see an update regardless. This one will be a welcome update for PlayBook users and hopefully RIM will continue to pump out the fixes until OS 2.0 hits.

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Upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook OS update will bring tweaks and bug fixes


Someone posted this on one of the forums yesteday. Now I have a reason to believe it.

@QuIcKsIlV3r, if they add A2DP it will be great!

ya i know, my home theater has BT and instead of connecting my PB in to the HDMI or stereo plugs, BT would be much better. And maybe the wifi part of the update will be to get DNLA

Yup, I need a2dp to pair it with my Bose portable sound dock. It was heart breaking for me to find out the bluetooth says " no services " when paired to devices with sound capabilities.

"Here is a list of some of the included changes (should make some of you happy):"

Yeah, those three or four people will be thrilled with this lame update. February can't get here soon enough.

Hmmmmm, interesting, and yet disheartening also. KInd of like the sour patch candy. Lets just hope we get the sweet goodness at the end with this...

8330 - 8530 - 9630 - 9650 - PlayBook - 9930!
Once you go Bold, you never go back...

ahhh... complainberry.com

I prefer the old Crackberry. We get it people. But making the same old comments in every post won't bring 2.0 any faster.

Was the old CrackBerry a place where everyone held hands, told each other how special they are, and skipped merrily through fields of dandelions or something?

yea me too!! i got so fed up i called a iphone user who was saying neg things here on the blackberry web site ”dumb". The mods flag me and put me on a warning like i am a kid. They need to flag the neg people who use a different device that come on here talking junk.

You're so daring! You used harsh language like "dumb!" Careful... before you know it, you'll be running with scissors and drinking milk past the expiration date.

There is no doubt that a couple new features have been perfected for the 2.0 release, and it's bullshit that NOTHING new will be added in the next few weeks. There is no problem with people complaining about this. There are some VERY basic functions that we are still unable to do at this point that should have been fixed and added months ago. I'm sorry, but how hard it is to enable a features to reorganize my bookmarks. They could have thrown that into this build and had at least one thing worth updating for.

I rarely complain on here, but this is bullshit.

I'm not entirely confident that even a couple of new features have been perfected at this point. Recently I had the opportunity to fill out a survey from RIM regarding the direction of PlayBook development. RIM wanted to know what features were important to those taking the survey, from most important to least important, and it was clear by the end of the survey that RIM needed to find out what they should work on first. In other words, RIM had no game plan for OS 2.

I know many are counting on a February OS 2 release (ignoring the past, once again), but I don't see it happening. I'm not in the camp that believes the PlayBook is being scrapped, but I do believe that RIM will, once again, miss a deadline.

Video chat has been on since the first or second update.... I use it almost nightly with a few of my friends

Will this update resolve my blinking email when bridged on my PB? If this fix is included , I am good to patiently wait for February. :)

I love all the negative people commenting like ifarlow.... Yes you are low... At least the Playbook is getting updates... so what if it doesn't have email or PIM or android yet.... use the beta to use Android apps, and so what, RIM screwed up large for not following up on their time frames that were supposed to go. If you really dont like it, leave the Blackberry platform and go to an android or an Apple platform...

You're right... who cares that RIM keeps making mistakes? Brilliant logic. Furthermore, why would I leave the BlackBerry platform because I'm not happy with the way RIM has handled the PlayBook? Do you not realize that it's possible to find a BlackBerry phone perfect while also believing that the PlayBook is far from it?

Your response it typical of those that are too easily placated. While I'm thrilled that people enjoy the PlayBook, it's disappointing that when RIM dangles a tiny carrot in front of people's faces, many act as if the past doesn't matter any more.

Ooh look... a shiny update. Everything is ok now.

And as far as trying to use my name against me (the "low" comment)... wow. I now have to assume you are in third grade. So does this mean sooner rather than later you will be hitting me with the "I'm rubber, you're glue" comment?

Well when RIM announced last month it wasn't releasing 2.0 until February, we all knew that small incremental updates would be still happening, so I don't know why you are saying "it's disappointing that when RIM dangles a tiny carrot in front of people's faces, many act as if the past doesn't matter any more."

I am one of the few that has contacts on the inside to give me the scoop of what is really going on behind the scenes and its not pretty!

I would love for you to use all your knowledge of the BB OS and try to incorporate all the BB OS things like email and PIM and BBM into a new OS that hasn't been out in public for more than 8months ala QNX/BBX OS. I want to see you get it 100% perfect and release it!

Oh wait.... you probably can't! One of the biggest obstacles that was unforeseen was the inability to have BIS/BES interact with both BB OS and QNX. That is what of the hold ups is, no one thought that is was going to be as hard as it is!

First, you seem to take the stance that "small incremental updates" can't include new or improved features. Why is that? Along those lines, I find it terribly disappointing that RIM can't release something of real substance before the OS 2 release. I believe that the concept that they are waiting to release new and improved features with the OS 2 update suggests that they have nothing finished and are still having trouble getting things to work.

Furthermore, you keep going on about your magical contacts inside RIM. So what? It's not impressive, and since the internet is what it is, I'll just go ahead and let the cat out of the bag: I have contacts inside RIM as well (perhaps the same ones). I am fully aware of the situation, but that doesn't excuse the poor results of their work. There is entirely too much "Don't worry, it's not your fault" in this world when there IS fault. Whether the fault lies with the programmers, managers, executives, CEOs... it doesn't matter. Patting everyone on the back for a job NOT well done doesn't fix anything. There is no need to coddle these people.

Lastly, the problem with your argument that I should fix the OS on the PlayBook is that I have never professed to be able to do such a thing. However, I do have enough knowledge and experience to be able to say that RIM knew at the time they released the PlayBook that they were having trouble... and yet they released it anyway. It would have been much better if they had either scrapped the plans to produce the PlayBook or postponed the release until such time that they had worked out these significant issues. But they didn't, and because RIM elected to release the PlayBook as is, they deserve no sympathy for their inabilities, struggles, or poor decisions.

And yet, RIM continues to make and break promises. Given the history of late, I can't for the life of me understand why people are now clinging to the February 2012 release of OS 2 as if, just this one time, RIM will get it right.

I have 4 email accounts on my BB 9850 and am using Bridge right now linked to the BB and typing this post on my PB. Email looks and works fine, on all 4 accounts. You may have a email or carrier issue that has nothing to do with the PB OS.
Bridge is actually an outstanding solution for connectivity with the BB and the web. Starts the connection almost instantly when I turn it on on the BB and reasonably fast responses on BB apps and on the web. I hope that OS 2 retains and supports Bridge in the long run. This capability is an operating advantage of using BB rather than the iCrap, Scamdroid or Windoze phones.

Almost instantly? Reasonably fast? Clearly your definition of instant and fast are different than mine. Sure, Bridge works... but it's no substitute for native apps. Besides, I'll consider Bridge something more than a novelty when it actually has features that are on-par with the BlackBerry phone it connects with.

I love my playbook, all I want is to be able to send files via bluetooth between my 9900 and playbook without using wifi....I don't think its too much to ask.

Frustrated is right. Every day that I use this thing I am reminded of two things: why I like it, and why I hate it. I really would love to get past the "hate" part, but RIM is going to have to fill in the significant holes in the PlayBook before that can happen.

I get frustrated at 2 things also. I hate that I can't hang from a basketball rim eating donut holes, and I will never get paste the hate of not being able to have my PlayBook in my hands 24/7.

The last update brought a lot more stability to my PB, android apps run smoother don't hog resources like before. I'm hoping this update will sort out out bridge issues, being able to use bridge without the workaround, if that happens with this update, its all good here!

They need to fix that damn 5 min time out and have a NEVER OPTION.....Just that alone would make me a happy camper, If I want my PB on all the time whether on battery or plugged in SO BE IT.......

Small things like DST.
Will be good to change my location from Vladivostok back to Sydney !!.

Agreed on things to stop the browser crashing.
Would also like a fix for website with "too many redirections" - handsdown winner the australian financial newspaper www.afr.com

Other things high on my list (apart from the obvious native email and bbm)
- skype native app
- native google/ bing maps with ability to cache and work in offline mode

I hope this fixes the bridge notification icons showing new arrivals whereas they actually have been read on either the phone or the PB.

BBM notification is the worse but email notifications are still bad.

Rim is finally building some momentum its starting to look like nothing but positive out from waterloo. Lets hope this update addresses some issues and hope it comes speedily without any bugs in it and lets try and keep this going Rim

So this upcoming (presumably imminent) Playbook update still does not include autotext (autocomplete) functionality, am I correct?

Unfortunately RIM's competitors have raised the bar for the standard which consumers compare tablets (and smartphones) to, and RIM is still playing catch-up. RIM's continuing refrain, "new features will be coming" soon, is fast ringing hollow.

Remember, you can cry "Wolf!" only so many times before... [enough said]

Patience is a virtue! LOL!

Yes, we want, want, want! But I rather they take the time and come out with OS2 solid as ROCK! Yes we should have had some native stuff since the launch.

But some of the stuff coming down the pipe are game changers and they have had to change some of the core to get back on track...that said, don't get me wrong, I still think RIM needs to get some of their act together. 2012 will be the a defining moment for RIM. They better deliver, or they will disappear as a competitor for the tablet & smartphones!

I just bought an iPhone 4s for my wife, she is loving it! I have played a bit with it...can't say that it's not a great device! But I'm a BB at heart. But I will say this: OS2 for the PB better be worth the wait! If that goes well, I will certainly go for the London! If RIM fails to deliver in Feb2012, they will not only drop in their shares, they will lose the war and no one or device will come to the rescue!

7250, 8700, 8320, 9000, 9700, 9800, Playbook OS2 Beta....will i continue!!

Hopefully they fix/add the following:

-A2D Bluetooth
-WPS connectivity problems
-More Codec support for mdia (AVI, flv, mp4)
-Ability to see Text msgs over Bridge
-Universal Search
-Yahoo msgr, OoVoO, Skype Apps
-ability to change language
-Ability to download videos off the web and save them to the PB
-Ability to rename bookmarks and file by folders
-USB Hosting
-Wifi connections needs a copy option for the password and show text option

Lastly, this is off subject but: Can someone please build a Dock which can output HDMI and connect to the computer/charge or even better both. I would even go as far as adding a full sized SD card slot to be able to transfer your photos to the PB or add them to my facebook acct.

Hopefully the new WiFi driver will be able to accept Ad-Hoc connections!
Since my PlayBook has no 3G I must use my (windows) smartphone as a WiFi hotspot.

Cannot use BlueTooth tethering because PlayBook says 'No services found'.
BlueTooth and WiFi tethering from my Windows phone DO both work with the iPad2........

Will not buy a BB smartphone untill there is one with BBX.

They mentioned fixing VPN ...so hoping this device is finally usable in a standard corporate environment (Cisco). Things like VPN, WiFi authentication, remote desktop are basic requirements.