Upcoming BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 brings a new look and features

By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2011 03:02 pm EDT

BlackBerry Messenger 6.0BlackBerry Messenger 6.0

While we still don't have all the newness of BlackBerry Messenger 6.0, we do know a few things thus far that get us pretty excited. The newest version of BlackBerry Messenger should show up with OS 6.1 (whenever that is) and bring along some new features and looks with it. So far we know that BBM will sport the fancy new 6.1 icons within the app itself. So no more boring icons and instead you get the fun colored ones that you'll grow to love. Also, from the looks of things you'll be able to change colors for contacts and chats, so you can pick and choose what color to match with what contact. Aside from that just some eye candy for now. While you may come across the leaked BBM 6.0 floating around, we highly suggest you do not try to install it - trust us on that one. Keep reading for more images.

Source: BlackBerryBase.net

BlackBerry Messenger 6.0BlackBerry Messenger 6.0

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Upcoming BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 brings a new look and features


I love how Misa Campo is the profile picture. I know her cuz she's filipina and I'm filipino and she is EXTREMELY sexy.

But somehow since you're a douchebag and you're a douchebag, you don't know you're a douchebag. strange that.

I'm really looking forward to BBM 6. All these other apps trying to be like it are falling short on so many levels. Oddly enough, none of them more so than LiveProfile. That app is so inconsistent and it doesn't even have media/file transfers yet. What's the big deal?

BBM is and always will be the top of the line for these kinds of apps. I'm wondering what it could do (other than FB and other social site integration) to really push the bar. Hopefully the suggestions i've made, along with a ton of others in the beta program will be implemented.

I agree 100% I have been trying to use Live Profile for the last few days and it has been very unreliable not to mention it seems to suck the battery life down a lot.
I tried Whatsapp, Pingchat & KIK as well and they all have their short comings. BBM Rules!

So we need to balance the enjoyable, but possibly sexist, profile picture with a religious "Personal Message" ?

I installed it without issue. The only problem I've come across is with people using icons from the downloadable smiley pack on App World. If they use them in their name, BBM slows to a crawl when you scroll by their name in your list.

The fix for this is to simply rename the contact (view profile, click on their display name, and start deleting! then just put a custom name without icons) and the issue goes away.

Has anyone else had any other issues with it? Seems pretty cool and quick on my Torch!

.526, the latest leak (to the best of my knowledge?). my contacts are all backed up and recovered remotely by email, but i didn't have to manually recover anything, so I'm fairly certain I had no issue with contacts being wiped out!

How nice would it be to have some people's status updates hidden, like you can on FB? Don't know why this isn't an option.

Hmmm, very sexy, and not the profile pic (well, that too)...
How about a couple skins, like a nice White on Black skin (like in the Media browser/App World)... That would be very nice.

Been running it since last night and the key difference is the bubble colors for contacts. Besides that, it's just about the same. It quite nice though.

I have the BBM 6 installed on my phone, but it asks for a key. Now I've heard that putting the key from the current beta works but I find that the key I was given is too long to fit. Any suggestions?

Look under the native apps part of the forum, you'll find a thread with the work around. I too tried the beta key and didn't work at the time.

Why the warning not to install it? I mean I haven't read anything about this until you made this article so don't know anything bad about what happens when installed. Can you ellaborate on this for me please? Thanks.

Why all the secrecy? Just tell everyone what is so bad about it. I've been using it for a week or so with no issue.

I just want to get the Group Calendar out of my calendar App. If that's the only thing the update does I'd be happy.

The correct way or rather safest way to install this is to diretly place all the files in the loader folder replaCe whichever files it has to (if it prompts). Be sure to take a back up

I'm liking the new look of BBM and I think all the other clones are poor imitators. That being said, I'd love to see the following reasonable added changes to 'BBM':

1) Increased character limit for 'BBM Personal Message'.
2) Ability to update 'Facebook' and/or 'Twitter' statuses with 'BBM Personal Message'.
3) Voice chat (akin to AIM)... natural progression from 'Voice Notes'
4) Video chat (akin to Skype)... would depend on upgraded BB hardware.

I believe these changes would take BBM to the next level.

2) Ability to update 'Facebook' and/or 'Twitter' statuses with 'BBM Personal Message'. <-- social feeds lets you do this

What's wong with the leaked BBM 6? I've been using it for over a month now! should I be worried?

If you are part of the Blackberry Beta there are Step by Step Instructions on how to install, and how to get a key and how to even install the Key. The information has been updated so always check back. Regarding the key if you follow the (create a key) instructions then you wont have any issues. I sometimes find it amazing how many people have issues with siomple things.

About installing the new BBM DO NOT INSTALL it unless you know your Blackberry like the back of your HAND. Also if you are installing it from somewhere else other then the Beta central I highly discourage this as the Beta is FREE and you can just sign up and get it. Lastly if you want to install it please dont use the connection to the USB unless they have changed this. Install it Over the Web (Instructions are layed out).

If you happen to install it and Brick your Phone (Which I did and a few other did) then you will need to reload your OS.

Thats all I have for now!

i installed on my 9700 with the latest leaked os 6-499 and it works like a sharm. The only thing that i have to complain is that from time to time the cursor will jump out the typing area.... but the rest it looks great, shares pictures nice and fast and the groups load up just fine.

i dont see anything to recomend no to install...

This has probably been posted elsewhere but I'm at work and I don't have timeto search the forums right now. Will bbm6, once official, work on my 9800? Right now in running .246 but I'll be upgrading to at least .337 or maybe a leaked os. Also, is os6.1 coming for 9800 or just torch2?

where did you download the file from? i cant find it - found it now but when i put my beta key in it says its too long?????

I can't put my finger on it, but I still don't find the new UI very clean or cohesive. Something about it doesn't feel quite right.

hey i tried to download the new bbm 6 to my pearl 3g which is running the latest leaked version of os6 and when i do it saids i need a passcode or whatever and i am a blackberry beta tester... i was wondering how would i dl it to my phone? thanks

I would like to see chat rooms. pop chat for awhile & pop out. Your pin should not be available in the room, just your display name. But you should be able to PM a user in the room were pins could be swapped.

bbm 6 is wack the left out one of the most important things in this upgrade, u forgot to give the option to enable my bbm friends to see what im listening to..