Unsynced Media Player Launches

By Bla1ze on 26 Jun 2009 08:38 am EDT
Unsynced Media Player!

Unsynced is a new media player which just yesterday launched in BlackBerry App World and is currently available for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and Bold. The user interface on this application is great looking and is easy to navigate and the built in playlist creation system works great on my Bold. If the built-in media player just is not cutting it for you, you may want to check Unsynced out. It's free and from the information given on their site, Unsynced is just the start.

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Unsynced Media Player Launches


There are SO many Storm owners who have asked for a new media player so many times. It would be pretty sweet if this were compatible!

Just tested the 8900 version on my curve 8310. Works and plays music, but the resolution is all wrong. says on their site it's coming to 83xx soon. This is huge news for 83xx users. With this and a nice theme, there's no pressure to buy a new phone for the fancy looks. Especially since this software is designed by an ex-RIM executive and a qualcom guy.

Tested this on my bold... All I can say is horrible... Now I admit I'm running around with 450ish songs, give or take two, but every time I tried to edit a playlist or even load one I'd be waiting at least a full minute before my device was even usable. I wish the folks at Unsynched and everyone that decides to try this app the best of luck, but my results have been unbearable.

I can live with the media player on the storm for right now, but i wish that it had a customizable equalizer. I dunno, could just be me but the sound playback with presets just doesn't sound that great!

Love the new program and am excited to see the updates as they come along. One thing I noticed – if I reboot my phone I have to go through the unsynced splash screens and accept the terms and conditions again. Maybe a cookie would help with this so you can do it once and forget about it. Also, the reboot means it scans the phone and SD card again and it takes ages on a 16 Gig card. Perhaps a “refresh song” option could be provided so I can do this just whenever I add new music.

I haven’t found the perfect media player yet (and for me media means music) but this is looking good. I like Flipside, since the GUI is excellent, but the way it handles playlists is horrendous. I have used Pandora and Slacker for streaming – both have their good points; neither is perfect. I have also used the internal media player, which at best is just “ok”.

Absolutely terrible!

Slowed my 8900 down to a crawl! It was ok within the program, but when I read to go read an email, it took literally ages. Ok maybe not that long, but at least a millennium.

Lasted for three attempts. Just seems to freeze or slow my 8900 to a crawl. Nothing visible occurs when you run the program. It just sits there for a while and then eventually you return to the home screen. Gone now.

I would be happy if FlipSide would just update their program once in a blue moon. Handle existing playlists, enqueue songs, volume control in background, better/faster management of displayed covers and background scanning of new media and covers. Oh, and HELLO... bluetooth!

as of right now, it has major issues. On my 8900 I could hardly get through the set-up screens. You are supposed to "click twice" to move from one screen shot to the next... but I must have clicked at least 8 - 10 times before it moved forward. It also lags for at least 15 - 20 seconds from one point to the next within the App itself. No question they have some major issues to overcome before this is ready for prime time. What we are working with now should be a Beta or even an Alpha version... not the public release.

All that said, I like the looks of the App and will look forward to a major update sometime in the VERY NEAR future that will take care of the horrible lag issues!!!

hi. i have a bold running on at&t and unsynced wouldn't run on my bb. i did a battery pull but still nothing. i've uninstalled it.

This slowed down my Bold to a crawl. I prefer using the built in media player with bb media sync and itunes over this at this point. However it does have some potential. If they are listening it could be good.

rendered my 8900 running OS unuseable. 2 attempts. 1st resulted in an exception. 2nd resulted in a battery pull.

Hey everyone, I'm the one that submitted this story. My cousin is one of the people behind this app, and he's hard at work updating it to be more efficient and fix some of the bugs people are experiencing.

I think he'll be checking the blog quite soon, I just sent him a message regarding the app's coverage here, so hang tight.

Haven't played with it much, but didn't seem to be that slow. Otherwise some issues I found:
- No bluetooth option.
- Shuffle: you must choose a song to start playing. no option to directly start in random choice...
- controls: tutorial says you can use side buttons. did not work. maybe I need to set them up manually...?

Hi All,

First off, thank you so much for taking the time to download our app and respond to this post. We are working like crazy to fix the bugs - exposure like this is a bit of a slap in the face that we need to be better, and we will.

In the app under options if you could send us feedback I will personally look at and respond to every single email.

We will get better - BlackBerry users deserve a better music experience and we are committed to providing it.


PS Crackberry, thank you very much for covering us. The BlackBerry app is just the first step, once we tie in the desktop experience and acquisition experience you will see why we will help you make all of your Apple friends jealous.

Hi Ted, is there a way to send you feedback outside of the app? Email address? I had to uninstall it because my BB became unusable.

email address is hateit@unsycned.com for negative feedback (clever)
can't change tracks, pause, or volume while in the holster which makes this useless. hopefully they can fix this in their next release

I was so excited to see a new media player since Media Sync doesnt work on the Bold. Now I am very disappointed. This has tanked my Berry. It is down to a crawl and i have to wait to get home to get it off my phone. Now I can't get my iHeartRadio to work. UGH.

Hey Ted, don't let all the negatives get you down. And you guys, come on this is a beta, betas have issues and it's amazing for something cooked up by a small team rather a larger corporation.

Anyways I'm really excited to see this for 83xx, keep up the good work.

This isn't a beta, this is supposed to be an actual release according to their own site. You may want to make sure you know what you're talking about before posting in the future. Good luck with it on your 83xx.

It feels really good on my bold running I see a good difference between Unsynced and the built-in music player. It says it's a Media player in the title but from what I see it's refered to as Unsynced Music.

Good job for a beta version!

I like the new look of this media player. Looks neat, concise, and awesome. That said, it still needs some work as it is lacking. I too installed this and ran into some of the problems stated above. It did slow down my bold to a crawl. Just reading an incoming text message was cumbersome. Tried a battery pull and everything to try to get it to go faster, no such luck. Uninstalled this not long after installation.

One other thing, I looked for this on Blackberry App World and couldn't find it.

I do hope to see these issues resolved because I do like the look and feel of this app.

Nice try with the app. Unfortnunately, I had to delerte it as it slowed my Curve 8900 down to a crawl. I also lost my UMA after installation. UMA came back after I deleted Unsynced.
I look forward to the next try.

I'm running it on my Bold and it works fantastic. I didn't run into any of the issues mentioned prior.

I'm sure the app is going to get even better as the developers release new versions. I'll definitely give this one a shot.

Hi Everyone,

It has been quite the weekend for us, I have replied to over 200 emails! Thank you everyone who has emailed us, we really appreciate it.

If you have had to uninstall the app, please send your feedback to:


Choose as appropriate :p Also, our App World application is pending, but should be up very soon!

Thank you everyone for all your support and/or feedback. Discussion, positive or negative, really motivates our team and helps us get better. We really appreciate it.


After installing and running the program my Bold came to almost a complete halt. Moving from icon to icon took 10-15 seconds. I'll reinstall after the next version is released.

I'm all for players that can handle folders and not rely on tags for file management. I run Mobiola xPlayer and love it. I've given Unsynced a test run the last couple days. It loaded and runs fine on my OS 266 Bold. I do have to tell you it does not surpass xPlayer at any level. It's slow, slow slow, it doesn't handle on the fly adding of another folder to the current track list, there's no equalizer mode and on and on. I'm still waiting for a bold media player that can actually offer a zero crossover option. I don't get the whole email yourself the track your listening to deal. I already have the track and know what it is. Maybe they hope to host a radio feature or are jumping on the zune-like short share a tune deal. I'm too old and opinionated for any of that. Lose the social networking crap and give me functionality! I'll keep my eye out for updates.

Our new beta is now available! http://m.unsynced.com/beta. Code is way more efficient, shouldn't slow down device at all, even with 10+ GBs of music. Sweettt.

Thanks everyone's patience, feedback, and understanding. For those who had a bad experience, we apologize, and we hope this fixes it. Now, on to the really amazing part, the desktop side...


I am a newbie. I bought my Blackberry 8330m 4weeks ago with a DataPlan. This is the 1st. Smartphone and forum I ever used; It's been a learning curve at 60yrs old. Is there a Media Player or software that I can buy for Internet Video, News, YouTube etc??? Carrier: MetroPCS Curve 8330m OS I have CDMA 1X not EVDO, transmission. Please inform me. Thank you