Unreleased BlackBerry 'Kopi' appears on eBay

By Bla1ze on 16 Jun 2014 01:28 am EDT

Ahh, the BlackBerry Kopi. It was rumored time and time again to eventually be released but at some point it fell off the map and at this point will most likely never see the light of day but that doesn't necessarily mean you can't have one. That is as long as you have $500+ and don't mind purchasing it through eBay. Up for sale right now is one white BlackBerry Kopi sporting BlackBerry 10.2.1 and the seller states it is currently in full working order. No guarantees that it'll work forever if you do end up purchasing it but hey, it's there. Buyer beware, obviously. The seller is also taking offers for it as well. Any takers?

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Unreleased BlackBerry 'Kopi' appears on eBay


Not for you, but lots of emerging market folks would love a phone like that! Or would you like to trade for a feature flip phone.... ?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Which is a direct meaning of Coffee in Indonesian. Blackberry have been obsessed with Indonesians lately! :)

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Indonesians are buying BlackBerry devices, why wouldn't BlackBerry focus on that market? The west is do jaded it would be silly for BlackBerry to waste any money there.

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Could milk a few articles out of it.
. Build up to buying
. Experience buying BlackBerry on ebay
. Waiting for it to be delivered
Either or
. Receiving the BlackBerry
. Filing fraud or recovery claims to ebay
. Testing the BlackBerry unit
. Follow up with John Chen etc etc etc

Seems a good business expense. Certainly better than some android related articles lately :-)

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Don't forget "How to install Android APKs on your Blackberry Kopi" guide! And then a separate article on how to put Instagram on it.

And pinterest, and snap chat, and netflix, and 10 other apps. All separate articles, all with a few words changed.

Gotta get those clicks!

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I wish I knew how to turn on the flashlight. That's a tough one though it might require a video tutorial.

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I agree! I feel like old school CB would have just bought it first then posted about it. Like how they used to get their hands on devices early back in the day.

Kevin and team pick this bad boy up! One for the archives...

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers but has Frenchie pics :) [/URL]

But for the keypad, it looks more like a Z30
It has the design of the Z30

White Z30 - The Best BlackBerry Experience

I thought the Kopi was just the code name for the Q5.
I think this (the Kopi) is just a Q5 prototype.

Looks like a Q5 and an iPhone just had one ugly baby...

How is the same company capable of making the Z10 (beautiful), and the Q5, and this...thing?

Join the Cause @ BlackBerry Bootleg Marketing Channel - C003483F4

You can get one for 200$ my friend got some Kopi AZERTY, look on my channel C00019CAE or my BlackBerry Messenger 2AE0BB56

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It's a cute phone but I can see why it was never released...maybe if I had it like that I'd scoop it up to add to my already existing imaginary massive BlackBerry collection. As for now I'll just dream about owning it and continue my love affair with my trusty Q10 ;-). Good night people (Christ, Blaze, go to sleep you night owl! Its 2a.m.!!!) :-)

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I will be leaving BlackBerry after I'm done with my Z30. Some of my colleagues with the new HTCs read this article, when they saw the picture, the laughs on their faces was so embarrassing to me. I'm done defending this brand.

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Dude tell them to fuck off an grow a pair. I'm sorry you are like the guy with his head down. I laugh when I see my friends downloading a wallpaper app that askes for every single permission on your device including your location and call logs.

Let them laugh. mean while they can be the idiots that are getting data mined and their information stolen. BlackBerry will get the last laugh.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Actually I am. I have owned every iteration of the iPhone and almost every android device including the Note 3. I am more then an expert. I also wasn't the biggest BlackBerry fan before BlackBerry 10.

But the power and strengths ob BlackBerry 10 and their devices are unmatched by any other brand and OS. The email client on iPhone is a complete joke, if it's not having an error and prompting you that it cannot sync to server, then it's slow and clunky and so hard to navigate. Don't even bother trying to use multiple emails on iphone without a ton of different apps. Battery life on iphone is a joke.

Don't even get me started on android. When you download a simple wallpaper app and it wants full access to your phone and requests every single permission to track, locate and data mine the hell out of you.

On the note 3 Samsung has stuffed so much bloatware on it that it's dead in a handful of hours anyways. The samsung watch on app constantly prompts you to log on and it you don't it will keep prompting you. When you finally do it activates a remote sensor and your device is dead in no time. Not to mention zero security and your constantly getting data mined.

Windows phone.... have you seen Cortana? it's creepy how much info it collects on you. EVERYTHING. You might as well hand everything there is about you over on a silver plater.

BlackBerry is unique that it empowers the users with the ability to protect themselves. You can shut down any Rouge app permissions and device security is almost at government standards with encryption. Not to mention BlackBerry 10 is lightyears more fluid and powerful. The hub and peak features alone destroy android and Ios. Ohh and battery life on my Q10 is amazing. Wallhuggers for iphone users is the perfect term. I can go days without charging my device and with heavy use easilly over one and I use 5 emails regularly.

There is a reason every important person on the planet uses a BlackBerry.

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-1000. I love the "I have a BlackBerry for secure email, therefore I am important" garbage that the fanboys are using now. Dude, you have 5 email accounts on your phone? That's not from importance, but from incompetence. And you've credibility was squashed from the first line..."I have owned every iteration of the iPhone and almost every android device including the Note 3. I am more then an expert."---sure you have buddy. Either you are extremely wealthy, or you have no idea about anything...at all...like, really stupid. Anyway...yeah, with your 5 email accounts(still lmao about that), BlackBerry would probably suit your ridiculous needs, but I have nothing to hide, and I buy plenty of dumb shit, so I don't mind being "data mined" and being the victim of targeted ads.

Shoot me an email bro,
The Hater

You're embarrassed that some people laughed at an unreleased phone? You're quitting blackberry for that? I'm embarrassed that you're not man enough to own a phone because some other jerks laughed at something. Grow a pair buddy.

You could've said that you're leaving blackberry because HTC has better phones that suits your needs, but because of some peer pression? LOL

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He didn't say that if you read. He was embarrassed internally because he realizes the company is a joke. Blackberry being the butt end of a laugh with you always defending it is not the best feeling.

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Release that sucker in pink with some cute little kitten type and other assorted Girlie motifs and market to girls under 10 and voila. All in the presentation/packaging.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Prototypes and pre-releases never look the like.

Looks like the joke is on the other dudes for not realizing this, and perhaps on the OP of the comment for not mentioning it.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Hahaha, hilarious. Let me ask you, if images leaked of an ugly unreleased HTC phone, would your "friends" then dump their new HTCs for iPhones? What a joke.

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learn how to use that Z30 and show your work buddy's how much better it is and get some self-respect for god sake.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

There are two types of phone owners - those the follow the crowd and must have the highest spec phone of the day (ie Samsung / HTC / Crapple - AKA the clitoris phones coz every c*nt's got one), and those of us that prefer quality, reliability and performance by design, not by sheer processing power.
Why does any phone need more than 2 cores?
Showed my mate who is iOS thru n thru my Z30 yesterday and he was so impressed that he's getting one!
Don't be a sheep.

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Ya, I have to disagree. The Z30 is alright but hardly something to drool over. It's sluggish compared to all modern generation devices.

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Hahahahahahahahahaha sluggish?? What you smoking son?? Sluggish my arse, bet you haven't even seen or held a z30.

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That's an iPhone 5 though. Compare it to a 5S or a M8, or a G3, or a Nexus 5 or a Moto X.

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You are a troll A895. I can seen when I laid the facts out for you above that you didn't bother to comment. Run along to your android or iphone and you download your wallpaper apps asking for every permission on your device. The NSA love idiots like you. Go ahead and deal with error messages on your email. With your iphone or the constant data mining or battery drain on android. I'll have my security, encryption, and full protection on BlackBerry 10. Not to mention with peak and the hub and a email client to rival anything. BlackBerry will have the last laugh.

There's a reason every important person on the planet uses a BlackBerry.

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Build Quality over Bare Specs, anyday. Why are we glorifying non-real world specs, independently tested. These popularly promoted Top of Class "AnPhone" devices are super glued together with any scrap components available. There are plenty of single core processor's that preform just as well if not more efficient than most dual & quad processors. What good is a high end dual processor with 512mb of ram??, no where nearly as efficient as a single core with 1gb ram.

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"AKA the clitoris phone..." Holy shit, I choked on my coffee when I read that line! Then I laughed. A lot. Made my day! Cheers!

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Don't be a sheep. Haha that was awesome c**ts phone? Haha so true. Douches don't even know what their getting. They are like a mindless drone that can't even think. I'll take my security, bulid quality, and sleek as hell BlackBerry 10 anyday over them. F**k Note 3, S5 and iPhone, love me some Q10 :)

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To be fair, maybe a Hello Kitty print on the back would some good

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

The Q5's ugly sister. And I didn't even think that was possible!?

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It's funny how almost every BlackBerry device released or not has been called ugly based off of leaked pics. This includes the Z3, Z10, Q10, Z30, all the Bolds and many more.

You guys need to relax. It's just a phone. No one is making you buy it.

Will eventually be posted via CB10 on my Z70

If you read at the bottom of the Phone it says: NOT FOR SALE 14
So i wouldn't buy this. Maybe indeed a prototype.

I really hope BlackBerry will step up there game. I love BlackBerry and think I am one of the biggest fans. But when I walk into a phone store and pick up an HTC One, Sony Experia, Samsung S5, or a Iphone 5s I am always impressed by the metallic finishes, soft leather, wicked curved, and amazing build qualities. Then when I reach over and pick up my Z10 or the Q10 for instance I an immediately feeling degraded in realizing my phone is nowhere near the astounding build of competing phones. The OS of BlackBerry is amazing. I think it is the best. But the outward appearance and feel of a phone is nothing that can be overlooked, the first impression is a lasting impression. And when I first pick up a BlackBerry I cannot say I am overwhelmed, or even impressed.

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Wait a second, why is everyone so quick to bash the design of this device??? Other companies have put out WAY worse material with inferior OS' to match. If anyone is getting paid, its these anti-blackberry nutso's with CB accounts (i still can't seem to figure that one out). If you love "AnPhone" so much, delete your CB account, please!!!! Blackberry doesn't need to shove a gazillion ads down your throat to prove how proven their devices are. Blackberry isn't giving their beloved OS away to any and ^every joe schmuck device manufacturer to FURTHER tinkering with!! People complain about "the man" & "big brother" BUT run out and buy a device thats relaying every bit of content to multiple 3rd parties or any hackers with some freetime to spare. REAL BlackBerry apps don't "need" to access my camera and mic. ALL of my friends have been through MULTIPLE "AnPhone's" compared to any one BB device i've owned at any given time (and counting). ALL of my friends have previously owned BB devices and most of them still have fully functional devices (1st Gen Curves, Anybody???). Sure, all BB devices haven't been to die for, but what else do you expect when you hire secret "AnPhone" operatives into the worlds best, most secure mobile device manufacturer??? If BB is so much on their last leg why are all of these companies and corporations so quick to hire ex-BB/Rim employees into their staff?? Snap out of the "AnPhone" Voodoo curse!! I've came across plenty of people who dearly hate their "AnPhone's" with a passion who's strong attempt at starting a OS/Device war quickly evaporates into calm conversation of a "phone" is just a "phone". Save your breath before to you attempt to "gracefully" persuade any true BB followers over to the garden of pre-biten fruit and the land of little green asexual men. Now, as you were....

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If this was a released cheapy say 150 I'd buy it as a gift for my friends on feature phones.

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Oh boy! That's one ugly device (no offence to those who may like it) , no wonder it didn't make it to the market.

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Seems like someone already grabbed it for 400$.

Personally I think it's the Q5... the prototype

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Wtf is wrong with BlackBerry. No wonder why they r going down the drain faster than anyone could ever imagined.

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Not sure... it's not a beauty but the UI looks cute @.@

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

There are a few things I could buy w/$500...that thing ain't one of them.

#20/30...is where that coin may well go. in the meantime, perfectly happy with my Q.

As for mohammedn or whatever...pah, why bother wasting my energy on you...piss off k?

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

As for your comment Latng...did you just step out of a time machine from 2008??

BBry may be going, but it sure as hell isn't down the drain sonny.

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

Wow, look! They even took the Q10's screen protector and slapped it right on there.

Wow, c'mon ebay...

The person who purchased this, should give some feedback when they receive it. As when I looked at it on eBay. The picture was said to be a leaked picture, also when going through the pictures and you get to the About Settings ones. You can clearly see the seller has scrolled up on the page to hide personal information (maybe). But where it says About at the top of the screen, it doesn't matter if you in General, Hardware, OS etc when you scroll up or down the page the 'About' tab at the top wouldn't disappear. Also the seller is located in USA but is shipping from Vietnam and only has positive feedback, which is strange as the seller hasn't sold anything else. It might be me being paranoid bit alarm bells do ring on this.

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It's definitely the Q5, just under a different name. Lol

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It looks like a Q5 on crack...seeing that picture, I don't know if I should use the phone or snort it...

All joking aside honestly, looking at this prototype, it doesn't strike me as forward looking and forward thinking (does that even apply?) device! It says "stuck in the past"...

Honestly, why the hell would I give up my Z10 for this?!?! After typing for over a year on the BB virtual keyboard and using the BB Hub, the screen real estate...no way am I going back to a device that would have looked cool 5 years ago.

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