Unreleased BlackBerry Blend software turns up at BlackBerry in Business event

By Bla1ze on 17 Feb 2014 03:40 pm EST

If you've been following all the latest BlackBerry 10 news for a while now, you might be familiar with the term 'BlackBerry Blend'. The files for it started appearing in early leaked builds of BlackBerry 10 and since then has been an ongoing piece of speculation over what it might be exactly. That speculation has grown even further now that BlackBerry has uploaded a video to their YouTube account offering a very small look at its existence beyond just some .bar files within a leaked OS.

As we know it, BlackBerry Blend has many components including the capability to bring SMS/MMS, BBM, BBM Groups and, of course, email from your BlackBerry to your desktop and various other devices. If you look through the files enough, you'll even find set-up conversations from BlackBerry employees using the app on a PlayBook, Mac and iPad. As we noted previously, all of this can be accessed through a web based portal called BlackBerry Dashboard when your device is placed in Fuse Mode.

Now, considering at least a portion of this was shown off at a BES 10 event, it's hard to say whether or not this will end up being a consumer offering or simply something that is only offered to Enterprise customers. In any case, it's interesting to see it even being shown off at this point. We reached out to BlackBerry for comment on it and were simply told by a BlackBerry representative that they 'can't comment on rumors, speculation, or unannounced products'. We'll leave it at that for now but we're certainly expecting to hear more soon. You can check out the video below.

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Interesting stuff. Glad to see further inroads into the enterprise area.

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Gimme gimme gimme, I want it, KNOWN!!!!!

Now blackberry, make this a paid software, earn money from this so we can have some money invested back into the firm for future R&D.

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Dammit, those predictive texts

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Prem WatsApp

That was a sneeze, bless you!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


I think known works too, to have it must first be known.

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Won't work since moto x users get the same thing for free

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Isn't BlackBerry significantly better than moto?

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Not based on my latest experience

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Moto what? ;)

I hardly imagine it's the same thing. You'll probably want to check it a bit more before making that grand of a statement.

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I believe this will be for enterprise customers at least to start with. Will be a hit in enterprise class.
For the individuals like me, I prefer texting, emailing via my smartphone. Its cool using a Q10 than a desktop.

Q10 \m/


I would use or purchase this as a consumer. The ability to have the seamless access to it while at my desk would be great.

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Absolutely agree.

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Especially when trying to add contacts and make some word document modifications, a mouse and a keyboard is still superior to a touch screen.

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Definitely, this would be the icing on the cake for me!

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Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Bye Bye Outlook. This is the sort of stuff BB absolutely needs to put in the prosumer space. I would use it right now.


I would also purchase this as a consumer. We are looking to upgrade to BES10 here in the next 2 or 3 months, but whether or not this Blend is part of BES, I would pay extra for it. Would allow me to not have to give my strictly office personnel BlackBerry's.

Brandon Orr

Doubt this will be an enterprise offering only. Considering it's only for BlackBerry hardware it's not like if people buy BlackBerry for their own use and have this, it'll take profit away from their enterprise. I think the iPad integration, etc will reduce the need for a BlackBerry tablet.

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I had forgotten about this, thanks for the repost / update.


Completely forgot about this. Pin:2AF98872

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Kevin Michaluk

Very interesting.  Bartending app?



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Why yes! It connects over Bluetooth with the Blendtec blenders. :)


Non-Alcoholic Fruit Smoothy Machine. To compete with Magic Bullet/Nutribullet on TV.

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Prem WatsApp

I was just gonna mention:

BlackBerry icecream / sorbet

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Will it blend ice cream sandwiches and jellybeans?

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Hey Kevin has our friends over at T mobile come back with an answer to all their BlackBerry customers?


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This is where BlackBerry can be miles ahead of our enterprise offerings. Does Good have this? Does any other secure enterprise company have this? A total demarcation for an enterprise offering. And it could, hopefully, easily be brought to the consumer realm. Hope BlackBerry gets it right and can launch this soon. Now if we could only get them to up the antenna on the handset side and release another high end handset and a tablet. Keep volumes down to reasonable numbers and a tablet will sell!!

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jojo beaconsfield

Good to see BB fighting back with this partnership,they have to succeed!!

Prem WatsApp

Need encrypted cloud services thrown in the mix with with that, happy to pay a fee.

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This is a great Post

Awesome, access BBM On a ipad or Samsung tablet then thru the BBM app access the cloud and all the services with security.

Yup I would pay for it big time as a Prosumer :)) $$

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It's a coffee app game for those waiting for 10.2.1.

"Blend as a BlackBerry Barista while you await your OS update. Serve coffee to members while they share complaints with one another in your virtual lounge. Score points for secretly serving decaffeinated blends to your most outspoken patrons."

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Doesn't seem cutting edge. Can't anyone do this on a Moto X using a Chrome plugin provided by Motorola?


Not unless Chrome supports BBM and SMS.

The images that escaped last year had the BB10 hub, browser, contacts and calendar as well as BBM and SMS all running on a desktop efectively acting as a window into your BB10 device.

Or at least that's the impression I got.


The plugin does, in fact, support SMS.


BBM is another story - but I've really never understood the draw of BBM anyway. I used to edit that package out of my Bold 9000 OS to make more room because at most only one or two of my contacts were on it and I'd much rather have the space.


Hey if you're happy with your Android fair enough.

I think the idea of Blend is to use your phone as a communications tool via your desktop. So all the comms features are included, including the hub.

Having the BB Hub on it's own is a colossal advance. I have half a dozen email accounts and managing them from anything other than my BB10 is an absolute pain. No one email aggregator gives me the same function.


I've had 5 Android phones and 3 Android tablets. I'm not happy with Android. That's why I use a Q10. :)

More accurately, I'm not happy with touch screen typing. Android is fine. If they ever had a decent portrait form physical QWERTY I might actually keep an Android phone instead of dumping it.


If this is BES10 only, then I hope it can be used with the Cloud Based BES10 service that's coming soon. :D

Simon Sage

BlackBerry's been open-ish about doing this kind of thing since Jam Asia. Glad to see they're getting closer to a solid product. Fingers crossed for something at MWC. 


hope this will come soon. ..as the all new tablet based on BB10. ;D

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Is anyone having success with viewing documents on your computer on your Z10/Z30 via BlackBerry Link and WiFi?

Mine works very intermittently and that would seem to be the first step here...


CB10 from the Z30


You had to post that here??

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After I've cranked the generator, BlackBerry Link slowly splutters into life, with a lot of black smoke coming from the port holes. That's as far as I get, any further, I'll lose my will to live.

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Yeah works for me. I need a good strong wifi signal though. None of this free coffee shop or supermarket bs wifi. Also works with a solid network signal too of course. So long as I have enabled the setting in my phone.

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Thanks, K.

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Good old London town, the video was made within a mile of my work place :)

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Oh pls let this be something for consumers. I am waiting for a feature like that for ages...
Had to code a sms desktop app for my Series60 Nokie phone ages ago.. and I am missing something like that since then.


Did anyone notice that device on the screen at 1:18?

Lieutenant Dan#CB

I saw that too, it looks like a z10 with a keyboard on it. Kind of like the knock-off typo. Could be a new device!


Pretty sure that's the virtual keyboard on the z30, but anything is possible I guess...

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Its a shame blackberry couldn't get this out. Motorola has done it quite nicely.

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With the rumors about a new device with a 64bit octacore processor, I wonder if Blackberry is working on a new Playbook/laptop. They are focused on making an OS that will work on any platform, once they develop a desktop, and make it possible to use image editing software. They will reach a new market...as long as Blackberry can retain their "secure platform" image beyond antivirus software, and make it possible to seamlessly link their mobile devices to a BlackBerry PlayBook/laptop.

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Undera Undera aireba aireba
Let's escape to meickho

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Boring....wheres my darn 10.2.1 update at Verizon!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

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Speak to Verizon ;)

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Anyway, if you want excitement, check out those two crazy Russian guys climbing Shanghai tower, second highest building in the world. On YouTube

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I started to get excited at around 2:55 when a screen in the background appeared to be showing a Qwerty device with a Z10 sized screen but on closer inspection it looks like a Q10 stretched.


'can't comment on rumors, speculation, or unannounced products'

Seriously? BlackBerry may be known for their wonderful security. I can't say as I've ever noticed them being able to keep much close to the vest. Usually it's here's a demo of a wonderful new idea, which we will then wait two years to release.... a year after those that will copy it release it.

Plazmic Flame



How will it get implemented in regulated environments where Bluetooth and Wifi are not permitted?

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I would think it would be through vpn.

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I so need this for our company. But is not that big for BES10. Would love to get it as consumer product :D

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Let's get it out there BlackBerry.

Rolling rolling rolling.

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Very interesting. Thanks Blaze

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Um, "........when your device is placed in Fuse Mode."???


Let's just pray it works better than Link.

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Great idea.

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stooy leown

anyone notice at 1:17, looks like a keyboard and a large screen. ( even though a drawing)


Yeah I noticed that too. Makes me wonder if thats what the next flagship devices may look like.


I hope that BlackBerry takes note of the guy who said that his company was moving away from BES due to the negative press. They need to continue getting the word out that they're not going out of business imminently.

Another person asked if BES 10 will be supported a year from now. If that's not a clear message that enterprise customers think that they're going out of business I don't know what is.

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1:17 noticed something I've never seen before


I would settle for getting the official release of OS 10.2 for my Z10 from AT&T!!!

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Lady speakers looks like Sasha Grey.

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Bacon Munchers

I wonder if it will somehow have Android elements involved. Still confused about the exact direction of when BlackBerry will officially announce the Android connection.

I am thinking that the 'Jakarta' will be able to direct-download Android apps without a third party App (ie. Snap).


100% of the focus of our company is on BES 10. Did you hear it? and who was he?

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So thats what the survey on BlackBerry link was.

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The video shows potential :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Physical keyboard with large screen. Yay, BlackBerry finally thinks out of box under the new leadership of Mr. Chen.

I am sure the bold design existed before since BlackBerry does have brilliant designers and engineers , but got eliminated by the old leadership who sit at the bottom of the Waterwell (pun intended) and looked up to the tiny sky at the well top.

What matters here is that the narrow vision of Waterloo is gone.

I repeatedly criticized the SSS screen of Q10. All I got were tons of reasons why that was "great". In fact that was a Lazy job. So it is a LSSS screen. When they bragged to sell tens of millions of that I said that is impossible. Q10 cannot sell more than Z10.

I am glad BlackBerry is out of the well.

A unibody device with both physical keyboard and big screen will be a hit .


This should have been ready and released with BlackBerry 10 and showed off in January 30th of last year. Awesome!

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Sounds really great!

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Hi, I am first time here. I am a fan-stockholder BBRY but from more than a week I have a problem . There is a problem. Please tell me if I am wrong. I was shocked about how function our BBRY in a troubled water of survive. I sand a e-mail to investor_relations@bla... and I explained them that I have two idea that could help BBRY. One is about hardware (design configuration) and other is an app. I received NO answer. After 5 (five) days I sent another e-mail with some spaghetti inside and I received finally an answer with no excuse but they suggest me another e-mail ideamailbox@blackberry... . I e-mailed my point vu to the new e-mail with all the "history". There is past 3 days and I have no answer....!!! I am eclipsed. So what do you think ? We are here very excited about our BBRY, we give a lot of chance for the value that could have our BBRY, we support it in this troubled water but in fact part or majority of BBRY team really don't care. Now we are very excited about the news that FB buy WA and we hop our BBRY we'll touch the sky ... but in fact how the reality comes out, from 9.75 AH in 19 feb it fall down at 9.13 in 21 feb ... and will be more down for sure ...unfortunately and you know why ? Because there are insiders that know very well that our beautiful company has something not good in his body. Something that we don't know. That's the reason why the stock has no power to go up even if every week we have many good news. So please let me know where I was wrong with my e-mails... Actually, if I think well I realise I should send it to another company, fortunately there are a lot.


So this looks to be the ultimate replacement for Bridge: not sure why they didn't just call it "Bridge"... but when there were BBOS7 solutions like this:


BlackBerry should have acquired them and integrated it into BBOS... not sure why they didn't at the time, but whomever in BlackBerry started this project should be promoted to head of product strategy.