Unofficial release dates for the Verizon BlackBerry Torch 9850 show up online

By Michelle Haag on 31 Aug 2011 03:36 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 9850 on Verizon
As each carrier adds a new BlackBerry to their line-up, it's like pieces falling into place in a puzzle. The latest piece is the BlackBerry Torch 9850, landing on Verizon. New unofficial launch dates are September 8th for direct fulfillment and September 15th in store. Pricing is still unavailable at this time, but as soon as we know, you'll know. Are you holding out for the full touch screen device?

Source: OSBB via vzbuzz
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Unofficial release dates for the Verizon BlackBerry Torch 9850 show up online


Just punch me in the face...

First Sprint has both phones, now Verizon...

While us lonely AT&T folks wait in the cold....

Well at least you VZ customers had the Storms, us here on Sprint had to be patient. I guess that may be why we got it first for a change! You are going to luv it!!

Did anyone else notice that it says 9/8/2010? Isn't it 2011 this year? Or are they going back in time and releasing it to make up for all of their follies??

Maybe the header does but the text specifically refers to September 8, 2011 and September 15, 2011, which is, of course, bloody marvellous!!!

Awwwww maaaan... I was hoping it was releasing tomorrow like the carrier road map said. Seven more days isn't that bad though.

Haaaaa! To busy looking at the 8 didn't notice the 2010.
Funny... but seriously whats taking so long.

The actual source of this picture is from BlackScorpion3 from our forums.
aka BlackScorpion3 from OpenSourceBB
aka @Blkscorp33
aka King.

That's cool ... but where is the screenshot from? Neither this or the vzbuzz site say where the screenshot is from. I want to see it with my own eyes.

When I talked with our Verizon Rep about pricing he made it sound that it will probably be about what the Bold Touch is selling for....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

If the QNX phones are coming out in the beginning of 2012 would u wait for them? i mean you waited this long for a new storm like phone but the ones that will come out with QNX will be 100 times better and im sure by then QNX and blackberry will have access to the whole andriod market which means finally blackberry can compete with the iphone and other driods. hopefully the new phones will have a front facing camera and 5 megapixel is plenty 8 would be nice but 5 is fine. common blackberry i think the QNX phones are ur last chance to stay in this crazy iphone/driod market. i just hope the torch 9850 for verizon will be up to par for now.
P.S. Crackberry please cover more news on the future QNX phones we need updates at least once a week!!!!!

I sure am waiting for the QNX phones. Hopefully by then they will have glass screens again. I mean really, a plastic screen?!?!

Read the OP's subject line. This thread is about Verizon's release date. A)There are lots of other threads where people are interested in the glass/plastic debate yet you choose to post about it in THIS thread...TWICE. B) If you don't like plastic, don't buy the phone...and stop bit€hing about it.

Finally! Goodbye 9530 (dearly beloved, but time to RIP). And no, we don't want the 9900 CrackBerry Kevin--as "amazing" as that keyboard might be to you.

Re the QNX question--yes, there is a good argument to be made that we should hold out. However, these 9530s and 9550s are getting so antiquated/slow they[re really hard to put up with anymore (dust under corners of the screen, camera lens clogged with dust). And does anyone else really believe that RIM will meet its Q1 deadline? I think more like May 2012 is realistic. Does VZW do 1 year contracts?

i have my contract getting over in april next year with VZW.....should i wait for the QNX??
what do you think?...have storm 2 but its getting slow havent experienced os 6 either.....
pls advice.

Actually, the 2010 typo makes me believe this to be true. If we were to see Verizon advertise a picture without misleading hardware, or posts without typos, then I would say it's a fake.

The pic was taken off of Verizons internal "infomanager" site. Direct Fulfillment is telesales and online ordering. I know where it cames from and that it is to be released on the dates listed above in 2011 as I took the pic this morning.

I'm SO EXCITED! I've been waiting for this since the device was first announced! I've been using my Storm 1 since it launched, and I absolutely LOVE it mainly due to SurePress because of my fat fingers. Unfortunately my device is getting slower and slower and its really time for an upgrade, I'm gonna miss my old S1 :(

inch by inch, page by page it unfolds. The agonizing wait for Storm users. Finally we are...
at the last chapter of hopefully just a few more inches/pages.

NICE !! The 9850 is BB of choice ...for me (capacitive screen and Global capability)
..However this has taken so long to release, I may be waiting until QNX the following Qtr.

If I buy the 9850 later this month, will the device software automatically upgarade when QNX comes out in 2012 ?

spoke to verizon rep on the phone and she said it will launch september 8. Its in her system loaded and she quickly asked if i wanted her to call me on that day to place the order. You all know what i said :)

This device will be huge for blackberry!