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Unofficial F1 Live app now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

F1 Live for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jun 2011 01:05 pm EDT

Own a BlackBerry PlayBook and Love Formula 1? If so you'll be happy to know an F1 Live app recently popped up in App World. Take note, this doesn't appear to be an "official" F1 app (so the fact it's using the F1 name means it might not hang around App World for all that long), but if you love F1 you'll want to give it download regardless.  

Features on the F1 Live app include:

  • Live Race coverage right from Friday's Free practice sessions to Raceday!
  • Complete 2011 Race calendar with Results.
  • Comprehensive information of all Drivers and Teams.
  • Latest Driver and Constructor standings.
  • Profiles of each circuit from around the calendar.
  • Last season Driver and Constructor standings.
  • Latest News from the paddock.
  • Latest Tweets from Drivers and Teams on Twitter.
  • Socialize with our exclusive F1 Fan Forum.

Not a bad feature set for a first crack at an F1 app on the PlayBook and for a price of Zero dollars and Zero cents (yes, it's free) there's no reason not to give it a download. Keep in mind that with the PlayBook's awesome web browser the actual website works pretty well too. The only question now is who are you cheering for in this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal?!

Download F1 Live for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Unofficial F1 Live app now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I was a huge F1 fan, but the decision to go racing in Bahrain this year is so terrible that I certainly will not be supporting the sport if it does indeed go there from then on. It is morally wrong to race in Bahrain.

Its funny we took tobacco ads away from F1 to make it safer in a family friendly way and better for the world. Then we show up at a place where the government is paying for the race, but also killing its own people and then locking up doctors and nurses who upheld their oath to help those who are hurt, and injured. The fact that they killed dozens, injured hundreds and are now arresting torturing and charging doctors for supporting an overthrow of government makes me sick. I hope people here are F1 fans and will let the FIA and FOM and teams and sponsors know that it is a terrible idea to go racing in Bahrain.

Luckily this app is unofficial, so no money is going to Bernie, CVC, FOM, FIA etc.

Actually, I can't get the live timing feature to work either on BB Bridge or over a Wi-Fi connection on the BB PB. Maybe this app will work...