UNO HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Alicia Erlich on 19 Oct 2011 09:44 am EDT

UNO is not just any other game. It's more like an institution. How many of you out there played this game in one form or another growing up? I know I can't remember a time I wasn't UNO'ing with my parents on the kitchen table. Yes, we did in fact make up a word to describe our addiction. While you can't jump up and slam down a card while screaming UNO, all the classic elements are there at your disposal, including some new rules, all thanks to Gameloft. The version on the BlackBerry PlayBook is similar to ones released on iOS and Android and I'm thrilled it's finally come to the PlayBook. 

To recap for those who might be unfamiliar, players of two or more are dealt a hand of seven cards and must play a card that matches the one on the pile either numerically or by color. If they have neither they draw another card and this continues until a player gets rid of all their cards. There are also wild cards that change the color in play or penalty cards that cause your opponents to draw extra cards or lose their turn.

Users can choose from three different types of play: Quick Play (short game), Single Player (Tournament or Custom Mode), or multiplayer where you and up to three of your friends share the BlackBerry tablet to compete against each other. When I say share, I mean you literally need to pass around the PlayBook to each player for their turn.

The real challenge lies with tournament play as you face fifteen rounds of play with varying rules and computer adversaries. You have five chances to win each round so make it count. As you win each game you'll collect reward cups/tables, unlock new backgrounds, and new avatars for your profile.

Graphics are outstanding and more importantly the colors are vibrant and extremely sharp and clear. It's also smooth, so no lag or jerks whatsoever. As a side note, I have a screen protector on my PB so if you saw any dirt or my finger slipping, it's the shield not the game. 

Gameloft has done an oustanding job turning this simple card game into a great tablet application. One thing I need to warn you about is that this version lacks the online player mode available on other platforms so that is technically one thing that was lost. Hopefully they'll work on that in future updates. What are you waiting for? It's fun, addicting, and its only $4.99. Just don't beat up your tablet when you shout UNO.

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UNO HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I thought she said that was from the screen protector on her device? She makes note of it in her post.

Hi @Kat0908,

Alex from RIM here. I just wanted to clarify that the free premium app offer is only for BlackBerry smartphone customers as a “thank you” for the patience and loyalty following last week’s service disruptions. For a list of apps that are available, check out the FAQ on our Facebook page:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

I really don't think this app is gonna end up being free. It just came out not to long ago. Its a great app though. We're a big gaming family, so nights in a restaurant have been fun and enjoyable instead of hectic. I love my playbook, and UNO HD is the shizzle mannnnnnn!!!!!!

My 4 yr old daughter and I love playing this game on the PB, smooth, no lag, and vibrant colors. Worth the $4.99! Gameloft sets the standard for games on the PB hands down!

Indeed, Gameloft's really been raising the bar lately. Right up there with EA.... but until EA puts Plants Vs Zombies out, I'll be favoring Gameloft

How does multiplayer work on the single tablet?
Do you have to pass the tablet to the other player or something so that their hand is concealed?

You have to pass it to the next person, it instructs you when to do so and blacks out most of the screen. The only thing is that you should hold on to it until it tells you to, otherwise you're passing the tablet with your card hand showing.

I learned this quickly after playing with my roommate.

And yes, the touch isn't the best. Disappointing because I have Modern Combat 2 and Let's Golf 2 from them and both are spectacular with the touch.

I like this game but I swear the game cheats during the tournament mode. There have been a few times, when I have laid a "red 6" to which the AI wil then lead a "yellow 2" or "blue 4" or pretty much any other colour then red, a 6, or any of the special wild cards which, of course, is against the rules. I've seen this pattern occur at the upper end of the tournament modes primarily. Has anyone else noticed when the AI is playing a card that runs contrary to the rules of the game?

No way to play other PlayBook or other devices will keep me from buying. Some company will figure out a way to allow all platforms play a game such as this with regardless of what my friends have we can all play together then they will make the real $$.

hi i got a import playbook from US but i live in france and i can't buy uno HD and some others applications! can you help me please??!! what is the problem?thank you all.