Sprint Bold 9650 Factory Unlocked Out of the Box

Sprint 9650
By Adam Zeis on 21 May 2010 11:41 am EDT

In case you missed it in David's BlackBerry Bold 9650 review, a very cool feature of the new device is that is comes factory unlocked right out of the box. This means no more scrounging for unlock codes if you want to use the 9650 on another carrier. You will be able to use EDGE on North American GSM carriers as well as 3G providing the carrier supports the proper frequencies. Simply put - this means if you are on a GSM carrier and want to use the Bold 9650 from Sprint, you just need to pull it out of the box, pop in your SIM and you're good to go. Makes things much easier for international traveling. Although the yet to be seen Bold 9650 for Verizon is essentially the same device, it is highly doubtful it will boast the same feature.

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Sprint Bold 9650 Factory Unlocked Out of the Box


I didn't want to leave my 9700 either... but the absurdly slow T-Mo data speeds in my area drove me insane... Rockin' the 9650 now and loving the Sprint data speeds!!!

Yup! confirmed... ran MEPD in the SIM car section of the Advanced Options... sure enough... Everything is Disabled = SIM UNLOCK baby!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Hooray for Sprint! Every phone company should do this, I mean you're buying the phone right? And they'll give you the code if you ask, so why use it?

Are you serious???? So I could pick this up from Sprint or ebay or off the back of a truck (ha ha...I'd never condone the transfer of stolen products) and not have to switch to Sprint because they really suck where I am?! That is Freakin' AWESOME!!! I have AT&T and was thinking of switching to verizon when this comes out, just to get the phone, but I really prefer GSM. I'm so excited! NOW I want the 9650 BaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!

You can stay with AT&T and use these phones. i have the 9650 on my sprint line and the 9630 on my AT&T line, speeds are good and phone works nicely. pop the SIM in tell the network settings to auto grab AT&T and your good to go

So..I want to check on which frequencies de 9650 is capable of 3G over GSM...is is really cable of 3G network speeds on GSM or only on CDMA networks????

BlackBerry Bold 9650:
Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Single-band: 2100 MHz UMTS®/HSPA networks
Dual-band: 800/1900 MHz CDMA/EVDO REVA networks

You gotta love Sprint for this. I upgraded from the 9630, which was also unlocked out of the box. I'm glad Sprint does not cripple its devices like some carriers, hint: big red.

Can anyone tell me if the new 9650 has visual voicemail like the 9700 bold on ATT?

Thanks in advance

think thats just a app you can install on it. i've wiped some of my users BB and the visual v-mail icon came once it registered on the at&t network

I wish all of the new phones that come out were unlocked. Everybody could choose any phone and use it on the carrier of their choice. (Within the limitations of GSM vs. CDMA of course.)

Nice to see Sprint releasing the Bold 9650 unlocked at least you don't have to deal with there rude customer service just to unlock the phone xD

Touch Pro 2, 8830, 9630 and now the 9650. Sprint launch every world phone factory unlocked by default.

No, unfortunately. CDMA and GSM are two totally different animals. You'd have to know someone who works at Verizon and get them to put their job on the line to put the MEID into the Verizon database to be able to activate it on their network.

Uh...wrong, buddy. The 9650 is also a CDMA phone. It, technically, can work on Verizon if Verizon allowed you to add the phone to your account. Search before posting an answer which you have no clue about.

That's not really a new feature for Sprint world phones, the 8830WE and the 9630 both come unlocked out of the box as well.

That's the smartest thing I have seen Sprint do in a while. at&t is very easy to get your device unlocked but shipping it so will definitely get some more people to make the switch.

Nice job Sprint.

I've unlocked every Tour I've owned (insurance is a beautiful thing). All it takes is one simple phone call.

This is no longer a reason to prefer Sprint over another carrier.

except for the better plans and pricing than the Big V? and the fact that you can roam on Big V when necessary?

That is what they said about the Tour. They said it was going to be unlocked out of the box, so don't be so sure about that.

That is what they said about the Tour. They said it was going to be unlocked out of the box, so don't be so sure about that.