Unlocked BlackBerry Q5 now available at Best Buy

By Adam Zeis on 12 Sep 2013 07:55 am EDT

If you're in the market for a BlackBerry Q5 in the US you're in luck. Best Buy is offering up an unlocked Q5 online for $499. While it's still a bit on the high end of the price scale, at least Best Buy is making it easy for potential buyers to snag one easily. As this is an unlocked version you'll be able to use it on most GSM carriers with your current SIM but CDMA users (Sprint and Verizon) are sadly out of luck.

The devices are in stock now with a ship time of 1-2 business days so if you happen to be in a hurry to pick up a Q5 (and why wouldn't you be?) then they've got you covered. 

Purchase an unlocked BlackBerry Q5 from Best Buy

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Unlocked BlackBerry Q5 now available at Best Buy


yup, much like people think the iPhone 5C is too pricey at $550 this is also too pricey.

still, remember that one Thorsten told us about the Q5 being for emerging markets? lol

199 would be a contract price, you'll NEVER find any cell phone, new retail for that price.  399 would have been my price point.   And I agree the 5C should be cheaper also maybe same price or a little more, per haps 450?

I agree with Rob757, $399 is still too pricey for whats being offered-IMHO of course. This phone will not sale in the US without a subsidy. Not with these options available for kids/teens:


*This is not a teen friendly device (lack of apps and equipped with tactile qwerty keys.lol). The Q5 is an affordable business phone, not a teen phone. No kid is going to want a Blackberry...Sorry. Oh and by the way, having Blackberry plastered all over it doesn't help either. Take the loss and lower the price, so that more people can get the new OS in their hands. That will pave the way for the next generation of BB10-if there is one.

well it costs £230 in the UK box only, which is apx $365.

as a comparison the Q10 costs £499 or $790.

Uk figures include taxes, just thought id say for claritys sake.

I think it should be $100-150.
The Nokia Lumia 520 sells for that little without contract and people are buying it as backup devices, first time smartphones, and even a replacement for their water damaged, screen-cracked and/or uninsured smartphones!
If BlackBerry wants to gain the customers it once had, it would need to do something drastic like that.
But then again, Nokia did just got absorbed by Microsoft.

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Agree w/ Rob. It is too pricey. Should be more like $299 unlocked. Cannot see it doing well if Z10 and Q10 have not and those are better spec wise.... and of course no marketing (from what I have seen) for this device at all.

High margins and best value are not compatible. Going forward, Apple's business decisions will be trapped between shareholders expectations for profit margins and the reality of the mobile devices transitioning to a commodity market.

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If they offered it for 399.99 then I can see myself picking up one for a secondary/backup device.

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Best Buy has always been overpriced. The Q5 costs around $340-360 unlocked on Amazon. Which also seems kind of high, considering I got my Z10 for around the same price.

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This is true. Best Buy is generally $100 more expensive than, say, carriers. I remember checking when the Z10 had just come out, AT&T retail price was $550, but Best Buy had it for $650.

@ Shadberry - Yep. I see 354.99 here for Q5 on Amazon, and a few other versions (white) in the same range. Agreed with the comments here to the effect that BBRY devices are slightly overpriced - but does anyone with a better knowledge of this know why the discrepancy is so enormous ? We had the UK member here note how much less Q5 is over there. I bought my Q10 off Amazon, on a 2-yr Verizon contract, for just $69.99. I tend to sympathize that they *might* sell more devices with a lower price tag...but then again, how many people do you personally know with a Nexus 4 ? I know many, many with the following: A) iphone B) Galaxy S3 or S4 C) older LG phone or D) a Blackberry. I work with tons of musicians and business types and have not seen even one Nexus 4.

I know that for the Q5 this price is a bit much, but should BlackBerry just start doing this from its website? Offering non-carrrier-branded phones at full price?

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I've wondered (and posted) about this myself, and the plausible response I got was that such a move would not go down too well with the carriers.

Would it make much of a difference if the carriers aren't backing BlackBerry up? Since BlackBerry doesn't have a store in the US like Apple then maybe they should consider selling directly to the public

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Well, on paper they're backing BlackBerry up. So the argument was that BlackBerry would like to maintain whatever little relationship it has with the carriers and not "piss them off" by doing this.

Looks like they got all the BlackBerry phones unlocked and available. Its crazy that BlackBerry Bold 9900 is still expensive $399 unlocked. Its a quality product so I'm not so surprised

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Yeah. But he 9900 is dated, and that should be enough reason to lower the price.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

On amazon is around 360 plus shipping, the z10 is around 380 plus shipping (stl100-1 they don't have other model), anyway for extra 20 you get the z10, Imo too pricy yet

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Not going to sell well at that price point with other options out at better pricing.

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Here in UK I was gonna get a Q5 for my girlfriend's birthday. Too expensive. Had to get her a Sony android instead :(

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Yeah I feel it should be around 299, of course I'm not making it, but that's what the market indicates

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Why even bother manufacturing the Q5? The Z10 is at the same price point and the Q10 isn't much more.

The Q5 should at most be $300 tax in, take home. At this price, the Q5 isn't geared to be sold to regular consumers, but it's available.

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Wow. I honestly though 299 was going to be the price. So much for picking that up as a second phone. I can only imagine how much the z30 will launch at....

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The Q5 is selling for only 350 on Koodo (a Canadian carrier). I don't know why they priced it so high. It could be because best buy believes that there are people out there who are willing to pay that much. That kind of a good sign. But people might as well spend a little extra and get the q10

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I like the ability to purchase the Q5 unlocked, but agree with the consensus, that it's priced too high. I'd like to know how many Best Buy sells, at this price point, by year end.

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Bestbuy likes to mark cellphones up $100 or more depending on the brand when buying on no contract. Which stands the reason why you would probably find it lower on Amazon.

$500 wow good thing im not a completist lol

Then again i dont blame BlackBerry for this best buy has always been over the top with pricing.

Then again theit home theatre selection is pretty good.

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Wow... 199 and it would sell. This should come out in the us at $0-50 for all the businesses that buy phones for the employees. Q5 for the grunts and 10 for the managers. At 400 there's no way this sells. Or at 300 or 350 either. It's a $200 phone. Sigh

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A Nexus 4 is $200 unlocked direct from Google. Smartphone pricing is all messed up - not just for BB - but for everybody but Google.

Q5 budget phone? Hardly at a $500 price point. A person will go android or kick in a few bucks for an iPhone with an ecosystem.

The q5 should be priced at $200. Blackberry wonders why it's devices are not selling. It's the ludicrous pricing on an average phone.

If someone is already selling their Q10 on ebay for that low. Thats a good indication that their experience with it was bad-or its stolen.lol.

Pricing here is folly. Especially when you add taxes. If BlackBerry cannot produce a so called lower end devices without the profit margins they need, then why do it? So much of what this Co does runs counter to common sense and every business case I've studied. Sometimes I think they're trying to implode.

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Unlocked Z10 at Factory Direct for 399.99 this week. Mind you, its a refurb. But, personally I've never had a problem with refurbished stuff. Plus theres no stupid Enviro Tax on them.

Sad that the unlocked phones are not CDMA - same with the iPhones. If you buy the unlocked version it's basically out of luck if you use a CDMA carrier. Cell phone business in the US is such a mess.

Is there a version of the Q5 that will work on Verizon? I always thought this was a neat phone and think it would be cool to try, for the right price.

Maybe. But if so, in very very very limited locations. It would depend on whether or not Verizon has deployed any band 4 LTE. And once you step out of that area, BOOM--you'd be without service.

TL;DR version: don't buy for CDMA networks.

Good question. Do they price match third party Amazon sellers? I know they match sold-by-Amazon prices.

Actually I just checked and they will price match it. If you go to the Q5 on bb.com you'll see the "Low Price Guarantee" on the page. All you have to do is print out the amazon page and show them

Blackberry and Apple think alike. $499 for a cheap phone?
Apple will also be going downhill from here. Wait and watch how Android and even Windows phone take away market share from Apple. I guess Blackberry doesn't have much left at this point anyways. I do like the fact that they are making this phone available unlocked online. This is right way to go, especially in US.

The right price for this device should be $199 unlocked at retail level. I mean you can get a Z10 at Amazon for $365 why pay more for this phone? If this is truly an "emerging markets" device then why is it so damn expensive? Blackberry has the wrong demographic target and pricing for this phone in USA. No one will spend that kind of cash when the other option are way better phones for less money. The fastest growing segment in mobile right now is pre-paid, and at $199 this would be a killer device for that! Blackberry should look at what Nokia and MS have done with the Lumia 520, a great budget phone priced right at $99, that thing is flying off the shelves and giving Microsoft a fighting chance in the mobile space. Blackberry needs an affordable, high volume phone for BB10, that is if they really want to remain relevant going forward.

Lower the prices, BlackBerry! It's too dangerous to mark yourself as a premium cellphone company with these damn prices! What ever happened to that whole emerging markets things?

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Consensus: no one's buying a Q5 at Best Buy. You guys seem to think that the price will be the same in these "emerging markets"- and it won't. Last time I checked there wasn't a Best Buy in Nigeria or Trinidad.

Most idiotic pricing folks ever in any company. If people call the $540 iphone 5C as expensive then what would you call a Q5? I would any day buy a S3 or HTC Mini or a Note 2 or even the iphone 5C than this POS. No doubts BB hardly sells any BB10 devices and have stopped reporting any No of Devices shipped numbers. Come on now even the Z10 is available for $379 on Amazon. Then why would someone pay $500 for this POS. Blackberry team you SUCK!!!

I got my curve 8350 at best buy back in the day for $199. That was the device that got me into the blackberry family, I knew nothing of their greatness at the time, but bought it because of the price. I shudder to think how many opportunities like this blackberry are missing out on with this price point. Should be $199 I'm. (I have since graduated to a z10 after discovering blackberry.)

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Really needs to be $0 on contract like it is with a few of the providers in Canada...that's the only way this will move

But it is for $0 and for $49 on a 2 year contract. All Canadian Carriers carry the Z5.
This is just telling people that if you are interested in buying one off contract, then by all means, its available for X amount at Best Buy.

Two issues with the Q5 and why BBRY should have taken a different approach.
1) BBRY should have released both Q5 & Z5, to cater to the SCHOOL KIDS/TEENS/UNIVERSITY/COLLAGE etc. because many like the Q5, but would rather have a full touch, so they can show off to iPhone/Samsung users. They require CHOICE, and in this age, Choice is KING.
2) Q5 is currently too expensive. Should be at least $350 Max.

Like I commented on someone else's post, Best Buy will price match Amazon's price. If you look at the Q5's page it has the "Low Price Guarantee" badge. If you want one, go to best buy with the printed out page from Amazon and they will change the price for you. The Z10 on the other hand doesn't have price matching.

I got mine in Phone House Spain for €389 about a two month ago, still same price on the Catalog. I use unlock phones since I travel and change Sim Cards. Also got recently a Z10 on Ebay USA used for $360

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