'Unlocked' Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10 leaked

By Bla1ze on 24 Aug 2013 10:45 pm EDT

So, with a title like that you're probably wondering what exactly an 'Unlocked Android Runtime' is. Well, the Android runtime on BlackBerry 10 has certain limitations placed on it by BlackBerry so that they can control what things can and cannot be done within the Android environment. In the past, folks who sideloaded had to make use of debug tokens in order to get Android sideloads running better but no more. 

With this version of the Android runtime, the limitations have been removed and apps that previously worked better with a debug token no longer need them. Long story short, this will improve how your Android apps run and it reduces some of the hassle involved with sideloading Android apps onto your BlackBerry 10 device. The file itself consists of two .bar files, which you'll need to sideload using your preferred method.

Like all things, you do this at your own risk. Although it's been tested by various folks before release, it is in no way official and we're not responsible for what happens with your device should you decide to load it. As for supported devices, all BlackBerry 10.2 devices are supported here including all you STL100-1 users. Have questions? Looking for the download? Head on into the CrackBerry Forums for more info.

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'Unlocked' Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10 leaked


I wonder if it's more of like a dead stare lol. Would be sweet in it worked on PB though.

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lol just click and hold reply, then dont type anything and click post. i cant believe my eyes but it works

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Have no problem using debug token, But i am glad to see that there are more options to ease the access of new users

I've kept the 810 runtime for a while so I haven't been using the debug tokens. I agree that this is a huge step in the right direction for most users

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No. You still have to acquire the apk or bar file. So you can side load a free app really easy, which isn't piracy, or buy the apk file and convert it to bar. Which also isn't piracy.

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Android is a open os platform, can't perform piracy from a open source platform "facepalm". Maybe they should lock down like itoy if they don't want people to sideload!

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Has humanity's IQ fallen so low that one cannot differentiate "piracy" and "fair use"?

BlackBerry didn't make an emulator or something. The Android runtime is as Android OS an Android OS can get.

No, wait, Electronic Arts, is that you?

STL 100-1

When the app is free or ad supported I don't see who's getting hurt. The real piracy hurts someone. Get real. Honestly if we use ad supported apps we provide ADDITIONAL revenue. How can you liken that to piracy? I suppose you also think if I purchase an app on Android and convert it to a .bar I am pirating? Ffs...

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judging other person's IQ? he has a valid point. If you rip off the developer's app from Google Play and side load it, It is called Piracy!

I'm curious how it is "piracy" if it is a free app or if you buy a paid app and then sideload it to your BB10 device versus an Android device from an OEM? It isn't like I'm trying to repackage someone else's free app and sell it to make money. Use on a BB10 device should be no different in terms of legality as that of an OEM Android device.

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It might be possible that Google play terms have that restriction.

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

My question is where is the line to determine if it's piracy or not? Does running Windows on a Mac OS with parallel desktop considered piracy?

I know that it's not exactly the case here with BlackBerry, but with a few enhancements, BlackBerry 10 phones might even be running better than most androids phones.

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There are ways to legally acquire windows and load it on a Mac without pirating it and breaking TOS. For Android apps, unless the APK is made available by the developer outside of Google Play, there is no legal way to get the app on a Blackberry.

I wouldn't call it piracy, it is not stealing it and not paying for it. I would call it a breach of Google's terms and conditions which is different. If I buy an app from Google Play and it's not available on BB World then I will sideload it, if you decide not that's your choice.

Legal definition of piracy would be an act of downloading or sharing that causes some sort of loss or damage.

Care to tell how a developer would be able to show how

1. You signed a contract called Google okay tos?

2. They were damaged by you distributing a free app, with full credit providing advertisement/ additional revenue?

Obviously sites like apkmania and others exist but that's not the point.

Going to try modern combat 4 android and Arma tactics again.

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1. You accept the TOS by using Google Play. You know, those gigantic TOS that you accept when you use virtually any piece of software?

2. You distributed my app, I now require extra server overhead.

So sad

You know your position would be a lot more tenable if you weren't such a smug asshole. Try just presenting your facts (which I happen to agree with) without questioning their IQ or saying how sad it is. That sort of behavior just makes you come off as a child.

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Blame android for the ability to save a devs APK to an SD for import. If I use a free APK from Google play or pay for one to use on my BlackBerry I do not consider that piracy. I use Bluestacks. I'd like to see how this argument would hold up in court if I have proof of my purchases. It doesn't really matter though. Because Google would have to come after me and they won't because Android users are doing worse things for years. Devs can't complain either. They can port their app over in a few hours or less and support it for less than they think and not have a problem. Not like we are all sideloading. Most BlackBerry users don't even bother.

Amen!! I laugh at all of the whiners calling this piracy when piracy across the Android platform in general runs rampant. I'm not condoning downloading a paid app without paying for it or trying to repackage another devs free app to make money on it, but I certainly don't consider it piracy if I'm using the app as intended, whether on a device from an actual Android OEM or from BBRY.

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SMH. Are you guys playing lawyers now? Doesn't BlackBerry have its legal department that will ensure that implementing the "Android Runtime" is legally done? Is this argument for argument sake?

You seem to be awful butthurt about this. I seriously don't think Android devs are as worried about those avid BBRY users that sideload apps as they are with Android users being able to load apks of paid apps.

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By definition, making unauthorized copies of software, free or not, is piracy.

This is not an issue of piracy vs fair use,
It's more of an ethical debate on whether or not it is morally wrong to commit piracy when there is no actual loss occurring.

On the one side, it's not stealing because no one had been deprived of what is rightfully theirs.

On the other, there is the concept of branding. If the app does not function as intended due to its unauthorized nature, one could argue that the brand suffers, and the owner of the software incurs future losses due to this misrepresentation. Eg, oh I side loaded their last app and it wouldn't do what it was supposed to so I'm not buying this new one! They suck!

It's not piracy if the dev slows the app to be used and they do. If they didn't it wouldn't be able to get. Bar or. Apk files.

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Exactly. Their own fault for not easily repackaging and porting the app over to BB world. Don't like it? Port your app, or don't develop it for Android's Google Play. That simple. Users are not at fault for their perfectly viable OS being ignored.

Any chance that this means that 10.2 will bring the Android market place ;-) I know the answer is no but it would be pretty damned cool.

Not the whole marketplace (in the sense of a Google Play store) but the Android run time is supposed to be updated to jellybean which means not only will we be able to run the newest versions of side loaded apps, we'll actually be able to install apps that lots of android phones won't have acess to (because they don't have jellybean support). Interesting eh?

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Which apps were not running well or at all without the debug token? Curious, cuz this will be easy enough for me to load new apps.

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Will I have to take out my debug token and my .810 runtime to load this one? Or can I just tack this on top of what I've already got?

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You NEED to be using one of the 10.2 leaks for the runtime to work. It will not work on 10.1 or 10.0. And no, you do not need the debug token then.
Also you still can't record the video with this runtime and the converted bar, but you can upload from your library

Y'all might as well get an android phone and stop fooling yourselves. You're only sticking with BlackBerry because of allegiance.

No we're sticking with BlackBerry cuz it's a much better phone and OS.

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if you had ever compared multitasking on BB10 vs Android, you would know that with that capability alone BB10 proves it is superior to Android... The rest of BB10 superiority flows from that.

Very true! If ONLY Android phones had BB keyboards such as Q10 ones and also BB10 flowing system I would get one! So far they have 'high battery drainer phones'! Lol and I never liked any!!! Loving my Q10!!!

One of the main reasons I don't use Android is because it's a clusterfuck... and their the easiest hackable phone available. BBRY = Security.

I'm not sure how I feel about that shot of the PlayBook in there. Kinda mean. For a second I thought this would bring ICS runtime to the PlayBook, then I actually read the article. :-(

I spent the better half of the day installing 10.2 and ran into problems. Finally have it back to "normal" and I open CB to see this? Makes it all worthwhile!

lorax1284.. i guess we're the only ones concerned with security. i checked 5 pages in the forum about this leak.. and nobody asked about security.. i have a major issue with 'unlocked android runtime'. maybe blackberry isn't as dumb as we thought.. maybe they put in these android restrictions to protect our data from being stolen. if i wanted an 'unlocked android runtime' i would be on an android phone

If I didn't care about security I would have an Android phone, full stop. And I don't run Android apps on BB 10 - this seems to me (to use the polite analogy, I can think of a rude one) like having a nice, clean, hygienic kitchen and bringing in a greasy hot dog from a street vendor and eating it.

Good advancement and news but... still need a native or real 'Blackberry' Vine,Instagram,Snapchat app..

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YESSSSS !!!! THANK YOU !!!! This finally has worked to get Instagram 4.1.2 working on my Z10 !!!! Not an Official app... But at this point I'm loving that this isn't too far off !!!

Very nice guys I found the link on my pc but did not show on my phone. Instagram works flawless now. You are the best, like Ali in his prime.

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You did nothing, you are nothing and you know nothing yet you act like if you were the God behind this unlocked Android runtime. You act like if you knew everything about this since day one. You are a phony, a big fat phony

This great and everything but I still can't upload anything from my camera library to instagram. Help please! I have 4.1.2 installed

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Will test this now. Ive noticed the android security change in the current leaked build (1371) and will love to try this" unlocked " version for some applications that gave issues. Thanks for this one.


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Doesn't install or doesn't work? I don't know specifics but I believe it's to with Google. To use Drive you'd need to be able to sign which doesn't, as far as I know, work for any side loaded Google Apps, and apparently is also reason some apps like RBC, Canadian Tire don't work.

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So with these, is the same than with debug? I mean all same app that worked before with debug, now they'll work without it?

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Installed and so far this has been just amazing. No problems with many different apps loaded. Great work leaks team and thank you from I'm sure everyone here for all the hard work you put in

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Any word on Viber for the Q10? I tried it with this new runtime. Crashes when making calls and no contacts show up... :(

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Does downloading these make any Instagram work on Q10 ? And if so, can you advise which version please(if possible with link!) Downloaded a few and all comes with camera problem... Thanks!

It's so sad to see everyone excited over apps designed for the Android platform that BlackBerry users can artificially experience through the process of side loading, with the hope that it will work on our brand new BB 10 "smartphones". BlackBerry should make something that the others want, otherwise we will all eventually go [back] to our old and happy devices such as the iPhone or Android. What a rip off. If CB is an advocate for BlackBerry fans then we should speak up against low class innovation for fear of losing more and more market share.

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Thats dumb to say. Blackberry has great apps to, we just want certain apps that we like for example super nintendo emulator that i love. I dont think iphones have it because you cant import games to your sd card which you could on the bb10. The app is also like 3$ but you could get it for free just by searching for the apk on google.

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Whats a rip off? Your telling me its a rip off because you have to convert apps to get them? At least they care enough to give us the ability to do so. We basically have like 2 app stores we could choose from and It literally takes 3seconds to find an app on google. On a side note i just got 1 of my favorite games of all time to work with this unlocked runtime, super stickman golf 2 and it works flawlessly:D

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Why can't BlackBerry make it possible to run android os directly on their hardware without the need to sideload?

Am not too techy and have not been able to get the hang of this side loading

But I have seen some windows laptop work with android

BlackBerry can use a concept like their 'balance' whereby you can change from BlackBerry 10 directly to android os and work completely unhindered.

My 50 cents

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Because Google still has proprietary APIs that they make available to their devs. BlackBerry can only incorporate the parts of JellyBean that Google has deemed open.

Installed this, loving it, installed bunch of apps without debug and all good. New viber works much better

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Make sure to delete your Android apps first --> then install the runtime ---> then reboot using the volume keys --> then reinstall your side loaded apps

I'm sure you missed a step

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I was able to install the new runtime and not need to reinstall my apps. A reboot worked fine.

Posted via CB10

With this new leak, am I now able to technically sideload any / most apps designed for Android devices onto my BlackBerry Device?

If yes, is this not a big stability risk for my phone?

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running

I'm more interested in a way to remove the whole Android runtime from the phone. Can we do that?

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Great news Guys! ;) One simple question: how can I make a .bar file now from an .apk one? Which tool to use? Online converter? Because right now I've sideloaded just a few apps/games using the debug token method to convert apk to bar.. thx everybody!

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Love being able to sideload authentication apps for blizzard and other accounts that they refuse to make for bb10. Even security alarm apps and things of that nature is nice. I hope they keep this option to sideload available for those reasons alone.

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Got this failure note when installing sys.android file.

"Failure 500 cannot determine package-id"
Going back to .810 runtime for now.

STL100 on

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This is a good news... I can't wait for the official 10.2 so going to download the leak and install this baby on my zed 10... But first going to back up my phone and read the step by step guide how to install the leak... I guess people of all abilities are having fun with there new Bbry phones except me...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

Make sure u back up prior of doing the leak. It's very easy, if u have issues read all the threads here on cb everything u need to know is here. Good luck

Posted with a Zee10 on 10.2.1323 steroids

I recommended copying any pertinent files on device to memory card &/or desktop and removing memory card during the process. As it appears in many of the threads that restoring can cause problems, and after install is done security wipe is often recommend so backing up stuff manually works well.

Having been through this a few times I now have good idea what to transfer. I try not to keep anything in device memory.

It means a bit more work to reinstall and setup things again but 10.2.1371 has been worth it for me. I am beginning to for a love for my phone I haven't felt in a few years.

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Running smooth..... nice leak guys. left my token installed and just put run time over it working smoothly.

Posted with a Zee10 on 10.2.1323 steroids

Guys which Facebook and viber is working perfectly on Z10 after this update.... I do appreciate if you can provide the bar files for both applications

Posted via CB10

The Facebook that comes with. 1371 seems as good as any for me.

Meanwhile Viber doesn't load contacts for me anymore where as it (3.0.25 I think) was fine in 10.1. Neither 3.0.25 nor 3.1.1 have contacts in. 1371.

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Everything for me works fine with this update. Blackberry Z10 STL100-2 with and this update.

Tested so far without debug token Teamviewer, Temple Run 2, Candy Crash,Flipboard, Skydrive, All Synology Apps, Skype, iControlAV 2013.

With this can users of the Android Google Navigation Places Maps Log to their Google account and retrieve full functionality such as starrex locations...?

Thanks ! ... just hope that Blackberry will support Google Apps login in future releases of the Android runtime. This is important for the many users of Google applications.

So far everything is working like a charm!!!

Kik, Candy Crush, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Instagram, etc...

Chrome (says missing file) and Firefox (weird typing problem) browsers seemed to still have issues tho.

Posted via my  Z10 -

I installed the1371 after a secure wipe and then the unlocked runtime. Now the following apps that didn't work before are working properly: candy crush, my little pony, minion rush and angry birds. Live wallpapers don't work, at least the galaxy s3 dandelion live wallpaper. The game I would like to see working is Iron Man 3 but it would not start.

Posted via CB10

I agree, I would love to see Google Play added to the phone. It would help grow market share. Non-technical people need an easier way to load Android apps.

Does this Android emulator work better than .810?

Posted via CB10

Fully agree about Play Services.

For me the unlocked runtime seems as good or better than
.810 ver.

Posted via CB10

I want an update Android run time on my PlayBook! Anyone know how to side load that? :)

Posted via CB10

This works absolutely amazing thanks for all the hard work guys! This phone just gets better and better!

Posted via CB10

If your Android apps close instantly now after this leak was installed. Turn your phone off then turn it back on. That worked for me and now all my Android apps kick ass

Posted via CB10

And here is one of the problems with bb10. The average person isn't going to mess around with sideloading and workarounds. When folks spend $600 on a device they expect it to work like a $600 device. People don't have the time, patience and knowledge to continuously troubleshoot.

Doss anyone know is usb otg is coming with 10.2. I remember seeing it on the company roadmap.

Posted from BlackBerry Z10

Fair Use: something or material that have copyright on it but according to the copyright laws the individual allow to use for one copy as long as the individual not selling it for profit.

Piracy : something or material that you mess produce for the profit without the owner approval.

If you purchase the item, you can use on any device as long as not more than one.

Posted via CB10

Awesome! I don't get the whole debug token thing so this great. I'm now running hulu as well as some other stuff I couldn't get working before. Thanks guys at berry leaks.

Posted via CB10

So does, mean that when the 10.2 update comes out I won't need debug tokens anymore.. just to be clear. Or do I still need to install this.

Posted via CB10

that bar at the bottom of the android apps, at first they would show up when i first started the app then go away, now after installing this runtime, they're there permanently throughout your entire usage of the app... why?

My guess, misguided thinking by BlackBerry. Apparently it's there to stay. I hope they bring the swipe option with option to keep it there for those who may want it (why???).

Posted via CB10

looks like a permanent limitation (or better, an annoyance) just so that it forces app developers to create BB10 native versions of their android apps. if only it actually worked... the turnover is not going as fast as expected. Although I do like to mention that there is a good collection of apps (especially native) forming in BB World... constant additions everyday. And this runtime has allowed me to sideload and use many apps that didn't even open when I tried to run them before. Just wish that bar would be an option... and i do like the swipe option I used it a lot actually.

Oh...up north. can't wait to get home and put this bad boy on my Z

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

Not wanting to sound dumb but can any one tell me in lay mans logical terms if 10.2 OS will support android apps as a default built in interface ?

This works great!!!! Ez to sideload and runs the android apps i wanted flawlessly, i can honestly say my phone is way better since i got the crackberry app and started trying all things recomended, i run latest 10.2 with this android player and ive tweaked my phone in evry possible way thanx CB for making my phone standout even among other z10's!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Running smoothly. Does need a reboot after installing but is smooth thereon. Thanks for this!

Posted via CB10

I find that's it a bit slow in loading the apps compared to the 810runtime. Should I restart my phone.

Posted via CB10

Oh my, I dove into the 10.2 leak and this runtime... Audible works like a charm, I'm in heaven!!

Posted via CB10

Can't even lie this is official - got everything I need and barely use my iPhone 5 now. Only thing I wish the z10 did better was updating the camera.

Posted via CB10

I'm so freaking tempted to load the leaked 10.2 because of this! But I'm not as techy as you guys are, and too afraid that i might not be able to repair my z10 if i brick this. :(

Z10 any day

Take the leap! You're as techy as you dare to be. Read the forums for a day including the how-to-recover posts just in case, carefully follow the steps outlined to sideload, and if something does go wrong, head back to the forums and this great community can walk you through recovery too.
Blackberry 10 is a lot easier and more friendly to do OS upgrades and tweaks than previous generations.

This might sounds stupid, but how do you get this to work? It's a .bar file and it won't open. Anyone help?

It isn't piracy, I hope all of you read some libertarian texts. You can start with Mises and Rothbard, but firstly Mises, The Human Action. There's no such thing as intellectual property ;)

Posted via CB10

Wow what a great leak. I am able to use all android apps on BlackBerry now, even viber too. Thanks buddy. Keep your great work on.

Posted via CB10 on my Awesome Z10

Two words......bad a$$!!!!!! thanks!!!!! I'm running BlackBerry apps and Android apps and it's fast and smooth as a mofo!!!!!!!!!

Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10

Great update. I'm sure I speak for every one when I say "we appreciate the good work" down at crackberry and berryleaks.

Posted via CB10

Loaded and running smooth....both IG and Candy Crush are running like a dream!

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

Why never think to remove the limitations, even the reduces as well, so the apps can run smoothly on BlackBerry, without any issues. I know that if that is the case, it is better that we buy android phone, but I love my blackberry bcoz its exterior design, the hub, and etc. Also with this the security will vulnerable, if that the case, BB should create another OS with high security, and the runtime can't be patched, and let the consumer choose, what is good for them.

Posted via CB10

Wow, am I the only one having sounds issues with this one? More Apps work, but no sound on any side loads or android Apps from BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

It works awesome BUT, BUT the three icons underneath the screen (call, search, photo) do not appear. Therefore, do not work...
I'm deleting it...

Posted via CB10

Awesome! Thanks for posting and working so hard on these leaks. Love that I can rock my preferred OS AND run all the apps I needed to, no compromises.

The old version of Google Maps no longer shows the public transportation schedule. (Sigh)

Posted via CB10

You have to uninstall ALL Android apps first, otherwise it won't work. I bet dollars to doughnuts you have an Android app or two that you don't realize are Android ports. (There really are the rare few that run as smoothly as a native app.) Reboot your phone and then startup any "questionable" apps. If there's a progress bar at the bottom when you open it, it's an Android app. Also, if it has the back arrow followed by a blue slash "< /", it's probably an Android app. You have some app sloothing to do, my friend. Once you track it down and uninstall it, then you can successfully load up the new runtime. Enjoy!

The only thing i want is the Navionics app. Has anybody been able to port this over? I have the bar, but it keeps crashing :(

I need help. I've loaded the unlocked android runtime on my z10 running Still asking for debug token when trying to side load bar files. 881 error. Please help

Posted via CB10

im running on my z10. i also sideloaded the unlocked android run time on my z10. every time i try to sideload an bar file it says 881 no debug token found. where did i go wrong.

I don't have 10.2
Now I have installed. Android Runtime

Any my z10 have crashed.......is not opening app again

Help pls