Unlock your BlackBerry quickly with BerryCracker - $9.99 through June 4th

By Adam Zeis on 31 May 2010 11:34 am EDT

There are plenty of reasons to unlock your BlackBerry Smartphone. If you have a device from one carrier you want to use on another; if you will be traveling and want to use a local SIM; or if you will be selling the device, having it unlocked can increase the value. No matter what the reason, BerryCracker is here to help. Just download and install the app, fill in a few bits of information and submit. BerryCracker automatically pulls all the necessary information from your device so you get a working code every time. After submitting, you will be emailed an unlock code and detailed instructions instantly (my code showed up before I even exited the application) and you're done. Just follow the steps, enter the code and your device is unlocked. You can grab the app now through June 4th (good for one code/one device) for $9.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

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Unlock your BlackBerry quickly with BerryCracker - $9.99 through June 4th


Now, I don't know ALL carrier policies and the such, but I called my carrier, and within hours I had an unlocked phone. Total cost: $0.00! Now the question is, if you buy this program, can you move it to another phone and unlock it, but don't have to pay $9.99 per phone?

The article clearly states that it's only good for one device and one code only. Also, not every carrier gives out free unlock codes.

Been with two carriers (actually three, but two with blackberry smartphones) and both were free. I DID say I don't know the policies of ALL carriers I do believe. :-P I would love to hold of the software most of these places use, then maybe I can scam..er make some money too! ;)

At&t will provide an unlock code free of charge but their policy has always been your account must be in good standing and past the 90 day mark. This can be an issue for someone who is getting new service and traveling out of the country and/or wanting it unlocked before that hits.
At&t has also recently stated that it will provide unlock codes for all phones except the iphone. I have had 5 BBRY'S with at&t and unlock code comes within the hour anytime I upgrade.
I'm sure people will use this app for the simple reason they don't like to wait or are outside the guidelines for receiving a code.

Glad I won that free unlock code in a contest not too long ago. Although, I may have to by this app if I decide to get that White 9700...


Getting a 9700 next month. Won't be white tho! :-O It'll take one phone call to get that one unlocked as well. Wish they would offer more colors though.

This doesn't work for CDMA carriers is that correct? Because like Telus, there is no SIM card and the phone is strictly attached to their network. Ex: If I bought the Pearl 9100 from Telus, I couldn't unlock it and use it with Rogers.

The Pearl 3G for Telus is actually an HSPA+ phone and uses a sim card, so it can be unlocked and used with rogers.

I found a guy that charges 99 cents on ebay for any blackberry, so uhhh why pay $10 for 1 device when I could get 10 out of ebay?

I have a storm with verizon...is there any reason to unlock it just for personal use? is my phone already unlocked? will it get me more memory for apps?

Your phone is not unlocked and there isn't a reason to unlock it for personal use within the United States. It won't free up more memory either.
Unlocking it would be good to do before you sell it because it will add value to the device if you want to ebay/craigslist. Other than that no need.

Unlocking is good if you ever plan to travel outside your country. When you get to your destination, you can buy a local SIM card and pop it in and not pay long distance/roaming charges to your carrier back home.

Finally. Been trying to get my bold unlocked for a while.
Either it was too expensive or people could't unlock it.
Vodafone India, all it took for 5 mins and 5 tries. Got done
With the last code they send.

This app is a complete waste of cash.... go on ebay, search unlock, but it now for .99 to 1.99 $ and email your IMEI..... unlock your phone...... thats it

That's what I'm trying to tell everyone but apparently they rather fork over 10 times the amount for a stupid app you only use once

Why don't you call your service provider and just say that you are going overseas and you need to have your phone unlocked? Cost $0.00

maybe 3 years ago yes...now there are so many legit services that offer great prices...its not worth it.

and if anyone is thinking of buying this...try calling your carrier first...youd be surprised!

My work just upgraded us to the Bold 9700 and said that we could keep our T-Mo Curve 8320s if we wanted. I got in on the free unlock deal last year "just in case". Now, I gave my wife the Curve to use on AT&T. She had a Pantech Duo and didn't really like how thick it was. She loved the 'berry. I just swapped out the SIM card and it works great. I did a complete wipe of it and hid all the data icons so she doesn't use any data. She just uses it for text and SMS and it works like a charm.

What in the world is the point of paying $10 for this app when you can get unlock codes on eBay for $0.99? I just did it with my old Verizon storm a few months ago when my first Bold 9700 took a crap. After I paid they emailed me my unlock code in an hour.

$10 for an app that can only be used on one device? LOL what a rip

If I unlock my Verizon tour then wipe it to install a new OS will I have to re-enter the unlock code?

I contacted Bell Mobility with your suggestion and they replied "I regret to inform you that we do not provide the lock code for the reason that you require it for."

I'm not sure what reasons they would consider, but international travel isn't one of them. Other than the app, any other suggestions?

I have a Verizon storm and I bought my unlock code on ebay to paid the 99 cents and emailed my IMEI number and got my code in 2 minutes and it worked now I use my storm on AT&T!!