Unlimited BlackBerry Data Hits Canada - $30/Mo. on Bell

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 May 2008 03:56 pm EDT

Bell Gets Unlimited Data

Good News for all the Hardcore BlackBerry Addicts on Bell in Canada today... effective immediately:

Bell clients can do more things in more places, using new features that offer unlimited access to personal email, the Internet, and popular Instant Messenger applications. 

For only $30 per month, clients can enjoy unlimited personal email, Internet and BlackBerry Messenger or Windows Live Messenger access with new features designed for BlackBerry and PDA smartphones. A minimum $30 or higher rate plan is required to subscribe to and benefit from these features.

$30 for unlimited data...SWEET. Now let's compare this to Rogers in Canada, where the closest thing they have is the recently upgraded $100/month for 1 GB of data (used to be 200MB).

Big Thanks to JC for sending this in. Re: Image...I know it's not a BlackBerry..but I Love that Beaver!

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Unlimited BlackBerry Data Hits Canada - $30/Mo. on Bell


Telus has already been offering this for some time, they even had it for $15 for a while and are currently at $30.

Yeah Telus has had this for sometime now, so the news is nothing breaking, other then Bell clients can finally get the same thing that Telus clients have been getting for over 6mths now.

At least 'Hell' clients can finally get a better rate plan. Too bad about 'Robbers' though. ;-)

~ posted via my BB8330 on Telus ~

That is not really a big deal. I have an unlimited data, IM and email plan that I got in January that only costs me $15 a month (no longer available). I added a new phone and plan to my Telus acct 2 months ago for my GF who has an unlimited data plan IM and email for $30. So it would seem that Rogers is the company that is falling way behind.

Rogers really needs to shape up at this point and just launch the same damn thing, the only thing they have that is keeping me hanging on at this point is the fact they will be one of the first carriers to get the Bold...I have the 1GB for $100 plan as well as their "crippled" $15 plan on another BB of mine but if they don't meet up with other carriers soon, I'll suffer through the wait and go get some me some CDMA love from either Bell/Aliant or Telus.

Bell finally gets an unlimited plan, but you can't add to any plan, the plan must me equal or greater than $30/month and can't be added to share plans which I think it's stupid. Bell provides share plans so it makes everything easier if you have more than one cell phone in the house but has promotions that can't be added. I have a BlackBerry and am one user of 3 sharing one plan that costs over $150+/month. I feel that anyone that has a BlackBerry data plan should be eligible for the unlimited plan and think it's stupid for those like me who are on a share plan to be stuck with 4MB for $25 because we don't meet the requirements. Anybody know if you can add the unlimited to a share plan with Telus?

Ok... lets make this VERY VERY VERY clear...

this title is very misleading unless i am wrong...

there is a difference between Unltd DATA and Unltd Email...

Unltd Data means that i can surf the net as i wish, download youtube video and use as much Data as my little heart desires, that also includes Email and IM and any apps that use data...

I know bell had the unltd data for $15/m that is ONLY email. so if i surf the net and load up 30megs of data, that is going to cost me one million dollars (sarcastic)

Please clarify your post and may be we need more research,


the unlimited e-mail i have with bell. Once you have that you can not even use the internet they take off the browser and everything. It sucks but o well. I have my BBM!

It's unlimited E-MAIL AND WEB so go load up on as much bandwidth as you can by doing whatever, you won't be charged! (other than the 30/month)

Now that it's published on Bell's website... can't you call Rogers and make some sort of deal?

I'm pretty sure Rogers won't pass up on a new customer or let go of an existing one as well....

You can bargain with Rogers, but they will never match the plan..they will give you monthly service credits,maybe toss in some MTM(Rogers To Rogers)..possibly some canadian long distance and free text messaging....but they will NEVER match the plan...they will even go so far as to say give you a pearl for $40-50 (8100) with no contract extension...I've been around the loop with Rogers enough times to know..matching plans is NOT their thing...btw...you gave Rogers too much credit in saying they won't wanna see you go as a customer.

My monthly bill with them is approx. $500 a mnth...they have bent over backwards in the way of credits, cheap devices even gone so far as to send me free accessories...but data plan pricing is something they have YET to budge on, they would rather have me port my #'s to Telus/Bell then offer me a $30 Unlimited data plan.

Telus has had unlimited data plans since Christmas. $15 for unlimited email and BB messenger (web blocked) $30 for unlimited email, IM and web. the only thing is that data tethering is not included and ends up being $8/mb

For all the people saying Telus has had the same plan for months now, it's not about that...some people don't wanna go with Telus...some people don't wanna go with Rogers...it's all about options and finally it's good to see more of those options available..

Stupid Rogers... What good is GSM if i have to pay out my ass to get what other people are getting for $30. As soon as Telus or Bell come out with a Black curve like Sprints im out

that Telus has had it for blah blah blah.

1) I'm not on Telus.

2) I wouldn't go to Telus

3) Now I don't have to consider it.

THank you Bell!

Congratulations to everyone over at Bell, this is great news.

If I didn't feel bad enough already getting 4MB's of data for $25/month from Rogers, I'm really envious now.

I just sent an email to Rogers pointing out this new development, and will follow up with phone call inquires... and I suggest every other Rogers wireless customer do the same.

Maybe rocking the boat a little will plant the same seed at Rogers!

Rogers can't afford to give this data plan, it was his B-day yeasterday, he wanted to kick all his customers in the butt to show them he is still in charge of wireless.
Going to call rogers this morning and complain.

Just signed up ... Awesome, gonna save me a bundle.

Notes* If you use your Berry as a modem in Canada, charge is $15 + MB Usage ($8/MB), if you use it in the US $8.00 - US Data is billed at $8/MB

My previous plan was $40 for 8MB, $8.00 for US data no additional charge for modem use in Canada (was included in the 8MB at $40) US modem use was $8

So since I never use the Berry as a modem I save the $10 bucks + can surf/msg/email to my hearts content!

Call in.

It's there.

It's on my account since yesterday.

It's on 2 others accounts at work.

It's not a scam der.

You'll have to call them, its not on there site yet, just started on the 26th according to the CSR I talked too...

I'm rockin' Telus here in ON, Canada and I only pay $15/month for UNLIMITED DATA!

Top that Bell & Rogers! :-)

Kevin I don't think we are not comparing the same thing. I am on one of the Unlimited Telus Data Plans and love it but the big difference is that the phone must be on a BIS account. I am confident that you are unable to put the phone onto BES. Obviously with the pay per meg plans (with Telus, Bell or Rogers...) you have the serious advantage of everything with BES as long as you have one available to go on.

It would be great if Rogers stepped up and made a unlimited data BIS account but the current $100 for 1GB would still be the only option for many professionals that require or want the advantages of being on a BES.

Let me know if any users are on an unliimited data plan with Telus or Bell for $15 or $30 AND are on BES!

Love the site.

hey guys, i am with bell $30 plan unlimited. What is BES VS BIS? Any thing i need to be worry. I am using PIN TO PIN and emails attached documentation work. Anything i need to worry with bell, Pls advice

hey guys, i am with bell $30 plan unlimited. What is BES VS BIS? Any thing i need to be worry. I am using PIN TO PIN and emails attached documentation work. Anything i need to worry with bell, Pls advice

naw, your good. lol, its just if you work for a big corporation and they gave you the phone you need to worry. BIS means you log into bell.blackberry.com to setup your e-mail. if so, your set to go, NOTE TO ALL UNLIMITED IS SUBJECT TO REASONABLE USE TERMS.

I am waiting for some selfish jackarse to use 3 Gb in a month and ruin it for those of us who have lives and use things the way they are intended and not to download movies on their dmn cell phone

Rogers is going in a different direction with their data.

When they come out with the iPhone, very soon, they will be offering a much better data plan.

But as far as Blackberrys go they want to keep that as an over prices thing for small business and corporations.

You have to also consider that they recently offered a unlimited browser plan for $7 or less with a package but this is limited to non smartphones.

rogers may not advertise an unlimited data plan, that doesn't mean they wont give you it! all you do is call and complain and they will give you whatever you want (helps if it is advertised with another carrier). i got unlimited data from them for $15 when tules had the deal on!


I work for Rogers and they say that they have reached the limit of wireless subscribers and that they don't need to make deals any longer. Good luck in getting any data deals and I find it a bit hard to believe they gave you unlimited data other than the $15/mth unlimited email plan we currently have.

I have checked with a contact at Bell Mobility; there is a cap:


....any unlimited data plans that are being offered do have an upper limit. In Ontario and Quebec the upper limit is 1 GB. Out west the limit is 250MB.

Once a user goes over the limit they are automatically cut off.

Also the plan is limited to e-mail and web browser from the mobile device only and data from an attached laptop is not permitted.


You can also get 1GB for $65 @ Rogers but not for the Blackberry. At least Rogers markets it as 1GB and not Unlimited.

And why would Bell have geographic discrimination unless it's a matter of insufficient back haul infrastructure availablity in western Canada?

Just tried to get the unlimited plan and they say you can't receive business emails with it. Its only for personal use and you can access personal email through the browser. If you want to get business emails its $15 per meg which really sucks, oh well.

Knew it was too good to be true :-)

What do you mean when you say that you can't receive "business emails" under the plan? What is a business email?


Any email that gets sent from an blackberry enterprise server is not included. The email that bell are talking about are hotmail, gmail any of the web based emails you can access from a browser.

Why are Canadian carriers so different then those in the US? Why doesn't everyone have unlimited data from the start? And why can't one take their cell number with them to another carrier like the US? Is the FCC actually adding value here ;-) ? Hmmmm......

It's a real joke.. I'm on the phone with Bell now..

They can't add me that plan because I'm on a less than 30$ plan..

You'd easily chew through 4MB on a monthly plan and pay the difference in overage charges; if you stepped up to the $40/month plan, you'd still be paying more.

Either way, win win for Bell users.

When you guys posted this I called Bell right away to ask if I could get it. They were like how did you know about it since they just found about it at 5am. I'm like from the crackberry site. They are like how did they know that and what is the "Crackberry" site . I explained it and they are like they must be reliable if they know this. Then they had to let me talk to the supervisor and he told me to explain more about it and so I did. Then he told me they will not be adding it until 4-5 days online. Which Sucks! but still you guys have the NEWS!

Love yeah.

The plan though IS BES-compatible unlike those plans that Roger and Telus offered earlier this year which is a huge step in the right direction.

Hey I have been looking on the Bell.ca site and cannot find it. Can someone please show me or give me a link for it? I want to see all the information. This would mean alot thanks.


Did Bell offer you this plan only to revoke it afterwards?

If so, don't let them get away with it. I was offered the plan, I accepted it, and it was confirmed on my account. 3 days later, my browser disappeared and I learned that if you pay less than $30 per month on voice plan they won't give you the $30 unlimited data. The rep told me that many people were the victim of this mishap.

This is illegal. If they offered it to you and you accepted, its a legal contract, and they must honor it. There is proof of this as its on the notes on your account.

Contract and Consumer protection laws (ie Bait and Switch) are on your side, so if Bell took this away, demand that they uphold the deal for you.

Please post to this site if you have suffered the same fate as me - as I am going to pursue this with Bell - It's a matter of principle.