Univision Videos App Streams Top-Rated Programs to Your BlackBerry Smartphone

By Adam Zeis on 11 Mar 2010 10:56 am EST
Univision App

This past week Univision announced a new app that allows users to stream top-rated programs through their mobile browser. The Univision Videos app makes available news, sports, entertainment and popular TV shows, right from your device. You can check out big name programs such as Sabado Gigante, el Gordo y la Flaca, Cristina, Republica Deportiva, Escandalo TV, Primer Impacto, Noticiero Univision and much more. The layout is easy to navigate, and the streaming is some of the best to date. The app is 100% free and a great way to keep up with all the latest happenings. Head to BlackBerry App World for more information or to download.

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Univision Videos App Streams Top-Rated Programs to Your BlackBerry Smartphone


Or if you live in America and speak Spanish or just enjoy watching Spanish variety shows (some of the women on those variety shows put the Deal or No Deal girls to shame). :-)

So you go to the link provided here, then enter your email addy and receive an email with a link back to the same page as this?

Is this app no longer available or what?

Anyone, with the app installed, can you post up a working link to the app? Please :)

I downloaded to my TMO 9700 and cannot get any videos to play or any lists of videos to appear. Not sure if it is a BES setting, but all other apps of a similar nature work fine. Tried wifi, EDGE, and 3G - same result. Anybody get this to work?

Apparently it doesn't work for the Storm 2 on Verizonwireless.
One of the few apps I've tried to download and it won't work.

I'am in the app world on my storm and there is no link or button to download it. ???? now what???? Looks great only if I could download it.

i cant believe univision made this app... not to say its not needed for some people, but its just hard to see univision catch up to technology before some other more popular local channels or cable channels..

Just because it's Univision doesn't mean that they can't be ahead of some of the other stations. If you look at some of the ratings, some of the morning shows on Univision and Telemundo has more viewers then shows like Good Morning America and the other popular morning shows.

But anyway... where's my 9530 support???!!!