Univision Upgrades Entire Mobile Fleet with 2,000 BlackBerry Q10 Smartphones

By Adam Zeis on 26 Aug 2013 08:21 am EDT

Many corporations are replacing their entire fleets of mobile devices with BlackBerry 10 and Univision is the latest to join that club. Univision has announced today that they will be upgrading their corporate issued devices with 2,000 newly purchased BlackBerry Q10 phones. Univision chose to go with BlackBerry 10 for their enterprise benefits, security and total cost of ownership. 

Press Release

Univision Communications Inc launches UVideos App for BlackBerry 10

NEW YORK, NEW YORK and WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - August 26, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY) (TSX: BB) and Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, today announced that Univision has purchased 2,000 BlackBerry® Q10 smartphones to upgrade all corporate issued BlackBerry smartphones. In addition to upgrading their entire mobile fleet, Univision is offering new BlackBerry® 10 apps on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront.

Univision has more than 60 local broadcast TV stations and nearly 70 radio stations, and uses BlackBerry as the backbone of their enterprise mobility and app development roadmap. When evaluating the latest smartphones available in today's competitive marketplace, Univision chose to invest in BlackBerry because of the clear enterprise-ready benefits, including security, user experience and total cost of ownership.

"The new BlackBerry 10 operating system is an enterprise-friendly and enterprise-ready platform for getting things done," said Univision CIO Christopher Furst. "BlackBerry has listened to the functionality we have asked for and continues to develop products that enable Univision to support employees working remotely."

With BlackBerry Q10 smartphones, Univision employees have the classic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard, re-engineered with predictive typing that's paired with a touchscreen display. Employees are able to continue to be efficient in the workplace no matter where they are with features such as super-fast browsing speeds and Documents To Go that enable customers to update charts in spreadsheets, make last minute edits to documents and give interactive presentations. BlackBerry® Balance™ also enables employees to access both personal and work data, without compromising security.

"At BlackBerry, our goal is to arm enterprise customers such as Univision with a mobile platform that keeps them moving and connected to their business," said Stephen Bates, Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Accounts at BlackBerry. "Univision has an international, fast-paced workforce and that's why they chose BlackBerry 10 as their mobile device platform. The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone's advanced hardware, communications and multimedia features, along with long battery life, means employees can confidently stay ahead and take action all day long."

Univision's BlackBerry 10 App Offering

The desire for culturally relevant digital video for Hispanics is at its peak as more than 75 percent of the U.S. Hispanic population own a smartphone and consumption of online video has soared 282 percent over the last five years. Through the UVideos app offering on BlackBerry World, customers can now enjoy thousands of hours of the most popular content among Hispanics in both Spanish and English on BlackBerry 10 smartphones.


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Univision Upgrades Entire Mobile Fleet with 2,000 BlackBerry Q10 Smartphones


Not easy being first but someone's gotta do it. *wink*

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Great News! They should put out a press release for every single company that switches to BB10, even if it's for 10 phones . This will at least suppress some of the negativity and is good publicity.

I remember when the whole Internet was going crazy because a big mall in the UK was switching employees from BlackBerry to Nokia. They were switching only 100 phones and everyone was saying it was the end of RIM (at the time). I had people coming to me ans saying "did you hear that a a big mall is dropping RIM"?

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This is good news but nothing outstanding as its hardly 2000 devices which is very meager. I was expecting many such PR on companies supporting BB10. But they are way too less :( I am sure if there were many such companies BB would leave no stone un-turned to inform of the same via PR. The best marketing dollars spent by Blackberry are by sponsoring Mercedes F1!! Thats a great way to widen brand presence.
Also Blackberry urgently needs to get BBM on IOS and Android as recently there was in news that likes of Watsapp, Viber etc are easily hack-able. SO Blackberry should take a lot of milage of this news and go full swing ASAP!!

Corporate sales will not come in waves for at least another year. We tend to follow major changes. We need to be working today on what it is we do and not be fumbling with the latest and thee greatest. It is easy for a consumer to go get a new phone. It takes time for large corporations to implement a new platform.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Not every company has press releases regarding BB10 deployments. I know for a fact that my previous employer, Cameron International (fortune 500 with 24k employees), upgraded to BB10 early on and never made an announcement. As BB10 matures, rest assured that more and more companies will come on board. 10.0 just wasn't ready, I think 10.2 is.

Exactly. Not all customers are willing to generate a PR announcement, or are even allowed to based on their business policies.

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While 2000 devices isn't a massive number, it is another 2,000 devices out in the market. Another 2,000 people who can influence the people around them by saying "Hey, work gave me this BB Q10 and it actually kicks ass!" Then allow the spin off effects of others buying a BB 10 phone. While you're right in saying 2,000 is meager; you fail to see the big picture. Afterall even the smallest stone has a rippel effect in the ocean.

You could look at the negative aspect of it like that yes. Or you could look at it like:
With 2,000 more Balanced enabled devices out there. This company does business with how many more small/medium-sized businesses? They give a presentation using their BB10 device, meanwhile sidebar discussions occur about Balance and the BB10 platform. Then another small/medium-sized business signs up. Then ripple continues.

For BB to make a comeback successful it needs to hit its grassroots which made it famous in the first place, corporate and government. From there the spin off will occur into the consumer market.

Why would you turn something so positive in to a negative? You sound like the media. Keep it up BlackBerry!

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You referring to me? If so then you need to reread what I wrote because there's nothing but positive in there...

OK, but krillin's comment wasn't negative. They were musing able the possibility that those 2000 phones owners not have to upgrade their personal phones... because bb10 can replace them. Thus taking some personal market share back.

Like a reverse byod effect. It’s all good.

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Got it! The joys of typing comments. It's like texting your girl to only have her get prissy with you and leave you confused as to why.

No I was referring to shah. Still trying to figure out how this reply stuff works.

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They will in time.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Great news for blackberry and a step in the right direction....hope other enterprise users take this same approach

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Maybe they know something we don't. There has to be a reason companies are still putting faith in BlackBerry like this and why apps are still being released.

Oh noooooo, maybe things aren't as dire as all that.

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I'm confident the media can find a way to spin that negatively towards BB.
Not being pessimistic, just realistic.

You ate absolutely right. The media headlines will read "BlackBerry 10 gains meager corporate support" as opposed to "BlackBerry 10 convinces yet another corporation of its superiority "

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Where was that announced? Curious because that would for sure jolt the stock higher, yet it is still below the previous day's close.

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If it was for real you can be sure blackberry would run with it. If it is real there may just be delays for "official" word.

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The problem with Gadget Masters is they are looking at the statistics of just ONE DAY. That's not how you get proper data. You need to get the data over a period of one or two weeks. Note, that even two weeks' average is 5.1% which is better than what we had seen before.

This is wonderful news indeed. Aside from the Enterprise benefits, just the gain in productivity as a results of BlackBerry's OS makes even more sense. I hope other companies, governments and institutions take notice here. Last time I checked, running a business has alot to do with productivity.

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Definitely good news. As long as BlackBerry continues to work harder and diligently, things will turn around.
BlackBerry for life!!

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Do you not see his username? "KillJoyHere" obviously means he prowls the forums so he can be a troll.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

Or did he mean "Blackberry is here to stay" ? Sometimes language is ambigous, like the old joke "He walked down the street and turned into a store!"

This is good news! I hope more of these press releases show up in the near future. The best marketing BB can get is having their phones out there.

person: "Oh, you guys are still using those crappy BB's?"
univision employee: "This is the new BB and it's pretty amazing!"
person: "Tell me more!"

'the news of my death has been grossly exaggerated '.

BlackBerry alive and kicking in the wild.

The duopoly of Apple and Samsung is running out of steam.

A budget IPhone and a flip phone from Samsung? Really? In this day and age?

If that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what will .

I wouldn't be putting any 'For Sale ' just yet.

Time for some joint ventures. A decent lens manufacturer for the BlackBerry camera (Leica) and top notch marketing agency, in house is old hat.

For goodness sake hire Digital Homeboy, he seems to be the only person ready to put his 'back into it ' with his designs.

Let the 9720 be the very last OS 7 device .

At some point BlackBerry needs to be phasing out OS7 and bringing forward BB10.

Offer the trade in worldwide. USA especially (I know I've said it before)

Keep showing what BB10 can do .

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I do dread people sh*tting on good news. I think this great for BB, every gain counts. Go Team BlackBerry! I wish I could design a device that someone would want 2000 of, but then again my small mind does not consider that meager since I tend to ignore other brands like they remotely matter to me. Someone photo 2000 Q10's please, I imagine that would look amazing :)

Awesome for blackberry and the people getting these Q10s are lucky!! Glad I am seeing more and more of these accounts getting signed to blackberry everyday

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This is huge for blackberry because the latin population in the U.S. is rapidly becoming if not has already become the majority. Tap into their source of media and gain that exposure. so while you've sold 2,000 devices to them, they could count for potentially millions of devices being sold. There's still the issue of there being an affordable BB10 device for the masses though. By masses, I mean the majority of people working 2 jobs to make ends meet that flock to the cheap droids.

In some places the Q5 is practically free on contract, so I don't know much more they can do.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

sorry, but as many of us americans are, I'm very US-centric so was only speaking on available bb10 phones here in the states. I have no idea of latin populations outside of here that aren't latin countries.
the Q5 would be an excellent device for that market in the US. My hope is that the Z10 becomes that low/mid tier full touch device because as much as we here love our keyboards the majority of people are in love with touch screens and if you're gonna have a low end keyboard device you should have a low end full touch device as well IMO

Yes the world is a big place, and your right the Q5 is not everywhere as of yet. BlackBerry in the US is dead on the consumer front as of now. It will flourish corporately however, QWERTY phones such as the Q10 will be the choice. Touch screens are nice, but physical feed back leads to faster and more accurate typing for documents, emails etc. Love my z10, but looking hard at returning to the qwerty board on the q10.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I said I wasn't speaking about other countries, not that I didn't know the world was in fact bigger than the U.S. It's better to not speak on things you don't know such as the latin population in other areas of the world than what you know. We may be smug but you're definitely rude.

At least you are honest. But don't worry there are more countries in the world then the U.S. :P Latin America is huge and with Univision Anchors all carrying Q10s and most likely talking about them a bit. There will be more Blackberry Commercials most likely in Latin America and they are starting to buy into new and latest technology so this 2000 phones (being verily small) can possibly turn into millions with the media behind it. Unlike the US where the media is bashing Blackberry like crazy and now it's voodoo to buy a Blackberry in the US because the media told them so.

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And you are many of the uninformed that are the problem thinking that On contract means free !
There is NO FREE when you get a phone on Contract. What is it about that , that you fail to understand ?

who said free on contract meant free? Just because we didn't specify that they would be paying it through their contract doesn't mean we're imagining that it's non-existent.

Zip, nada, hardware sale only, and then of course all the revenue from sales of music, TV shows and apps in App World. In my opinion they need to do more to change people's purchasing habits when they buy a BB10 phone, to make them think about BlackBerry World first for all those purchases. That is the only potentially recurring revenue on the consumer side at the moment.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

What??? Getting things done? That's so overrated. You need to have a full touchscreen so you can play angrybirds and watch netflix all day... /sarcasm

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Screen size is so overrated. I've never had any problems with my Q10 (except on apps that were designed for thee Z10) at all (especially because I set the text size to extra small). In comparison to a Windows Phone that I was relying on a few months ago, I'm super-productive!

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

They're smart to pick it up as their enterprise devices of choice.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -

2000 X 200.00 per device is a nice chuck of change. Unison is a Huge deal. They are the premiere media outlet for the Hispanic community. Only positives can come from this.

2000 x $200? Don't know where $200 comes from. I didn't see a price listed in the article. Not doubting it, but would like to know how you came up with the number.

You're going to see more of this happening down the road as many businesses and government take a wait and see approach to anything new.

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With all the die....die will ya BlackBerry talk in the media, it's hard to imagine companies and even the Americans own Department of Defense going BB10! How can this be! the consumer may have abandoned BlackBerry but the corporate world has not. It will just take time before that sector starts to convert. And they will. BlackBerry is still the best solution in this sector by far.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

We need more companies announcing there support for BlackBerry 10

We need bigger sponsorship deals sign up Jay Z.

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PS.....Kevin, this is the type of positive news this site needs! It is out there, just have to dig for it, and expose it. Bad news is easy! Overly zealous BlackBerry haters will deliver it straight to you!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Great news for BlackBerry, but it doesn't mean other enterprises will follow suit. Too many variables right now. BlackBerry needs to run a tighter ship and with unpredictable future, its hard to see other major corporations signing up even if BB10 is the enterprise platform to beat.

I think business people still dig the physical keyboard. If BB would come out with a torch like BB10 device that would be amazing. Imagine BB10 with the Z10 screen size and the physical keyboard...now that would be awesome!

How did BlackBerry first become popular? Corporations picked them up and as that happened people saw them in the wild and became interested...since BBY can't rely on phone sales people to do the selling, this is going to be done just like last time...corporations will deploy as they deploy BES10(starting now)...as the BB10 phones get in the wild and become well understood, the word will get out, people will see how easy it is to get stuff done...it will pick up...it is evident that BBY can't rely on the press or carriers to really help them...this is going to have to be a grass roots thing like the first time around.

BTW, traveled twice in the past week...there are SO many 9930's in use in airports on airplanes, especially in first class...it's just a matter of time before these get turned over to BB10 phones...

Instability as dictated by the media backed by Apple, ifanatics and people with nothing better to do. No debt, 2.9 billion in the bank, spending huge amounts of money for bb10 software and hardware development. The fruits of these efforts have not even become to be realized. BlackBerry will more than survive.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Agreed. I haven't seen any 10 OS devices in gov't yet, but it will be a matter of time. Enterprise deployments aren't like setting up stuff at home, there's budgeting and testing, and new h/w will be rolled out as required by h/w refresh cycles. And IMO, the larger the enterprise, the longer the transition will take.

Now if only they would release a native blackberry app instead of a port. I haven't tried it on my z10 yet but on the q10 it doesn't work well at all.

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It certainly is positive news. Of course 2,000 devices won't make or break BlackBerry but it is certainly a step in the right direction. Had this article said they picked iPhone everyone would be saying this marks the death of BlackBerry. It's a long war not a battle. Every step forward is good.

2,000 phones here, another 2,000 there - all these deals are adding up its just going to take time. The Q10's popularity will grow exponentially in the business sector, no doubt in my mind. The product is and always has been selling itself because of the great features and reliability described in this article.

Any bit of positive news is great for BBRY right now in light of the past couple of weeks. Even better that it's about the awesome Q10! Nice!!

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I'm pretty sure there should be a CrackBerry Latino. Get some local bloggers to do coverage of some of the same stories you do here and maybe do other articles that are more region specific. Me encantaría leer artículos de CrackBerry en Español!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Great to hear this. Too bad they didn't add some Z10s in their order as well. Harder to watch all those videos on the smaller Q10 screen ;)

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You know what they say about guys with big screens?

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Hopefully I won't get flamed here but 2000 ? I mean it is better then 0 but hardly a huge #.
The press release sounds like it was written by BB them selves.
Still good positive news for BB. I guess it better then nothing.

I confer that BB U.S. market share is rising. Downloads of our apps from U.S. are now the No.1. Our apps only support English. South Africa, U.K. and Canada used to be higher than U.S. Now U.S. is higher. Canada increased as well. U.K. and South Africa no change.

Also, Q has passed Z.

This is just our apps though. Hope other app developers share their U.S. stats.

Happy for BlackBerry, happy for us... Every single device is needed for word to mouth...

but from a PR point of view there's no need to publish a press release for 1 company deploying 2000 devices... we all know how media works... they'll turn it (this time legitimately) the negative way sort of... "they really are in need to sort a press release for 2000 phones, Apple sells that in 2.7623 seconds blahblahblah..."

sometimes it's wiser to hold your mouth and say nothing...

Boulben and the PR team are a real disappointment... either you fight the media or you wisely work with them together in order to get the media coverage and perception you want... complaining about bad press and blame the media is like a famous actor who complains about paparazzi... we all know: Media need the actors, actors need the media... same same for companies, especially publicly listed ones...!

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Nice move! I knew companies would show a sign of faith in their long lost friend. Haha after all BB10 os is amazing and unique.

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What a breath of fresh air to have some positive news for once. The forums have been so depressing the last few weeks.

Long live BlackBerry...

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2,000 more will think why i need another phone when my personal and work in one phone in secured place. Who needs another i&A phones out in my pocket. :)

Guys this is great news for BlackBerry, even tho is only 2,000 units, we have to see the big picture here. Univision is a Television company, one of the largest if not the largest TV chain in Latin America, i mean think about all the adds and publicity BlackBerry is gonna get from them, they'd probable negotiated something regarding BlackBerry's advertisement.

The article states that "many corporations " are switching to BB10 devices. This is the first one that I have heard about, who are some of the others?

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This is good news for all the reasons noted previously.

BB10 rocks and the Z/Q10"s do the rockin.!

Keep the faith brothers n sisters.!

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

"Many corporations are replacing their entire fleets of mobile devices with BlackBerry 10 and Univision is the latest to join that club. "
Dear Adam numbers told us a different story, i read everyday companies changing to iOS, Android and WinPhone.

I love my Z10. It's the best smart phone I've ever had. Waiting for 10.2 os to come out and make it even better. Never used an iPhone or Android and as long as BlackBerry is around I'll be sticking with BlackBerry. I kept my 9900 as a backup phone in the event I had trouble learning the Z10 but never use it at all. Such a pitty because it's still a very capable phone. Go BlackBerry.

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A smart choice. I personally find the Q10 a perfect business tools for them long e-mails and gives me a balance when out on the run.

I hate to see them ios and android business users replying "ok", "yes" or "no" on complex e-mails.

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Univision is like CNN for the Spanish speaking world-got interviewed by them once for a story on search and rescue training. This station has tremendous influence in one of the fastest growing parts of the US population -and BlackBerry is going to end up with free advertising out of this. Nice job BlackBerry!
BlackBerry by choice, BlackBerry for life....

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