Unity opens up pre-registration for BlackBerry 10 beta

Shadowgun, among other games, are headed to BlackBerry 10 thanks to Unity

By Simon Sage on 22 Apr 2013 01:39 pm EDT

Game developers got a taste of what the Unity 3D engine could do on BlackBerry 10 at GDC, and now they can start getting involved. Pre-registration recently opened up for the beta program, allowing developers to publish directly to BlackBerry World through the SDK. Keep in mind that this is still in a beta phase, so anything that's published will be watermarked, and there still isn't a full feature set available. Devs that want to publish commercially anyway will need to pay up as normal. 

There have already been a handful of games able to publish to BlackBerry World through the closed alpha of the Unity BlackBerry 10 project. Many I haven't heard of before, but there are some good looking ones in the batch, including Wizard Ops, Qbism, Hairy Tales, and, of course, Shadowgun.

Ultimately, more tools means more games means more fun on BlackBerry 10. Devs interested in getting involved can sign up over here. Any takers?

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Unity opens up pre-registration for BlackBerry 10 beta


Yes but even shadow gun is pb and on their website they only advertise iTunes and Google play, looks like no one cares to make things on BlackBerry still :(

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Your argument makes no sense. You say that the game is available on BlackBerry yet you say no one cares to make it for BlackBerry.

He means they don't advertise it's available on BlackBerry yet they did make apps for it

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I have been waiting for shadow gun and hearing this makes me super happy :) so excited for the future of bb10

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Unity will allow developers to release on iOS, Android, BB10, Windows, OSX, and home consoles (they announced a Sony deal a while back ). On top of that, it's a great SDK to work with. Exciting times to be an indie game developer!

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Has anyone been able to buy Shadowgun on BB10 yet?

I'm in the UK and have been searching for it to no avail... I tweeted Anders Jeppson about it and he says it's been available since launch

@tallpaul86 via the CB10 app

I'm hoping for shadowgun: dead zone the online multiplayer game. Please unity such a great game!

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I have a question: I dont own a console (like PS3, etc) ans I am wondering, if I invest in a HDTV and the cable that connects it to my Z10, will the gaming experience be comparable to that of consoles? Is there a controller or set of controllers that work wired/USB or wireless Bluetooth or Wifi with the Z10 for this purpose? I know very little about video games beyond nwn.

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Hi I already have a 3d Fullhdtv and the micro hdmi cable that bought for my PlayBook and I can tell that image is awesome even on 3d mode, obviously don't compare with my ps3 because game consoles has all hardware for advance video treatment. Try this with Batman the dark Knight rises on my Z10 and goes excellent. Almost cero lag.

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Most excited to find this in Unity's April 19 blog post: "Once BlackBerry releases BlackBerry 10 for Playbook you will also be able to bring games to the tablet as well."

First reference to BB10 for Playbook that I've seen from a developer.