Unity game engine to be available for free to BlackBerry 10 developers

Unity game engine
By Simon Sage on 21 May 2013 10:19 am EDT

Unity, the world-reknown 3D gaming engine, has been headed towards BlackBerry 10 for the last few months, but today there's a decidedly pleasant twist - it'll be free for developers. No licensing costs, just download and get building. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 will be supported too, which is great news for those devs that are working cross-platform.

The most compelling part of this is that Unity is originally designed for PC and console games, so these tools can act as a gateway to mobile. This play is geared specifically towards smaller indie developers; companies with a turnover of more than $100,000 in the last fiscal year will have to use the paid version, which costs $400 for each mobile add-on, plus the core product. 

Now, Unity isn't the only one trying this pricing strategy. Back at GDC, Havok announced that their tools would be made available for free to mobile game developers, except that BB10 wasn't included in that party. 

For now, the free Unity tools are only available for iOS and Android, but we'll be catching up with BlackBerry's head of gaming, Anders Jeppsson, next week at the Ottawa International Game Conference to see what more he can tells us about Unity's plans on BlackBerry.  In the meantime, check out our demo of the Unity engine running on BlackBerry 10 to get an idea of what kind of games developers will be able to make. 

Developers interested in getting started can download Unity tools here



Great move to offer this for free and to this environment.

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I had a notification of upgrades to my apps so while I was there I browsed BlackBerry World to see the landscape of games. All I can say is WOW! I'm so impressed with the initial offering of games with a company that has NEVER been known for games. BB10 has changed the way game companies view BlackBerry. Hopefully the app developers will catch on and develop native apps to advantage of this great OS.

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this means temple run can finally be developed for BB10 right? :D


yeeeahhhh, i want templerun :D


But why? According to Netflix CEO, BB is not for multimedia.


C'mon, games make you more productive.

Said no one ever.


Yeah that Netflix dude is a real ass
What a moron

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I couldn't hear what he was saying over his popped collar. haha


You mean his popped collar"S"

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Not just any collar either. That was the boss of all collars.

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LOL. Exactly what I was thinking. Word for word.

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But when is the os support needed to run unity coming?

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Good to know

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I don't need the game engine. I just need a shirt with collars I can pop.

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Huge news!!! Can only get better!

I'd love to see this engine used for medical imaging apps on BB10

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This is massive for BB10 gamers who look jealously at iPhone and Android users. Believe me.

And don't be too hard on David - he's well known for poppin' dat collar. Seeing him without it would be like Steve Jobs without a turtleneck.

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