Unity developed games arriving soon on the BlackBerry PlayBook - Possibly at DevCon?

By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2011 03:03 pm EDT

Back during BlackBerry World we were all treated to some spectacular gaming demos from the folks from Unity. At the time, they stated five games were slated for launch on the BlackBerry PlayBook, one of those games being Samurai Vengence II and they expected them to launch in the 'summer' -- that never happened as we all know.

Now though, the latest information is suggesting that we'll see some of these titles released at the upcoming Blackberry DevCon. In addition to that, Unity's Brian Bruining has been quite open when speaking of BlackBerry PlayBook development in the past:

"RIM needed better games and content, and that's why it came to us," Bruning explained. "We have a good feeling the games on PlayBook will sell well because the market has been starved of content."

Yes, Brian we are starving for content on the BlackBerry PlayBook and it's a great platform to be working on. Now, let's just get some of those games titles into market come DevCon and you'll make plenty of BlackBerry PlayBook owners happy.

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Unity developed games arriving soon on the BlackBerry PlayBook - Possibly at DevCon?


Can't wait anymore. EA games played again and again. Can not see anymore of these flashy-web-content-adaptions and some old and NOT re-polished WMobile-Games.

Please finally do somthing to make our powerful baby sweat! An no, i mean not with bad programming ;-) but with good content!

The comments from Unity/Union concerning the Playbook have been around the internet for quite some time:

May 3rd

March 25th

March 29th
http://www.pocketgamer.biz/r/PG.Biz/Union/news.asp?c=28722 (March 29th, 2011)

August 11th

From August 11th article, the most important quote was: "The company has already announced it will be bring 30 Unity-developed titles to BlackBerry PlayBook via Union, with the first five games due to be launched in the next couple of weeks."

Perhaps Bla1ze is correct in suggesting that these games will be part of the big reveal at Devcon; particularly in light of the fact that Unity representatives are scheduled to be speaking there. I hope so.

Yup.. most of that info has been around but I have my own personal information that is backing up all of the information previously posted.

:) Thanks Bla1ze; I figured that there was something more personal than what's available online. I'm sure your aware, but if not, you might want to browse through the Unity/Union official forums, there appears to be more discussion of developing for the Playbook. Lots of technical questions/discussions that are far beyond my knowledge but I think its good that these discussions are taking place.


"Now though, the latest information is suggesting that we'll see some of these titles released at the upcoming Blackberry DevCon"

Slightly off topic but nonetheless: One of the announcements I'd like to hear at DevCon is an automatic ban on the developers who push books as apps. At least don't show them on the 'Newest' tab.

Games are good I guess, but I'd like to see Newspapers, Magazines, and better business tools - specifically a pdf reader that we can put notes in and highlight. I really think Adobe has dropped the ball.

Is it just me? Or is RIM just recycling hype/products/etc from BlackBerry World? Lol. Seems like most of what I hear about DevCon is the same sh!t from BlackBerry World... How many times am I suppose to be excited about the same stuff lol.... Delivar and move on RIM, let's get some NEW ideas, things we haven't heard about for ages already.

This is for the Playbook not for phones. The caveat being, of course, that Unity has figured out how to harness the power of the new QNX (BBX) phones and will be releasing games for that product as well.

Any word on why the games are being released so late? If these games were so easy to port onto the playbook why did it take so long?